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The 6 Pillars Behind The Growth Of Instagram Likes

With over 500 million daily users, Instagram has been the biggest social networking platform over the years.  It is mostly used by young adults which means there is a strong customer base of users between 18-24. Moreover, Instagram is also a popular platform among users of age 35 and above. 

Most of the marketers and advertisers spend their time to popularize their photos and other related content over the channel but ends up with few likes. This outcome makes them annoying and damages their confidence at some level. Most of the users also feel that the network is not worth spending their time, but actually, there are tons of benefits that can help any user to reach their objective easily. 

Well, Instagram has always been a powerful channel for marketing strategies and a connecting source between different people across the world. Instagram has all the features that could benefit a business, creator, marketers, advertisers and every average user. 

Building a great profile on Instagram and having a great exposure takes a lot of time and effort.  As a photo-video sharing platform, you can play a different game to unleash your exposure and to build your reputation among millions of people across the world. 

Portraying your image, collaborating with brands, connecting with people and their emotions and more, Instagram gives you the liberty to facilitate your choices. The networks have the capability to get you to the place of success. 

There is a whole lot about Instagram and its features that can benefit you with tons of opportunities if it is used in the right manner. For those who want to know the major tricks and strategies that can boost their profile and business on Instagram, we have gathered information about the six major pillars that can be utilized to the growth of Instagram likes

1. Using Geotags To Increase The Audience:

Using Geotags To Increase The Audience

What Is A Geotag? 

Before starting with the first pillar of Instagram, it is important for you to know what is it and how does it work. Basically, Instagram provides a medium to tag the location over a picture where it has taken or clicked. While posting a picture over Instagram, you are allowed to provide the location name from where that picture has been clicked. 


How To Use Geotags?

When you take a picture, the application presents an option where you can add your location with the image. But, it only works if the user allows permission to post the location; Instagram doesn’t post location data unless the user chooses to “Add to Photo Map” option. 

How To Use Geotags

When posting a photo, Instagram shows options under the caption part to tag other users or brands in it and the option to tag a location. 

The Geotag option can be used to upload the picture on the photo map too. 

However, if a location is not found on the “location suggestion” or the user wants to create a new location, then you just need to type the name of the location and choose the“add a location to the map” option.  From there a new location can be added to the maps.

Ways To Engage Users Through Geotag:

The geotagging feature has been proven to be the most effective way to give an exposure to the accounts and give small budding accounts a way to grow. Statistically, the accounts using Geotag feature witness 79% more exposure than the account that does not use it. Small local businesses and users have found it a great way to reach more people and get more likes.

People search for businesses, trends, new content, and around one-fourth part of Instagram users find geotagging beneficial to grow more and more likes and making their profile discoverable on Instagram. 

If the users find the location they have been tagging and commenting on a few posts which are posted by the brand users. 

Note: This will help up in getting the other users to interact with the business profiles and other users and increasing the exposure. 

2. Post Notifications:


What Is Post Notification?

Post notification is basically the message or pop-up users get whenever you post something on your timeline. It is like push notification which plays an important role in marketing to know what is happening around and who is posting which type of content even if you are not haven’t open the channel. 

Moreover, after turning on the notification button, you will have the benefits of getting notification regarding the number of likes and comments you are getting on your posts. 

Note: Likes on Instagram is more important now, the greater the amount of likes, the more reach the account will get, so the best option to get likes is through post notifications.


How To Use Post Notifications?

It is a simple basic process, if you are marketing your content over Instagram, then you should post in your stories or mention about turning on the notifications so that they can view your post in case they skipped your post. 

How To Use Post Notifications

Post Notification can be enabled for any profile, brand or user, there is a simple process to turn post notifications – all you just have to do is go to your favorite brand or user’s Instagram profile and click on the three dots located at the top right corner of their profile and enable post notifications. 

This is not for the audiences,  it can be used by the business accounts on Instagram as well as for personal accounts too.

Benefits Of Enabling Post Notifications:

A study shows that enabling post notifications helps in increasing the likes count and could boost reach by 60%. It is a simple yet effective way to boost up the likes in a small period of time.

Enabling post notifications is one of the best ways for audience to reach out to the profiles or brands they like. If your Instagram feed is not in order, then it could possible that the users skip their favorite content on Instagram- it is a loss for the likes. 


3. Instagram Highlights:

Instagram Highlights

What Are Instagram Highlights?

Ever noticed those small attractive bubbles under a brand or your favorite Instagram influencer’s page? Those are Instagram highlights; they basically refer to the content published on a brand or a user’s page through the medium of Instagram stories. Instagram highlight helps to keep amazing content, photos, quotes that are posted by the users forever unless the user removes them. Unlike stories, Instagram Highlights can live on the feed forever. This makes the profile look attractive to a new audience, and helps them out to discover the type of content which is provided by the user and helps to gain more followers and likes. They are like curated content that is created through the stories which can be seen by new as well as the current following audience.

How To Use Instagram Highlights?

Instagram highlights are the easiest to use, whenever a story is posted, it shows up with an option under the story “Add to Highlights”. If a highlight is created earlier and the content is similar to the highlight, then it can be posted to the same. For example – a highlight is created for food and the story which is being put up is related to food then it can be shared with the same highlight.

Else a new highlight can also be created by tapping the plus icon over the highlight feature and it will pop up with the same option as what name is to be given to the Highlight and it will ask to put up a cover photo, the cover photo of Instagram Highlight should be matching to the theme of the profile or in contrast to it- this gains more attention as it looks more attractive and can get a better amount of likes.

Forgot to put a story on Highlight? This is also covered up by Instagram, the Instagram provides an archive feature which can be used to save up your story even after 24 hours, just like the Snapchat’s memory feature, even if the story gets disappeared after 24 hours, the archive feature will keep it safe in the cloud and till archive feature is turned on, the stories can be put to Highlights even after days or months.

The Response Of Instagram Highlights:

Instagram Highlights are a great way to show what type of content the profile or user is offering in a brief manner. Instagram Highlight is basically a short summary of the user’s account. 

In order to gain more likes, the user should have a public account so that their profile can be overviewed through Highlights and the profile’s theme. The Highlights will be viewed by only a small amount of users if the profile is private, it won’t make a much difference in the number of likes as no new audiences are seeing it, therefore it is important to have profiles public. The new audience won’t spend much time looking at a new profile, and Instagram Highlights are like first impressions for a profile, it is a basic step and feature to step up the visibility of the account and get more likes.


4. Behind The Scenes (BTS):

Behind The Scenes

What Is Behind The Scenes? Or BTS

Ever wonder how your favorite brand or influencer is getting those jaw-dropping posts and numerous amounts of likes so effortlessly? Well, it is not the truth, the truth is everyone struggles to get the perfect lighting, a photograph which everyone wishes for, behind the scenes or BTS- means showing a complete struggle of getting a perfect angle for a picture or getting a perfect video for the product or the channel. 

Showing behind the scenes help you to manage the basic conversation between you and your customers. It makes your customers feel about the efforts you have done to create a contended video or getting a perfect click. It is an exceptionally effective piece of content that is created quickly and with regular use, it brings an extra human element to the profile. 

The BTS is super important to grow the amount likes as it shows the reality to the audience and help them to know about your efforts. Through this, everyone can relate to your content and can find interest in your profile.  

Why Behind The Scenes Is So Effective On Instagram?

The BTS plays an important role for any brand or user as it is more relatable than any other factor to grow likes for the users. There can nothing be more exciting for the true fans or followers to look at how a product is made or who invented the idea of it, how a team worked hard on it, or a photograph which took hours of traveling, a good light focus, the different angles in which the pictures were clicked. It takes the minimal content to make people feel related and gives the exposure at the basic user level which can help in a sudden boost of likes. 

5. Post Often and Consistently:

What is Often Posting?

Consistent posting is the basic key to great exposure. Being consistent Instagrammer allows users to grow in audience reach. Consistent posting basically refers to having a schedule for the content to be posted on Instagram; it can be decided by the audience statistics as when most of the user’s followers are going through Instagram, what time they basically come online, for instance, the user is creating Instagram content for teenagers then they might schedule the content posting around afternoon when they are returning home as most of the followers will be online at that time and will help to gain more exposure to the content.

How Is Consistent Posting Helpful?

Consistency in posting the content has been proven more effective in getting likes than other profiles with inconsistency. According to research, the accounts with consistent posting witnessed 20% more exposure and likes in comparison to inconsistent posting on Instagram accounts.

Consistency is a way to communicate in the world of Instagram, being scattered or irregular posting can put up the great loss of Instagram likes and reach for the users. The content posted should be scheduled and relevant with the Instagram profile. Many factors contribute to getting the number of likes required, perhaps consistency is the most effortless yet most useful way to attract the audience towards the profile.  Moreover, it is also a great way to get the desired amount of likes whether it is a blog or videos, as it holds the viewers’ interest in your content and nudges them to explore more about you. 

Consistent posting basically helps the users to retain the current number of the audience while gaining the new ones; this could keep them busy with your content. Moreover, this will also increase the exposure towards the profile which will automatically boost the likes count. Whenever the content quality or schedule is not consistent, it can confuse the followers with your format and way to handle the channel. 

6. Instagram Shoutouts:

What Are Instagram Shoutouts?

As the words describe it, Instagram Shoutouts are a way of co-promotion technique between two Instagram users.

Instagram Shoutouts

Shoutout posts often involve posts, videos of the Instagram account which are being shouted out. Instagram Shoutouts have been lately popular as it can help to get the exposure to an audience which is targeted towards a particular content but is not following the user.  It gives a great exposure to both the accounts and helps in gaining more number of likes for both the users. 


How To Get Instagram Shoutouts?

Here is how Instagram Shoutouts work- consider two users who are posting similar content interacting with each other and publishing each other’s photos or videos on their profiles and mentioning the user’s Instagram name.

Instagram Shoutouts Can Be Of Various Ways:- 

Paid Shoutouts – Under this category, the profile user can pay for the Shoutouts to the brands or influencers from which they want to have a Shoutout. They will post a few of the users’ content on the profile for a few periods of time depending upon the amount they are charging.

Voluntary Shoutouts – This category is a treat for every user, this category basically defines that the person who is giving the Shoutout is happy with the product of the brand. It can only happen if the person who is giving the Shoutout decides to do so, forcing them or continuously messaging them would not help in getting a voluntary Shoutout.

Shoutouts For Shoutouts – It is a simple trade, both the users give each other Shoutouts on their respective pages if each of them agrees to do so.

Instagram Shoutouts can be achieved by finding users who post relevant content and then contact them through their professional emails or Instagram Direct Messages and asking for a Shoutout, however, the Instagram Shoutouts works both ways if a user is given a Shoutout, they have to provide it back.

Getting or giving Instagram Shoutouts hasn’t been an easy task, it requires networking with other users who create the same content or publish it. Most of the time there is no mutual understanding as one user is ready for a Shoutout but another one has no requirement for it or is not interested in it.


Benefits of Instagram Shoutouts:

A recent report from analytics apps shows that over 70% of Instagram users use this Shoutout technique and witness 60% more reach and likes on their content and profile. 

Getting in front of a large audience has tons of advantages as it gives the user profile a great exposure through a single platform. It is beneficial for budding businesses as well as profiles who want great exposure and reach. Instagram has a variety of options to grow out the desired number of likes and Instagram Shoutouts is one of them that can provide the tons of benefits. Instagram can be helpful as well as waste if the Shoutouts are not conducted properly.

Different brands, influencers have different specializations in the content they are posting. It is an important factor to find the people with whom the Shoutouts are being conducted have the same interest. 

Also, the account’s engagement reach also matters if an account is having 100,000 followers but the engagement is just 5,000. As it will be of no use as it will not give the desired amount of exposure and likes to the profile which is given the Shoutout.

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