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Advertisers Are Getting Ability To Place Facebook Ads In Search Results

Facebook is known as one of the best social media networks that have unlimited options for creators and marketers to show their content to the world. Moreover, the network is flourished with amazing options that help average users to connect with their closed ones.

The channel has always been in buzz for its latest and new features and now the network has brought up amazing news of providing the ability to place ads in search results. Yes, this is true, Facebook is giving more advertisers the gift to place ads in search results.

Last year in December, Facebook enabled the search results to make the searches convenient for advertisers and this past June, Facebook gently brought up the search results ad placement to the marketers and advertisers.

Moreover, the official announcement done by Facebook shows that Facebook search results will be automatically included as placement when running ad campaigns that use Automatic placements.

Despite this, users will now be able to manually select the Facebook search results as placement when setting up campaigns. Once the placement is selected, ads will be entitled to appear in general search results and marketplace search.

Advertisements in both sets of search results will value the targeted audience of the campaign and be reliable to a restricted set of search terms. Facebook’s search results ads are created to make the users experience better.

Facebook's search results ads
This image is the best example for search ads on Facebook, as you can see how they look similar to News Feed ads but completed with the “Sponsored” label which shows it clear that it is an ad.

Moreover, those users who do not want to place ads in Facebook’s search results are simply notified to not select ” Automatic Placements” while setting up campaigns. At the time of selecting placements, simply deselect the Facebook Search Results/ Marketplace placements.

Moving forward, if a particular ad is eligible, advertisers will see Facebook Search Results appear as a placement option.

This is an amazing update introduced by Facebook which proved it again that the network has the capability to bring out the best services for its users. The test of ads in search results will run in the primary search result of the network.

What Do You Need To Understand?

Search is one of the rarest untapped parts of social media networks- which nudges many advertisers to spend their primary budget on Instagram this year. The starting ad test in search results is restricted to select automotive and retail advertisers, but if the organizer or the marketer gets a promising response, it will open up search results ad inventory more largely.

With the new test, Facebook product manager Zoheb Hajiyyani said in an interview, “We’re running a small test to place ads in Facebook search results, and we’ll be evaluating whether these ads are beneficial for people and businesses before deciding whether to expand it.”

Marketers involving in the test can easily select “Search Results” as an alternative placement option which would be applied to both primary search and marketplace search inventory. With the recent team of beta-advertisers, ads may appear in search results for terms related to auto or retail topics. Apart from this, advertisers cannot choose particular keywords to target the audience.

More To Know:

The initiated test is available for only image and carousel ads- it does not support video ads currently.

Ads tested in search results at the time of beta run will only display in the U.S. and Canada. Just in case the ads get a larger roll-out, Facebook might open the ads to more countries.

The test includes the ads with clearly labeled “Sponsored”  tag and basic answers for users such as the “Why Am I Seeing This” option.

Facebook advertising plays a crucial role to connect with your target audience across the world. Though the updates in Facebook’s algorithm makes it a challenge to connect with fans, audience, buyers, it helps to create a healthy connection as per the community standards. On the other hand, Facebook’s micro-targeting features enable you to reach your target audience easily which means Facebook ads can convey your message in front of the people who are most interested to buy your products and services. 

And that is great for conversion rates, budget, and ROI. Here, you only pay to reach the most valuable customers. But before running an advertisement on your Facebook account, it is necessary to understand the different Facebook ad types and targeting options before you start in if you really want to get the best results. To know everything about:

·         Types of Facebook ads

·         How to advertise on Facebook: a step-by-step guide

·         Facebook ad specs

·         5 smart tips for running Facebook ads

·         Facebook ad ideas

Read on our upcoming article which will help you to identify between search ads and basic ads and will provide the best guidance to run Facebook ads.

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