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Build A Killer Instagram Account With Strong Likes Counts

Instagram has been in the industry for a while now and the network continues to grow, the interesting part is that Instagram has 500 million people among which 300 million people are using the channel on a daily basis- this is the best thing for you if you are a social marketer. 

With millions of people using the platform, there is an open opportunity to reach your target audience. And, if you could create a productive Instagram account that shows a lot of Instagram likes, you will be then able to achieve your target audience consistently and successfully.

It is obvious that having likes on Instagram pop-ups problems of how to attain more likes on Instagram at first place.  Don’t worry, this article will take you with a complete guide to create a killer Instagram account with tons of likes on your profile. 

Here, we will explore multiple social media marketing tricks which you can use with each new tactic that will make your Instagram likes count growing significantly every day.  


Understand What Content Connect With Audience:

Understand What Content Connect With Audience

The first step one should follow if you are stressed with a question of getting more Instagram likes is to have an idea that what kind of content your audience will like.  Think and apply your deep knowledge to get into this and explore which type of content could help you to reach your target audience. 

Explore and dig out the possible ways to work according to your audience mindset- doing this will allow you to give a voice to your profile and find a better tone to represent your efforts. Voice of your profile will get some more likes per post. 

Once you get to know which type of content your audience prefers and which type of content could get the best deal at your desk, you can create a tribe in the industry and mark your territory to the particular content. 

Make your Instagram account home to interesting and engaging content, otherwise, it would be difficult to grab the audience attention. 

So, here a question arises that what counts a perfect and remarkable content?  What you need to add in your post while selecting and uploading it in your Instagram account. Therefore, knowing the above procedure, you need to ensure that you are going to post high-quality images and videos on your Instagram profile

If you are making your posts consistently remarkable, then it is sure that more people will be involved with your content and account – if more people are involving with you and your content, then more people will able to find you and reach to you. 

In this article, we are going to focus on visual content as that’s what the Instagram post focuses on-

If you go with the complete research then you will get to know that image achieves 23% more engagement of viewers on Instagram then they do on Facebook or any other platform. You can draw users’ attention with all of your social media marketing data out there about what makes an Instagram image worthy of more likes and shares. 

Moreover, if we talk about the type of image then that data bring out something great news which says texture image generate 79% more likes than the smooth images. These type of stats could help you to bring out the best of your content and profile to the market. 

Therefore, what factors you should keep in mind? 

Here the first thing you should be aware of is that images which look personal and have been clicked in an informal manner tends to perform well that those images that give a professional or high-edited look. You might be wondering why such variations appear in the engagement rate through images, and the answer is psychology. There is a lot of psychology that goes into creating an audience on an Instagram account. 

Moreover, do not forget that Instagram is a social media platform so people are there to enjoy content and aren’t looking to buy things, therefore ensure to share fun-loving and attractive content. 

Furthermore, if you are running your Instagram account for promoting business or brand, then your goal should be to deliver insight into your content. But in case you are accessing your Instagram account for marketing your personal brand, then you should provide the complete research along with the data into your post. 

Other than this, you can also add what is going behind the scenes – to understand the concept you should look at what successful Instagram profiles are doing and how. 


Interact With Your Audience:

Interact With Your Audience

Instagram is a social media platform which means that you should be social on the channel if you want to have followers engagement on your profile and to have more likes per post for the long term. 

If your followers know that you are willing to talk to them and ready to start communication, then your follower’s count goes up,  likes increases and engagement grows. This happens as followers feel valuable as you are reacting to their comments, conversations, and response. This sort of behavior brings enthusiasm in followers and nudge them to respond to your more posts. 

Moving forward, do not create things complicated, like if you really want to engage people with your content and posts, then try to keep everything simple. Talk and response directly with any barrier. React to their feedback with genuine actions and do not make things critical or worse by not reacting to their posts. 

You can like their comments, reply to them, or show gratitude to their response. The more efforts you put in, then better opportunities and results you will get. 

Instagram has always been a superb platform that has performed well in the previous days and now coming up with the new updates to boom the market with its facilities. The network has facilitated everyone with its amazing features like story section, bio, adding link, filters and lot more. 

Therefore, the medium is perfect to promote your business or brand, but the main factor you need to focus on is the right strategy with the right format. Do not just climb up to steal the show, go slow and work hard to bring the battle on in this competitive market. 

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