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Exclusive Guidelines to Get More Likes On Instagram- 2019

From being a place of cute selfies, food porn, and personal stories, Instagram has changed into a big social media platform that is now used to promote businesses, brands, and products or for the artists it has become the place to showcase their talents and creativity and to reach the majority of people. In this digital networking era- 2019, everyone is in the queue to use the Instagram in an accurate manner with the best strategies and no one wants to miss the chance of getting double taps on their Instagram post. If you are struggling for the same but not receiving the likes as many as you want, follow these guidelines to get more likes on your content. I have compiled all the major aspects, tricks, and insights you need to know to get more likes on Instagram! Without getting into a deep discussion let’s get right into the tips!

Take Good-Quality Photos or Videos:

Good-Quality Photos

Showcasing your good quality image does not need a big strategy or a huge planning, neither a DSLR nor a billion dollars shoot, it just requires a good concept with good effects that you can add from your ideas. At least you can make sure that the image or video you are sharing on Instagram must consist of good sound quality and image effects. At least the image or a video you are sharing on Instagram represents your concept wisely that you want to share with the viewers. Natural photos are usually more aesthetically pleasing that means you can get more likes on such photographs and videos.

Add Quality Filters Scheme:

Quality Filters

However, it might be an amusing concept, but it helps. Using reliable and good filter apps can help to boost “likes” on your Instagram post. You can also arrange a consistency of filters that can give a visual identity on your Instagram account. This would make your photos instantly identifiable on your followers’ feeds and get you more consistent likes. Choose a filter that could go best with your photographs and give a unique look to your image.

 Use Hashtags:

Use Hashtags

Either you are using local hashtags or popular hashtags both work effectively to reach the potential customers near you. Look for the list of trending hashtags and make use of them in your Instagram caption. Hashtags help you to get discovered by other users and your photos are more likely to get like. Use good hashtags that will provide you the chance to connect with more people of similar interests. This can help you to get more followers and likes on Instagram.


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Check Out Some Of The Best Hashtags For Instagram

The Best Hashtags For Instagram
The Best Hashtags For Instagram

Best Time To Post On Instagram:

Best Time To Post On Instagram

Know the best time when your target audience is active on Instagram. Posting a fantastic picture in the middle of the night will not help you to get likes. Things work better if they are done at the right time. Check out the best time to share a post on Instagram-

  • Post in between 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Do not post too early in the morning.
  • Post your photos and videos after dinner time.
  • Special occasions like Valentine’s Day or Christmas are a good time to post.
  • Avoid posting photos on Friday and Saturday night.

Tag Location:

Tag Location

Tagging a location in your post makes it easy for people to discover your photos and videos. People view posts more that are tagged with a location that means you have a good chance to get more likes on your posts. Tagging a location can be done with the few simple steps-

  • Tap on “Add Location”.
  • Then search for your location.
  • Select the location and post the photo or video.

Viewers love to click on the location as it shows all the photos and video for that place that generally boost viewers’ interest on your posts.

Promote Your Posts:

Taking advantage of Instagram Ads to promote your posts will help you to reach more people. Instagram Ads enables you to choose the target people who will see your ads. If you are targeting the correct audience and showcasing your engaging content, you will definitely get a good number of followers, which means more likes. Moreover, share your posts on other social websites and link your Instagram with a different medium like Facebook to reach the maximum number of audience, which will get you more likes.

Be Consistent:

Maintaining a consistent row of your posts and content can go a long way as it would help viewers to discover your posts easily. Posting consistently means you are actively engaging your followers, which helps your posts to sustain a level up. Followers expect to see something new every time they scroll their feeds and if you are providing a flow of pictures and videos, you are no longer away from likes.

Make use of these strategies and tips to widen the range of followers, which means more likes on  Instagram. Do not wait for long, begin today and enjoy the double taps on your Instagram posts!

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