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Best Twitter Analytics Tools You Should Be Using To Improve Your Marketing In 2018

Best Twitter Analytics Tools

The Twitter is the most popular micro blogging site that has a large audience base. Well, most importantly, the Twitter users are some real serious people who want to share their ideas. In fact, it is the biggest conversation platform. One single tweet can reach millions people in a flash. Therefore, it is important to use analytic tools to identify the various aspects of the platform to boost your marketing plan.

Well, it is not possible to find out everything about Twitter using one single tool. In fact, you need multiple tools. This article aims to offer you insights into various analytic tools available in the market for Twitter.

1. Hootsuite:

Hootsuite is one of the most admired tools that have been used by various marketers for its ability to offer insights into the link interaction. Is that confusing? Well, it means that the analytics will show you how your audiences conversing with your link. The tool does it by offering you link click tracking feature through its link shortner ow.ly link shortener.

It is a great way of finding your fans’ preferences that will help you to create a better content strategy.


2. Klout:

This yet another cool tool that offers insights into your tweets performance. In brief; the Klout tool shows you the most influential tweets in the last 90 days that will help you in crafting better tools since you are well aware of your users’ preferences and choices.

That is not all; the analytic also offers you insights into the most influential users who have engaged with you. Now, using this analytic, you can target your message more precisely and accurately.

Klout tool

3. TwentyFeet:

This is one of the simplest analytic tools that offer you insight into quite a lot of functional aspects of the twitter. All you need to do is to sign in and start availing the insights. The following are the important stats that you will get to improve your marketing campaign.

I fact, if you can look deeply into the insights, then you will realize that the brand mentions are the best of its insights that can give you better mileage if you have the skills to capitalize on the data.

4. TweetReach:

TweetReach is one of the coolest tools that can offer you insights into the reach of your URLs. All you have to do is to just insert the URL of the desired site and get the data. The following are the analytics that you are going to get.

  • The Reach of the URL tweets
  • The amount of exposure that the URL got
  • The contributors who shared the URL
  • The number of instances it was retweeted on the same day
  • The list of top contributors responsible for the exposure of the URL

Since these the data offers you the list of the users and influencers, you can use the information to build the relationship, involve them in your conversation and bring more traffic to your site. If you are a business house, then you can personalize the marketing message since you have the user preferences with you. All you need to do is to deploy smart content marketing strategy to garner benefits.


5. Buffer:

If you want to understand the behavior of your tweets and want to schedule them appropriately, the buffer is the name of the game. This is a pretty intuitive tool because it can just publish the queued tweet at the appropriate time when the users and followers are more likely to read them. The following are a few major insights that you can avail by using this particular tool.

  • The number of clicks that your tweets received
  • How many followers retweeted your tweets
  • The number of people favorites your tweet
  • The list of the people
  • How many people favorite your tweets

Apparently; this tool is helpful for people who want to get the perfect content to publish timing. Well, you do not have to do a lot of thing on your part. Just queue the bunch of tweets and let the tool do the job for you.


6. SumAll:

SumAll is a great tool for top-level managers and the supervisors who want to get summary of their campaign. In fact, this tool offers brand mentions, engagement level, follower growth. You can get weekly reports in your inbox so that you can craft your marketing campaign according to the current trends and your advertisement’s performance.


7. Riffle:

This is yet another simple tool works as a browser extension but the insights that it gives are quite useful. If you are a brand that believes in the use of #hashtags for better campaign result, then you must use this tool because it gives the data about the trending and popular hashtags. In addition, it will give insights into the connected users and most shared links that can come handy in during the strategic formulation.


8. Klear:

It is yet another tool that gives you the information about the suitable demographics that you need to capitalize on, the most appropriate accounts that you should build the relationship with and much more that is great for the influential marketing strategy.


Twitter is one of the best social media sites that you can use to garner revenue. The above-mentioned tools can be used to your advantage. However, you need to find the exact tool that you need to use. Well, you can use multiple tools but then you have to have time and human resources to handle the complex process of data analysis.

So, make sure that you understand your needs and look at your capability to identify the right analytic tool that can give you the right insights into your marketing campaign so that you can formulate a strategy that brings better ROI. So, act mindfully.

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