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4 More Instagram Mistakes that you Need to Avoid at Any Cost

Given the fact that Instagram makes it possible to interact with countless users in real time and boasts of an engagement factor which is 58 times that of Facebook is reason enough for you to focus all your marketing strategies on this image sharing platform. The neat thing about Instagram is that it comes with pre-loaded business profiles, enabling viable leads to call you up directly and promote a greater connection between you and the end user. 

instagram uses
In 2017, Instagram was the most used network for cyber – bullying.

But as always, it pays to do some research online before you start posting images on this platform or at least review some of the mistakes which you need to avoid on Instagram.


Avoid Spamming Pictures:

While you may be excited about your Instagram and feel the need to share every image you take each day, you need to know that whatever content you post on Instagram, it is fed directly to your followers feed. And posting images just about every hour is spamming their feed and soon you’ll be turning off the few followers you have on this platform. So make sure that you post only relevant content two to three times a day only (check out when your users are most active to ensure you are posting during the peak hours of engagement). You can always buy Instagram followers but if you end up spamming on Instagram, you may soon need to start looking for new ones.


Grow Instagram Followers:

Most of the top brands tend to spend lots of time interacting with their followers and that’s a good strategy. Not communicating with your followers is lousy and that’s something you need to avoid when on Instagram. Make sure that you follow all your followers so that you can check in on their content when they post something new, even communicate and interact with them in real time. You can always buy followers on Instagram but communicating and interacting with the ones you already have should help you garner a few more and increase your reach.


Avoid Mistakes:

Many brands had made a lousy mistake on Instagram, a typo which resulted in the product image being displayed as $1000 rather than $100 and naturally, that particular product got no hits, for obvious reasons. So always proofread your content before you post them on to your Instagram account. A silly mistake can turn out to be an expensive one where you lose out on a business opportunity. You can always get more likes on Instagram by avoiding silly mistakes and proofreading your content before posting them online.


Increase Instagram Engagement:

Not engaging with others is the worst thing you can do on Instagram; remember that you are online to promote your business and to build a brand. One of the most effective ways to increase your reach, to improve your customer base is to interact with them directly. And this translates to taking affirmative action on your part like responding to comments and likes, following your followers and commenting there, reposting content that’s relevant to your business with due credit being given and sharing the content on other social media platforms. Bottom line, when it comes to Instagram, or for that matter any other social media platform, the one strategy that always works is one-on-one engagement with the end user.

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