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10 Facebook Ad Tricks That Actually Boost Sales!

Facebook is the biggest social media platform and over the years is continuing to grow and with its growth reaching the heights, Facebook has been a benefit to both businesses and normal users. Providing different ways to businesses to grow and sustain be it Small and Medium Enterprises or big brands, Facebook covers it all.

Facebook is not just a Social media platform providing with likes and comments, a platform with over 2.1 billion users is the biggest virtual market. The fitting adjective for Facebook is its Social Market – A market that provides a virtual platform for everyone to get in contact with each other and start an online cycle of promotion, liking, sharing, and profit

Facebook has provided various options to businesses to create Ads and generate their business growths from the platform. Facebook users make up 68% of adults who use the Internet, resulting in a vast advertising opportunity for businesses.

Facebook Ads are a powerful method to reach high quality and quantity audiences who are genuinely interested in services provided.

In addition, here is how Facebook Ads have been offering a whole lot of benefits:

1. The Number Of People Spending Time Over Facebook Is Huge –

Starting with the facts, 80% of internet users use Facebook and an interesting fact – over 65% of adults over the age of 65 use Facebook.

As Facebook’s users have continued to grow, the larger the audiences have become, the more advertisers are able to generate ads with targets that are based on demographics, personal interests, purchasing behavior, life events and other criteria that can improve the Return on Investment (ROI) for businesses.

Number Of People Spending Time Over Facebook Is Huge

Facebook has a huge number of audiences over its platform and most of them check their Facebook multiple times a day. No matter what audience different businesses are targeting there is always room for them to generate great business through Facebook Ads.

Facebook is too big for any kind of or any size of business to ignore. According to a survey, around 40 million businesses use Facebook to increase their businesses through Facebook Ads.

2. Facebook Advertisement Is A Cheap Form Of Advertising With Many Benefits –

Facebook Advertisements is one of the cheapest forms of advertisements. Businesses can literally spend less than $4 – $5 and gain a reach of over 1000 people.

Facebook Advertisement Is A Cheap Form Of Advertising With Many Benefits

It is the best platform to spend little and gain so much from it. Other methods to publish Ads take a lot of time and even so much work, Facebook Ads can be easily published and created by anyone.

3. More Brand Awareness –

Facebook users check their newsfeed multiple times per day, giving the preferred audience continuous exposure to ads.

More Brand Awareness

Even if they aren’t clicking through at the beginning, the ads’ continued visibility helps businesses build trust and also creates opportunities for retargeting in the future. It is a great way to make people aware of what businesses have to offer. The more familiar people are with the brands, the more likely they will purchase products when it is time to make a decision.

4. Fastest Method To Generate Results –

Fastest Method To Generate Results

Facebook is an instant platform for businesses to see results, they can publish their Ads and reach hundreds of people within hours. The fastest way to see business performing is Facebook Ads. Businesses can easily generate results and find out if the targeted audiences are showing interest in their products and services or not.

5. High Content Promotion –

If users are consistently creating great content for their website, they would definitely want people to know about it. That’s why the updates are shared across social networks. But this is not enough, posting content and getting reach only through good content has almost become extinct due to Facebook’s changing algorithms.

High Content Promotion

Businesses find it difficult to stand out through their content, therefore, they need Advertisements over Facebook to sustain and grow. Facebook Ads will amplify the reach of content.

By using ads, users actually end up getting more organic reach for their respective content this happens when influencers share Facebook Ads (yes, it is true people DO share ads), then the content will be exposed to an even larger audience and attracts more people who are genuinely interested in the services provided.

6. Better Targeting Options –

The best thing about Facebook Advertisements is that businesses can target the exact audiences for whom the products and or services are created.

Better Targeting Options

Facebook offers a platform of targeting options so that businesses can show their ads to a particularly defined audience based on – demographics, location, behaviors, interests, lookalike audiences and more options available. It offers a wide variety of targeting the audiences so that businesses do not spend money on the viewers who are not interested in the services provided.

Facebook can also help businesses to get in exposure to specific segments of their audiences with some powerful ad targeting options, the businesses can:

  • Tap into the feature of recent purchase behavior to analyze the results on how the products and or services have gained feedback on how many customers liked it how many did not.
  • Using custom audiences to generate leads and build loyalty towards businesses so that the customers who are loyal to the services and products rendered can be used to divert other new customers as people buy from people.
  • Layer targeting options to get super particular with targeting; this states that businesses can easily define any kind of relevant interests related to their services and products and convey their ads to genuinely interested audiences.

In benefit to Facebook Ads, Facebook’s Ads Manager makes it easy for businesses to access their social media advertising campaigns, with user-friendly features to help them set up their ad campaigns. With a few clicks, users can run ads across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger on mobiles as well as desktops. This saves all the hassle and provides businesses more time to analyze how the services provided are performing and what necessary changes can be made.

7. Brand Loyalty –  

Facebook Ads allow for easy interactions between businesses and customers. Quick customer interaction means businesses can provide effective customer support by posting a message for the customer, which instantly shows up on his/her FB page.

Brand Loyalty

Young people are increasingly searching for products and services over Facebook and they wish to get their queries to be clarified easily and with Facebook Ads, it is easier for businesses to clarify user issues instantly and in benefit to this, new customers who have not initiated any kind of purchases before see that the businesses are providing great and instant responses to the queries, the seeds for Brand Loyalty are sown then and there itself.

Facebook Ads also builds engagement like no other. Engagement in the form of likes, comments, and interactions on posts, leads to a strong connection in relation to businesses’ objectives. The stronger the connection, the more likely it would be for businesses to convert their leads.

8. Easy Access On Mobile –

Mobile is the future of online. Over 50% of all Internet users are over their mobiles. And according to surveys, 84% of Facebook users access Facebook from a mobile device. In fact, Facebook is one of the largest mobile applications that exist today.

Easy Access On Mobile

The reason, Facebook’s growth is so important is that whether people use Facebook for personal uses or businesses, the platform continues to grow and align strongly with changing media styles and options and the adoption of customer technologies changing with times such as mobile phones.  

According to the latest figures released this last quarter of 2019, it has come to notice that Facebook has achieved another height of users over its platform, the giant social media network has now over 2.7 billion monthly users.

And a fun fact about this is that half of these users log in to Facebook with their mobile phones. Yes, that’s more than a billion audience and buyers for every type of business over Facebook.

If businesses are following the trends of advertising, Facebook advertising will not fail them, especially over mobiles. With the growth and easy access to facebook over mobiles, businesses are and easily able to advertise to their audiences.

9. Easy Insights –

There is no guessing with Facebook advertising. The results are measurable and easy to analyze how certain ads are performing over Facebook and, the numbers will speak for itself.

Easy Insights

Facebook Ads also doesn’t miss on analytics and reporting for ad performance. Instead of struggling to see the conversion rates and other social metrics, users have it laid clearly out in front of them.

Users will be able to see how many impressions, clicks, and conversions they are receiving and can get to know easily what content in the Ads attracts its potential customers.

Users can access the data through “Insights Tab” while managing a Facebook Page. Businesses are provided with options such as Weekly Reach, Page Likes, Post Engagements, and Best Performing Posts. Businesses can measure their pages against competitors also in order to gain knowledge of what is lacking in the products and services rendered.

This data visibility helps businesses to adjust campaigns as needed.

10. Better Offline Sales –

Facebook Ads are the best way to generate offline sales and drive customers towards the stores. Many businesses have witnessed higher in-store traffic through Facebook Ads.

Better Offline Sales

The Click To Action button in Facebook Ads can do magic for businesses in reference to its potential customers, the customers who are genuinely interested in products and services rendered can directly contact the service providers or can locate their stores if they want to shop in-store.

This provides benefits to businesses in many ways, they can easily build brand loyalty, brand awareness, reach and accountability all through Facebook Ads.

11. Growth In Blog Traffic –

The best option to increase Blog Traffic is through Facebook Ads, a blog moves nowhere without any traffic, the main purpose of blogs is to gain traffic and exposure and through advertising their blogs.

Growth In Blog Traffic

Bloggers can gain more trust and credibility with audiences. Blogs have a great way to build a deeper connection with audiences. And the best way to generate more traffic and exposure they can use Facebook advertising to bridge the connection between their blogs and traffic.

12. Real-Time Activities –

The businesses can track their Ads real-time, it is the biggest benefit that Facebook Ads provide, unlike other platforms businesses can easily track how their respective ads are working and if there are kind of issues or businesses want to make certain changes, they can do it anytime they wish to.

This feature is not possible with any kind of other advertisements, for instance If businesses invest in radio ads, television ads, or print media, they will be unable to change ads  while it is being run, so it is necessary for them to make their ads on point before they want to publish on these kind of platforms and can not take them back if they do not see results immediately.

Real-Time Activities

Businesses then will have to take the risk and bear the losses and the losses are not cheap in fact, businesses have to face a large number of losses as ads over these platforms are not cheap and easily accessible like Facebook Ads.

Facebook advertising can help businesses cut their losses immediately and make adjustments to gain more conversions.

In addition, Facebook has over 1 billion active users accessing the platform through mobile on a monthly basis which makes it a better way for businesses to reach out to more and more people very easily and effectively. But even all of the plus points do not always help businesses to get growth, sometimes even skilled marketers struggle in order to generate good benefits reaping Ads because the system can be a little more complicated. 

With over 13 different types of advertisements being offered over Facebook, businesses still find difficulties in generating leads, reach and sales. Businesses are sick and tired of losing money over Facebook Ads.

Many advertisers take a swing every day with a new campaign in the hope to generate good traffic and sales, they test a bundle of demographics and interests, use a lot of images, and even try to create more and more content so that the Ads could work well.

 Facebook is the biggest social media platform, it has been difficult for businesses due to changing algorithms and the platform being crowded over with every other type of business, it becomes difficult for everyone to sustain. Audiences are generally scrolling through their News Feeds and are already annoyed with so many ads that they do not even some times care to see them.

Every business is trying one or the other way to divert audiences and customers to their respective businesses be it content, visually appealing images, videos and so on businesses are trying super hard but still fail to reach the desired goals, therefore, they need to follow some tips and tricks in order to gain more reach and stand out from others.

What will make the ads stand out? What will get business over the platform?

These 10 tricks can help users to gain more business through facebook Ads and generate good ROI and profits.

1. Making Carousel Based Advertisements

Carousel ads are customized for displaying multiple products (or multiple parts of the same product) in a single swipeable advertisement.

Carousel ads give advertisers the ability to display up to 10 images or videos the businesses can put in with 10 different CTAs (Call To Action) buttons all in one single carousel ad and link to different landing pages from each image of the Carousel.

 They’re effective on every supported device of desktop and mobile and are available for most of the Facebook Ad objectives.

With various ad features provided over facebook, the most beneficial and useable of them is Carousel Ad Format, it helps businesses to showcase multiple products and services over the platform without spending over multiple ads and compiling them in a single attractive Ad format.

There are multiple reasons this ad format increases the number of click-through rate:

Firstly: it displays all kinds of products and or services rendered by businesses over a single scrollable format so that the potential customers are not diverted to any other websites and can easily know about a business or brand over the platform.

Secondly: it’s intriguing and interactive. Customers want to scroll through and see more products. That draws more people to brands and engages them with a variety of options.

The Carousel format is a great ad platform for businesses to showcase their stories or products in a cheap and effective manner. The businesses can easily generate results from this trick and see the results.

Making Carousel Based Advertisements

The following image of the brand Reebok depicts an example of carousel ads.

2. Using Video Ad Format

Facebook algorithms promote and prioritize the Video Format Ads so users can take the full benefit of it and can easily generate sales with a single video. By using a video, businesses can advert with ease and are much more likely to find its way onto people’s feed. Not only that, but it’s more engaging as a format.

The greatness of Facebook video ads? Well, for one reason – customers who view videos are 1.81 times more likely to purchase than audiences who do not view the videos. For another great thing, the steps to set up video ads are as simple as setting up an image advertisement.

Statistics show that more than 50% of daily Facebook users watch videos on the platform every single day.

Videos are widely used by 74% of social media marketers & today video plays an important role in companies’ SEOs (Search Engine Optimization) & in its social media marketing. And it is estimated that Videos will attract 79% of all the online traffic in the coming years. 

Customers are much more likely to stop and watch a video, as it instantly starts playing when they scroll over it.

This makes the customers stay for a while if they find the video attractive in the beginning, so it is necessary for businesses to create a good opening of the video as it will help the audiences stay for the beginning and they will stay if the products are services displayed are of users’ interests.

Facebook video ads can be up to 240 minutes of length, so there’s really no limit to the amount of storytelling that businesses can fit in one advertisement format without moving to another place or ad format, however, it is advised that businesses should use short videos with engaging captions.

According to Facebook – Captioned video Ads increase video view time of videos by an average of 12%   estimated.

Using Video Ad Format

Following image depicts the  video ad format

3. Facebook “Offers”

In this expensive world who doesn’t love sales right? Everyone around loves the ideas of discounts and sales and by providing various offers on the products and services rendered over Facebook Ads, businesses can easily attract customers and customers are most likely to click to ads if they are offered sales.

If the businesses are thinking to provide offers over their services or provide discounts they can create an advert specifically for the sale or offer. 

The best thing about this ad is that the potential customers don’t even need to leave Facebook to redeem it they can easily redeem it through Facebook and it gives them the hassle-free work.

There is less friction, and it closes the gap between a sale as most of the times customers do not feel to generate offers by going to other websites. Clicking the ad gives them a unique code, that they can use on businesses’ websites. This particular method also uses “social proof” by showing others that for example – ’12,346’ people have already claimed the offer. All in all, this is a brilliant way to engage new and existing customers to websites.

Facebook Offers

This image depicts an example of a business ad which is offering discounts

4. Using Improved Targeting

The biggest trick to generate good sales from Facebook Ads is to target the audiences accurately and with precision. With customers being perfectly targeted, the business will be driven in favor of business holders in very good growth.

Businesses can target the audiences on the basis of various factors such as – demographics, interests, locations, and behaviors. It will save businesses time and money for instance if a business is providing diet foods would never attract the audiences who are diverted to men’s grooming products.

The consumer interests and behaviors matter a lot, the behavior helps businesses in determining what kind of services and or products are required by customers so that businesses can customize it accordingly.

Choosing the right target audiences can proceed in 3 methods:

  • Audience Insight
  • Specific Targeting
  • Advanced Targeting

Audience Insights –  The businesses can view the audience insights as to what percentage of men or women were engaged in the types of services or products the respective business is providing. This helps businesses determine as to what age group people are most likely interested in the services.

Specific Targeting – Under this section, the businesses can target the audiences based in a particular location or a particular age group, this is recommended for businesses who are not creating the Ads for sake of Creating Brand Awareness.

Advanced Targeting – The feature allows businesses to use the custom audiences which were earlier created by them or can select lookalike audiences; that means the audiences which are diverted towards the same kind of services provided would be displayed this ad. It also offers the feature of detailed targeting such as demographics, interests and so on, however, businesses need to add at least one of the preferences.

So the businesses can easily define their target audiences with various targeting options available so that no unnecessary expenses are made.

For example – a business promoting tour and travel services then they would be aiming at the audiences who are interested in “travel”, and “tourist attractions” they would be included in (Interests) but also the audiences who have used “travel apps” within a month that is included in “Behavior”.

Advanced Targeting

The businesses can target their preferable audiences in the sections shown in the above image.

5. Improvising Placements

The placement of Ads carefully and according to flexibility is a great key to target the well-defined audiences and attract sales.  With correct placement strategies, businesses can reach more and more people on Facebook and off Facebook as well.

Different placements can impact campaigns differently and accordingly. For instance – Mobile users might be less likely to purchase than desktop users but more likely to engage in viewing the Ads or putting up with queries so as to clear their doubts about products or services.

The businesses need to improvise the Ad Placements as not all the placements are created equal, they are created for every type of business taking their interests and fields accordingly into consideration, and however, some placements might not be suitable for every business.

 So the users need to optimize their businesses accordingly to preferences.

While the beginner advertisers over Facebook may opt for automatic placements of advertisements, the businesses can choose and edit where their Ads can be placed and it can have a big impact on the success of the campaign.

The businesses can run their Ads on following places within Facebook:

  • Facebook NewsFeed (Mobile and Desktop)
  • Messenger
  • Instagram
  • The Audience Network

Facebook NewsFeed – These ads are displayed in users’ feeds, and the ad formats that are available for NewsFeed are – videos, single images, and carousel ads. Canvas ads in the newsfeed are a mobile-only feature, but all other formats can be used on both desktop and mobile easily.

Facebook NewsFeed

As seen above, this is the example of the Facebook NewsFeed Advertisement.

Messenger – This placement will display ads on Messenger’s home screen along with the chats. And being a new feature, brands are still testing out best uses and optimizing it at the best. This is a mobile-only placement and cannot be displayed over desktop so the potential customers who are accessing Facebook over desktop will not be able to see this ad, therefore it is necessary for businesses to optimize their placements so that the potential customers do not miss out from products and services.

advertisement of Sephora in messenger

The advertisement of Sephora in messenger is a great example of messenger ads, this ad depicts that users can try their lip shades through messenger itself.

Instagram – This placement will show video, image, and carousel ad formats to users in Instagram’s main feed. The main feature to notice in Instagram ad placement is that the videos must be under 60 seconds. This placement is mobile-based only.

Instagram Ads

This Ad of Adidas Yeezy 350 is an example of the type of ad displayed on Instagram.

The Audience Network – This option will display ads on the sites and apps of The Audience Network users and will be available in different formats like – videos, images, also including full-screen and banner formats. This feature is available for both desktop and mobile placements.

According to preferences the businesses can select on what devices they want to display their Ads

The option includes the following:

  • Mobile Phones only
  • Desktop only
  • All Devices

6. Relevancy Is The Key –

The major factor Facebook Ads fail is because of the lack of relevancy, the businesses generate Ads that might not be relevant to the products and services they are providing and it does not reach the desired heights.

Businesses can gain the maximum benefits by creating Ads that are relevant to audiences, that depict real problems and real-life scenarios so that audiences can feel connected to it as people always buy from other people, new audiences become potential customers only if they are viewing a relevant ad, otherwise they will click the option of “Hide the Ad” as Facebook is already crowded with so many businesses, therefore, the Ads need to stand out. 

Facebook also rates users’ ads on a scale of 1-10 as to assess how relevant the Ads will be to the audience categories and how much relevancy it will show the audiences. This process is entirely based upon algorithms and works according to it.

7. Create Engagement Ads

If the businesses want to create a great number of Sales from Facebook Ads they need to come up with Engagement Ads. Businesses create Ads but do not reach audiences organically to the desired number. This is due to the lack of engagement between businesses and audiences.

The businesses may get the desired amount of likes over their Ads but are always found struggling to reach the majority of customers and or audiences in order to generate sales.

The Engagement Ads are useful and can be trusted for increasing sales as the customers get to interact with businesses and can clear their doubts and queries about certain products and or services.

 The customers are always skeptical in making online purchases and without any kind of engagement even the potential customers would back out at the time of making a purchase if they are uncertain about it.

The businesses can create certain ads that ask users to tag their friends on the posts or asking them about their opinions on products and so many options, this even increases the Brand Loyalty and increases Brand Awareness.

The businesses can setup Engagement Ads merely by selecting “Engagement” as the objective in Facebook Ads objective option.

Create Engagement Ads

8. Using White Background

The best optimization to make Facebook Ads visually appealing and attractive to customers is by using White Background for the Ads.

Businesses have already done thousands of tests and it has been concluded that White Backgrounds make the Ads visually appealing to audiences as it blends with Facebook’s NewsFeed color and makes the products stand out due to white background which catches the eyes of audiences.

Using White Background

As Sephora advertised the white background makes the products look popped out.

9. Targeting Website Visitors

Facebook Ads are a superior way to attract new customers but it is more beneficial and effective for businesses to target people who have already visited businesses’ websites. The customers who already paid a visit to websites are more interested in the services provided, therefore it is necessary to target these audiences.

They have already browsed through the collection and range of services provided and are known to them so they are more likely to buy.

Businesses just need to give them a reminder and this can happen through Facebook Ads and can strengthen their brand identity in customers’ minds.

The businesses need to install and use “Facebook Pixel”  this feature by Facebook keeps the record as to who visited the websites.

After this, whenever the user is creating the ad they need to select “custom audience” option and then select the option of “Website Traffic”

Targeting Website Visitors

The following image represents Website Traffic Category under audiences.

10. Boost Currently Popular Post

Sometimes before creating an ad, the businesses also become skeptical as to how well it will get the reaction? There will be any click-throughs or not? Will it be time-consuming or money wastage? And so on. In this case, the best businesses can do is boost an existing popular post.

The businesses can use the posts that gained a lot of interactions, click-throughs, in short, they know it works. They can promote that post to new audiences and gain more reach.

This is the best alternative as it provides audiences about new products and services without the hassle of creating a new ad and losing money, the potential customers can go through the new range as well and can buy them if interested.


These Facebook advertising tips can help businesses in making the reach and sales a little easier and a lot more effective. Each of these tips will utilize the ad system the way the pros of Facebook Advertisements do and generate a lead towards better and optimized options so that there will be no wastage of money and businesses can generate the best ROI (Return On Investment).

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