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12 Magical Ways To Get Likes on Instagram

Ways To Get Likes on Instagram


With over 600 million followers, Instagram provides an open platform for every individual to become a known personality. Here an individual can share food porn to funny moments, and emotional quotes to inspirational thoughts. From the time Instagram was introduced in the market, it has been dominating the industry, and its usage is increasing day by day with a boost in popularity.

The platform is attracting influencers and brands consistently, some of them are getting higher engagement, which means they are having a right amount of likes and comments on their post and stories. But most of them are not able to get enough likes and comments. So, here we have compiled some of the magical methods which can boost up Instagram likes:

1. Quality Content:

The posts and stories you have shared should relate to your audience. At this platform, content matters that can provide insights/data to your viewers. 

Examples of Built Up Quality Content:

• Tell a Story

• Use Insights

• Leverage User Generated content

2. Use Relevant Hashtags:

Hashtags are one of the smart tricks to get likes on Instagram. Using the right hashtags can extend the reach of your posts. With the right hashtags,  people can discover and engage with your content. 

Unlike Twitter, Instagram allows to use 30 hashtags in each post but just because you have the opportunity to this does not mean you should. There is no value in using irrelevant hashtags just to give it a cool look. 

Use Hashtags with proper strategy –

• Find the right hashtags for your posts or brand.

• Use popular hashtags to get sufficient views.

• Use highly specific hashtags.

• Select the right place to use hashtags- bio/caption.

• Look for the category for hashtags- campaign/events/brand.

“Good use of hashtags will definitely increase the number of likes than before. It has the power to directly connect to the targeted audience which you want.”

3. Videos- A Great Option:

Instagrammers get engaged with videos more than images or written content, and there is a number of profiles which share only video content and still able to have millions of followers. Means videos can do much more than just posting a simple post. 

Videos and GIFs are found to be more attractive and engaging. Short videos will be a good option, but it should be between 30-50 seconds. So, focus on videos and live photos in your stories to get more engagement.

4. Real-Time Stories:

The real-time stories connect your audience with your current lifestyle or updated things, but the stories only stay for 24 hours, so you must be creative while sharing your short special moments. And the best thing is that it gives the idea to your audience about your regular presence. The stories section also support to build up a strong relationship with the audience and establish faith in posts and your account. 

5. Connect With Influencers: 

There are so many Instagram influencers with a large following, but connecting with the right one is important. An influencer can build traffic on your account, therefore, collaborating with them is an excellent option to get the best result. 

How to choose the right influencer that can fit right into your shoe-

• Do they belong to your industry?

• Do they have enough engagement?

• Does your target audience follow them?

• Do they fit into your budget? (you cannot ignore your budget for the desired result)

6. Show Interest:

Interacting with your followers is the right way to show that you value them. Time to time communication with followers will strengthen their trust in you. Therefore, do not forget to replay to their comments, mention their name in special posts, make a group to provide special offers or discount if you are running any brand likes clothing/footwear/bags. 

Make them realize that they are special by tagging them in your special posts and attract them with some giveaways.

7. Keep An Eye On Your Competitors:

Explore, express and implement! Explore about your competitors and keep an eye to check their daily activities. This will direct you to the standard you have to cross to engage more traffic on your account. 

Look for your competitors’ strategies and add them to your existing marketing planning so that you can deliver something better than your competitors.

8. Constant Sharing:

The followers always look for unique and informative content in a meaningful way, so do not jumble your posts. Do regular posts but with a right schedule, for exampleif you running a fashion brand, share 20 to 30 posts, but make a connection between each post, avoid to jump from one posts story to another.

 9. Link With Your Other Social Media:

There are other social media platforms which can get you your desired result. So, do share your Instagram posts on different platforms likes Facebook and Twitter. Sharing on other social media platforms can bring instant traffic on your Instagram account, means more likes! 

10. Engaged With Other’s Post:

If you want good reflection, then deliver something good. This means if you want likes on your posts, you need to like and comment on other’s post too. This will show your followers that you do care or admire other user’s content which will create your good image among the followers. 

Your participation in the social community is essential as what you do reflects your image, so don’t miss to admire others. 

11. Use Location Tag:

The use of the location tag adds an obvious benefit to your followers to help them discover more on Instagram. For example-

If you are running a business, you can attract your followers to your place easily-  might be someone who follow your food restaurant is out and about in mood to have certain kind of food, instead of turning to Maps, they do a search on Instagram to find local food restaurant that meets their requirements, then they can find you easily. 

Just ensure your tags are relevant and appropriate for the content you’re uploading. 


12. Eye-Catching Captions:

instagram captions

Use your creativity and put something fascinating in the captions section. This will hold the user’s eyes on your post to take a look at it. This can be something to bring out the excitement in users which can lead them to like that particular post.

Creative captions-

• Enjoy at least one sunset per day! – Modern Family

• They say don’t try this at home…so I went to my friends home!

• My bed is a magical place I suddenly remember everything I had to do.

There is a long list you can go with to have the desired quantity of likes on Instagram, we have only shared some of the best tricks you can try.  Put your efforts and deliver quality to your audience to make them happy and exciting about your posts.

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