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Guidelines To Boost YouTube Channel

Boost YouTube Channel


Are you searching for a perfect platform which can appreciate your video making passion? Wondering for the place that can give your hobby a right direction and can turn it into a profession? Then YouTube is the perfect end of your searches. Make channel on YouTube, share your creations and follow the guidelines to make your YouTube content efficient and engaging

1.    Be Active On YouTube:

Grabbing audience attention is a way to get success; therefore you need to be active on your YouTube channel to attain the audience interest with your activities. If you post regularly on your channel, then your viewers will have an interaction with your content, but if you post less content after a long break, then it would result in the downfall of your video content. Moreover, if you promised your audience to post a video at a particular time, then you should keep your promise. This gesture will increase your viewers’ trust over you.  


2.  Schedule Genre of Your Video Content:

Avoid posting random videos, it can divert your audience. Arrange your video topic in a synchronized manner so that a viewer can easily relate one video to another. Do not jump from one genre to another. If you have started your video content from a funny genre, then continue another video with the same genre. It will definitely engage your audience on your channel


3. Passionate About Your Channel:

Follow your passion and do not let other streams to interrupt it! If you have a passion for making videos on a big platform then go ahead, but only if you are clear about what you want. No matter either you are making videos for a good revenue or just for the sake of the hobby, if you are putting your efforts on videos, then do it passionately. Because if you do not give your 100% on your channel, then it will definitely leave a negative impact on your audience and your goal. 

{Be careful while choosing your video genre, scripting your video content as well as making your video.}


4.  Name Of Your YouTube Channel:

Once you are clear about the subject for your channel, select an attractive, unique and relevant name for it. Your channel name reflects your persona, therefore do not underestimate it. Take time to choose a name for your channel, and look for the availability of the name on YouTube as well. Do not copy other popular creators’ name as it can drop your channel’s ranking down. 


5. Use Tailored Thumbnail:

Once you start uploading videos on your YouTube channel, it is essential to get high audience engagement. This will decide your survival on the platform. For attracting more audience towards your video, add a thumbnail to your video every time you upload it. Make sure, your thumbnail is catchy enough to grab viewers attention. A perfect thumbnail will get you enough engagement through “Click-Through-Rate” (CTR) formula. “Be attentive and careful while creating a thumbnail.”


6.  Add Your Video In A Playlist:

If you had uploaded lots of videos on your channel then its high time for you to create a playlist. This will arrange all of your videos in a proper sequence. Also beneficial for you in various aspects like it will hold viewers’ attention for a longer duration. The video on the playlist will automatically continue one after another which may naturally increase viewers’ time spend on your channel. 


7. Add CTA At The End Of Your Video:

Do not forget to add the Call-To-Action (CTA) button at the end of your videos like subscribe, like and comment. This technique will increase the audience engagement rate on your channel. 


8. Be Interactive With Creators & YouTube Community:

Stay connected with other communities on YouTube, means as a YouTuber you should take part in discussion with other creators. Comment on their videos, tell them about your videos, talk about upcoming videos and appreciate others work. This tactic is an indirect promotion which built up a standard community on your channel. 


9. Response To Your Viewers: 

Reply to your viewers’ comments and ask them if they like your video or not, what would they prefer to watch in upcoming content. Show gratitude to your audience and let them know how much you are happy for their interaction. Also, stay calm while dealing with negative feedback and criticism. Do not show your anger to the negative comments. 


10. Know Your Competitors:

Learn from your competitors what they are serving to viewers. Yes, this is one of the best ways you can follow to succeed in the video industry. Do not copy your competitors, just look for their strategies and add them to your techniques. 


11. Broadcast Your Teaser:

Release the teaser of your video just before broadcasting the original video. You can make your teaser by adding some shots from your original video. Ensure to make teaser more attractive and informative, as it would help your viewers to know about your content. 


12. Stay Focused On The Main Objective:

While editing the video and cutting down the shots, focus on the significant object of your video content.  Once you are done with editing, watch the video twice before releasing on YouTube. You can also take suggestions from your close friends and family members about your content. Judge your video as a third person. 


13. Analyze The Result:

To analyze the correct result of your work, pay attention to YouTube analytics. It will provide you the data of your viewers on the basis of demographics. It will help you maintain the upcoming video content according to your target audience. 

The guidelines mentioned above will surely navigate you towards success. But remember one thing, success never happens overnight, so be calm and have patience. Do not let your excitement of popularity a reason for the downfall. Follow your passion, make a video, interact with creators and hope for the best result. 


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