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9 Best Tactics To Increase Likes Count On Instagram

Instagram has been a great platform to showcase our talents, skills and to present our business all over the world, however when it comes to Instagram growth, in a matter of likes it has not been the same as it was earlier. Moreover,  it is common that a business creates an Instagram account hoping to reach millions. But most of those business accounts do not get success on their profile they have expected and wished. 

The platform is having 1 billion active users which makes it difficult for every profile to stand out and grow individually. Double-tap, heart waves, call them anything- likes on the channel have been the main form of currency which nudges users to create great content from a long time-whenever, the posts get more likes, it goes up in the discover feed and appears on other users’ Instagram feeds. 

But, Instagram’s policies have made it difficult to reach more and more people and get the desired amount of likes. 

The Instagram strict algorithm has made it a difficult task to get more likes and increased the competition among millions of users, but here are  9 best tactics to increase likes count on Instagram. 

 1. Sharing Images That Work:

As per the research, it is found that 76% of people interact with images more than the simple written text. Moreover, images are one of the major factors that can attract a maximum audience as compared with regular and basic content. Therefore, as an Instagrammer, it is suggested that using images in your feed could get you expected engagement and fruitful result within a short period of time. But while making use of an image, it is important to know which type of image works well for a business marketing purpose, or for the creators. 

Sharing Images That Work

And the best ways to check which type of images you should use is simple. You just need to check your  Instagram feed and find out what kind of photos are most liked and commented and which of the post engaged more audience towards the profile. This way, you will get a good idea while using and creating images for your Instagram profile. 

Apart from scrolling the feeds to find the best image types, you can make use of visuals related to the business you are running and marketing over the channel-ensure to create the images with the themes relevant to your business and matches the values of your brand. This sort of images engages more users with your content as compared to the random images. 

Moreover, you get more comfortable in providing the exact thing your audience wants when you know their likes and dislikes like they prefer traveling photos, funny memes, intense content, DIYs concepts and more. This way, you can provide appealing content to your audience and can give them a reason to follow you and like your profile. 

Moving forward, another important factor you need to consider while providing images to your audience is quality. Quality matters a lot if you really want to make a huge difference in the reach. This doesn’t even require a professional camera or a professional photography shoot, just the correct lighting and effects will do the magic and will take your Instagram likes to a whole new level. Sticking to a theme describes your basic portfolio and the users will get visually attracted to the profile. Instagram has always been a visual treat-the visually appealing content grabs more and more audience and gets your profile a new reach.

In other words, the better your Instagram profile will be filled with good content, it will get you more interactions. 

2. Set a Regular Posting Schedule:

It is no longer a secret that Instagram’s organic reach has changed a lot over the years. In order to combat the lack of likes on the post, the consistent posting is required. 

Set a Regular Posting Schedule

It is not a big deal but consistent posting makes a great change in the process of increasing Instagram likes, a queue of good content can go a long way and make the Instagram game strong for your profile. It not only increases the likes but helps the account to be discovered by the audience which does not follow the Instagram account.

Posting consistently means continuously engaging current followers of the Instagram profile and gaining more followers and likes while sustaining a certain level of engagement with the current followers and likes when you continue to grow. The gap of not posting regular content can result in the loss of current likes also, it decreases the reach of your Instagram account.

3. Engaging With Followers:

Instagram’s engagement with the followers is now not limited to comments, it is the time to reframe the Instagram engagement with followers. Instagram’s stories features, tons of hashtags, IGTV, stickers and so on are the best ways to increase the interaction between people and brands. 


Moreover, making use of stickers could be a useful resource to engage your content with followers and profile with the viewers. For Example, the question and answer sticker, the poll stickers, and more are available to increases the engagement between the audience and customers.


Coming to the next feature that is Instagram story section, then you will be surprised to know that it plays an important role in increasing the likes count as it gets the attention of the current audience and let them like the new content which is being posted.  

Note: “Story feature was introduced in the industry by Snapchat years ago and later the feature was adopted by mainly all the social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.”


Using IGTV videos and creating fun videos get you more engagement towards your profile and nudge your audience to interact with your content more. IGTV is the feature where users can upload one hour long videos just like YouTube. 

Note: “Users can find IGTV feature within the Instagram application or can download the standalone application from the App Store or Play Store.”

So, now if you are planning to share videos over the IGTV platform, then you have tons of concepts on which you can make videos and share to your audience. For example, DIY videos, questionnaires content, funny videos and more. 


Sharing your content through a live feature on Instagram can be a great step as it helps the audience and the account holder to have one on one interaction. 

Through the medium of live feature, your audience can ask questions or tell the type of content they like. Moreover, the profile holder can answer the questions one to one and can use some ideas of content in future posts. 

Creating long captions and providing good content also helps to increase the likes, but the captions should be engaging with the followers and according to the interests of the audience. 


4. Capitalize The Trend:

Instagram is a hub of entertaining content, whether it is a new meme or latest news, Instagram will provide you with all the information. And this provides the leverage to boost the likes count and reach in the top of Instagram discovery option. 

Posting content related to the trend and including it into the feed can do wonders with the likes such as using meme templates in their posts or creating content related to it. 

For example- The new Instagram story trend includes music in your stories has been a great move to show what your profile offers and what kind of content is provided through your medium.

5. Sharing Posts On Other Platforms:

Sharing Posts On Other Platforms

The best way to increase your Instagram likes is to share your posts on other social platforms- different networks grow your connections in different areas with a different crowd. 

It basically helps to generate more traffic towards the profile and it increases the amount of reach and likes, as it brings your content and brand to the people who are not connected with your over Instagram. This is one of the aesthetic ways through which you can grow your Instagram page. 

6. Using Popular Hashtags :

The hashtag is another major point that should be considered while marketing any brand or business over Instagram. Making use of hashtags is the best ways to get likes. Searching local hashtags over Google and finding the trends around you gives more exposure to the local audience present around.  The hashtags help to categorize the content which fastens the process of content discovery. Regular Instagram users see hashtags as tools for improving network experiences. 

Although, the hashtags should be relevant to the content and should be in a limit because using too many hashtags can make the post look messy and will drive away from the reach from the content. It may be tempting to use hashtags to get a million likes, for instance, “#fashion” has been used over by 470 million users after which it falls in the top ten hashtag list of Instagram. But if an account holder uses it for posting an image of his office,  it won’t make any difference to his profile and content. 

Note: “In a recent study, it is shown that using 11 hashtags has increased the exposure to 442%,  the most number of hashtags used is 11 and it makes a great reach and increases the likes accordingly.”

7. Post at High Traffic Times:

While posting photos on Instagram, there are two things to keep in mind – the audience’s time zone and at what time they are active on Instagram, usually, the best traffic time on Instagram is in the morning or usually during the evening.

According to analytics companies, the best time to post on Instagram is between 5 P.M. to 6 P.M.

Post at High Traffic Times

Posting photos at the time when the maximum audience is online on Instagram increases the chances of more engagement as they see your content which results in more number of likes. Instagram’s feed is no longer chronological that means the posts with the highest number of likes and interaction will be shown in your follower’s feed on the top which will increase more likes. 

The posts during high traffic also increase the audience which is not following you.

8. Promoting Posts:

The Instagram ad or sponsored feature is a great thing to grow the number of likes organically as well as it brings more exposure to the profile. 

Promoting your posts give you the exposure to the people who are not following you- it is a powerful targeting option helps to target the audience and gains more likes to the profile. 

Instagram ads divert the traffic to the profile; it allows clickable links to the profile which are being advertised. 

Not only promoting your posts will help you gain likes but the type of content which is being posted drives the audience to follow your profile results in more number of Instagram likes. 

When an Instagram post is sponsored, it appears in the target audience’s feed and if a post is sponsored through the medium of Instagram stories, then it appears in the targeted audience’s story view while they are viewing their followers’ stories. 

9. Tagging Influential Accounts: 

The best way to increase the likes organically is to tag influential accounts on Instagram. The Instagram is a go-to hub for every brand and influencer and they have a reach worth millions-tagging them in your posts increases your post’s exposure, tagging the influential accounts informs them about the tagged photos also.  The photos in which the influential accounts are tagged in are shown in their “tagged in “ photos through which the targeted audience will direct towards their profile. See the tagged in photos and it becomes a handy reach to get more likes. 

Some influential accounts even feature the tagged in photos to their own profile as it describes the brand and users related to it. It helps their business grow, so tagging influential accounts is a great way to increase the Instagram account reach and get more exposure and likes. Even if it is not featured on the influential accounts, it will reach a huge amount of audiences. For instance, @Instagram features the most inspiring photos from the community each day and they come up with a weekly challenge every Friday and on Monday morning. They feature 9 of their favorite posts featuring the weekly challenge which comes to exposure of over 102 million active Instagram users. Very few people get a chance to be featured but other posts which are not featured get huge exposure and likes.

These 9 tactics could work as a powerful tool for your marketing purpose and promotional activities. Considering these tactics while promoting your business via Instagram could increase your exposure and boost your business sales. Apart from this, there is a never-ending list of strategies that you can use while marketing your products. 

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