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Best SoundCloud Banner and Best Executions

Best SoundCloud Banner and Best Executions

Enthrall your followers with the awesome banner that matches your Music Style!!

Make it easy for your fans and followers to recognize your SoundCloud page with the tremendous banner design that matches the orientation of the application. Having a right SoundCloud banner and attractive visuals represents your profile, and the selection of pieces you make. Before listening to your SoundCloud tracks, or heading to the play button, the person will see your SoundCloud banner.

It might sound crazy, but it works spectacularly, your banner can engage thousands or even millions of people across the globe. Check out the points you need to keep in mind for your SoundCloud banner-

  • Keep a banner picture a .jpg or .png of at least 2480 pixels x 520
  • After selecting a banner, you can drag the image left or right or zoom in and out in the image circle according to your necessity.
upload banner
  • Here you can easily add or change your banner through your banner’s edit page in settings.
  • Now scroll over the image you are choosing to upload, and further update banner.
  • Next, select the file saved on your computer device and then click “Save”.

(If you are not satisfied with your banner, you cannot delete it directly, but you can easily change it or add new image)

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Everything you Need to Know to Create Groundbreaking SoundCloud Banner-

Make souncloud banner


Significant Graphic: Embed the images and graphics that are relevant to your music content and style. You need to create a banner that can represent your music genre and culture to engage the listeners.

Defined Banner: Your SoundCloud banner should be small in size and not engage with lots of text. Include strong visuals and quality text in your banner.

Consistency: Keep consistency in design, colors, themes, graphics. Design your banner with the same fonts and colors to make it a hero of your SoundCloud tracks.

It takes only a few minutes to create an innovative and best SoundCloud banner with perfect visuals and alignment.

Note: Currently, it is not possible to edit your banner and profile picture on the SoundCloud app on mobile.

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