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Cybercrime Groups Continue To Flourish On Facebook

Cybercrime Groups Continue To Flourish On Facebook


Security researchers uncovered a wave of cybercrime groups which are using Facebook to make money with illegal activities including spamming, phishing schemes, and credentials hacking. According to the research team, the groups weren’t trying to hide their actions, the team unveiled that those groups are openly selling credit card numbers with three-digit codes (CVV), and some are using photos of the card’s owner. 

Beyond selling the stolen cards’ credentials, the fraudsters are selling shell accounts to gain large sums of money and offering people to create fake passports and other identification proofs. This is not the first time when Facebook users have been dealing with cybercriminals. In 2018, a group of 300,000-plus members engaged in fraudulent activities, including phishing attacks, spamming, and botnets.

Despite, fraudsters accounts are easy to identify for anyone – a simple search for groups could be done with simple keywords such as ‘spam,’ ‘carding,’ or ‘CVV.’ These keywords will show multiple results. Once user search for the groups, Facebook’s algorithm will often suggest similar groups to them, giving new criminal place even in easy steps to find.   The cybercrime groups had been active for up to 8 years and gathered tens of thousands of members in their groups. 

The cybercrime and scam groups were identified by the security journalist in just two hours of research on April 12th, 2018, and Facebook permanently deleted them within the hour they were reported. On the other hand,  two members of Talos security intelligence said, “Facebook wasn’t taking an active role in ridding its platform of these cybercrime groups and that Facebook seems to rely on users to report these groups for illegal and illicit activities to curb any abuse.”

But, here the main question arises that, are social media platforms taking steps to make users safe and secure from any cybercriminal activities? To make users safe from any illegal activities and fraudsters’ attack – the companies should come together to spot those accounts and groups that can be harmful to the common people. Without Facebook’s efforts and dedication, it would be difficult to stops all illicit activities and harmful resources. 

Other social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok should also work on their security problems. All the platforms should maintain their community standards so that the malicious groups cannot harm the user’s privacy and security. 

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