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10 Reasons Why Instagram Stories Need To Be Part of Your Strategy?

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The Instagram is one of the popular and widely used social media platforms after Facebook. Its Instagram story feature is trending around the world both for individual and business purposes. It is having more than 250 million numbers of active users. This is the biggest reasons why you must make use of Instagram stories for promoting your business.

The Snapchat is one social media platform that introduced this feature of Stories, but Instagram just nailed it as its users started uploading stories on their accounts most of the time.  This comes with a feature of video or pictures disappearing soon after 24 hours. This way, the stories act as short live content.

android instagram emoji

The most used emoji on Instagram is the heart.

The Instagram stories are doing great for many of the businesses around and people are adopting it in their content marketing strategy. They are engaging the long list of loyal followers and getting accessible even for the new and targeted audience. These stories have completely changed the face of the social media world.

15-25% of Story viewers swipe up to follow a link and engage directly with a brand’s website.


What are Instagram stories?

Instead of uploading pictures into the account, the 24 hours Instagram stories are gaining more attention. This comes with a feature that allows you to share your favorite video or pictures with all your followers. This posts stays exactly for 24 hours and get disappeared automatically. The users can access the story by tapping on the profile picture of other users.

If any of the profile displays an orange colour outliner, this means that the particular profile is having the story which is active and can be viewed by you. Well, there are top 10 reasons which state that Instagram stories can really bring positivity to your business and must be a part of your strategy to flourish your business.

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The top 10 reasons are


1. User base

According to the recent reports, Instagram is having more than 250 million number of active users that make use of stories feature or view others story.

User base


2. Creation without any efforts

You don’t need to involve much of your efforts to create your Instagram story. You need some time and good techniques to decide over perfect light, hashtags, angles, and tagging. The attractive story can generate the easy attention of the people and can please people with their uniqueness.


3. Addition of different ideas

The Instagram stories allow you to make use of your different creative ideas. You can also test up your thoughts and can put them in your story to know whether they can work for you or not.

instagram picture ideas


4. An endless number of Features

Just like the SnapChat, Instagram is also filled with an endless number of features. While uploading your stories, you can also make use of some of your favorite tools like stickers placement, drawing, reality filters and many more.

instagram filter


5. Generates traffic

The Instagram is one of the best social media platforms that is known for generating traffic in less time. You are allowed to add on your links to Instagram stories or can tag people so that people can know who all are there in stories.

It also allows you to write something on your story so that you can inform your targeted customers about an upcoming brand or any other update.

6. Make use of the hashtag

The hashtag features highly trends on Instagram. You can simply hashtag anything in your stories and can get featured in the same in one click.

instagram hashtag


7. Creative mind

The Instagram stories are best for the people that have a creative mind. You can create fascinating posts with them and can engage all your followers. You can also view and admire the people who have viewed your Instagram stories. The number of stories will encourage a number of followers to check out your posts on regular basis.

Instagram really acts as an influencer site. If the Insta story is put up in a right way and people find it useful, then they start getting influenced by it and follow the same religiously. Thus, you can add them to your strategic plan and can influence people with alluring stories.


8. Strategy diversification

It is good to diversify the content strategically for gaining the attention of your potential audience. This can cater well to many of the needs. You can even start from the beginning and can make use of the stories for creating a long list of followers.


9. Fun and enjoyable marketing

This Instagram also allows posting up a Boomerang story which is fun and interesting to make and post. You can experiment every time with your posts and can put on a focused content about a particular product or service. This allows a fun marketing which gains people attention and lot number of other benefits.

10. Gain attention

Very fewer people get time to scroll the posts up while the Instagram stories displaying right on top. People generally keep on tapping the stories, views them and switch on the other story. This keeps going on and on till they view the last story. They are short and crisp which gain the attention of the viewers and creates a long-lasting impression.

The above-mentioned reasons are all true and they assure each and every Instagram user to enjoy all the benefits and gain a wide number of followers for their business or brand. Get connected with your targeted audience today with these insta stories and display all of them on your account which lasts for 24 hours and engages the audience.


Organic Reach

Feel free to explore and try out new features every day on your posts and stand out from the crowd with quality strategies. These stories allure the number of followers and they love viewing your stories every time they see. They also assist with the best organic reach and customers get a chance for a closer look at the brand.

So what are you waiting for? If you have not yet tried the Instagram story feature yet, then try it out today and make it as an important part of your strategy to improve the visibility of your account, gain new followers and get more attention.

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