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Facebook Ads in Search Results Rolling Out to More Advertisers

Table of Contents

  1. Search Placement Ads Option In Facebook
  2. Facebook Ads Objectives
  3. Types Of Ad Campaigns
  4. Facebook Ads: An Effective Method To Advertise
  5. Format Of Ads In Search Results
  6. Ads Are Yielding Higher Revenue To Facebook

Facebook ain’t just a term but something which is getting highly prominent nowadays. The marketing of any brand is incomplete without this platform. Facebook is now opening up itself towards the advertisers to make it more market-friendly and adding up new features in its existing Facebook ads campaign.

The search result option of Facebook is the epitome of such ads campaigns. Through this option, ads will be automatically placed in the search results with which users will easily get the ads related to their keywords. This option has now opened up to more businesses, earlier it was restricted to some selected businesses. According to the new announcement by Facebook, the search options will be treated as a placement option while running ads campaign and will be included in the option of ‘Automatic Placement’.

Search results ads look like News Feeds ads with the label ‘sponsored’ which shows that they are mere ads.

1. Search Placement Ads Option In Facebook

This option of Facebook is to allure more advertisers to use Facebook as a tool to advertise their products or services in a more cost-effective way.

Search results option is a placement option that you use at the time of ad campaigns.  Those Facebook ad campaigns that use search result options, their ads directly get placed under the search list of the users based on their search terms.

As it’s been suggested by Facebook that all the new ads campaigns that have Automatic Placement option, their ads will directly come under the search results option. Advertisers can also manually select the placement while setting up ads campaign. After opting for the search result option, the ads directly appear in the general search place and the market search place. Ads in search results adhere to the target audience and shown to the selected audience based on their search terms.

Search Placement Ads Option in Facebook

But in case, the advertiser doesn’t want to place his ad in the search list then he will be asked to deselect the ‘Automatic Placement’ option.

There are umpteen of ad campaigns on social media that a marketer can use and Facebook offers a lot of tools for ads campaigns or different features in ads to increase the traffic on your website. Some Facebook ad formats are:

1.1 Link Click Ads

Link click ads are those ads that provide options to the users to reach directly to the website or the page. These ads help the advertisers to promote their website by making people land directly to their blog posts or websites.

Link Click Ads

These ads can use several placements to make their ads eligible to appear at multiple News Feeds and to cover a larger audience.

There are some specifications that need to be followed to place ads here:

  • Recommended image size: 1,200 x 628 pixels
  • Ad copy text: 90 Characters
  • Headline: 25 Characters
  • Link description: 30 characters

Note: Supported placements are Right Column, Desktop Newsfeed, Mobile Newsfeed, Audience Network, and Instagram. 

1.2 Video Ads

These ads are just like link click ads but the difference here is that they aren’t pictures, but they use videos in the ads.

Video Ads

Specifications of such ads are:

  • Ad Copy Text: 90 Characters
  • File size: up to 4 GB max
  • Aspect ratio supported: 16:9 to 9:16
  • Videos can be as long as 120 minutes
  • Continuous looping available

Note: Supported placements are Desktop Newsfeed, Mobile Newsfeed, Audience Network, and Instagram.

1.3 Multi-product (Carousel Ads)

Carousel ads format helps in posting up to 10 images/videos under one headline and link or under one single ad unit.

Carousel Ads

This ad format is helpful for e-commerce websites that want to promote their multiple products in one go.


  • Recommended Image Size: 1080 x 1080 or 600 x 600 pixels
  • Ad Copy Text: 90 Characters
  • Headline: 25 Characters
  • Link Description: 30 Characters

Note: Supported placements: Desktop Newsfeed, Mobile Newsfeed, Audience Network, and Instagram.

1.4 Canvas Ads

This ad format is only for mobile newsfeeds and is one of the most interactive ads that let users engage with the content. Users can swipe the carousel of images, tilt them in any direction or can easily zoom in/out from your phone’s screen.

Canvas Ads

Specifications of Canvas ads are:

  • Recommended Image Size: 1,200 x 628 pixels
  • Ad Copy Text: 90 Characters
  • Headline: 45 Characters


  • There must be a logo with header
  • Full-screen image
  • Button for offsite link
  • Carousel image
  • Auto-play video

1.5 Slideshow Ads

This ad’ format helps the advertisers to promote their product through slideshows, this feature helps them to tell the story in a more effective way. An advertiser can either create a slideshow on their own or can upload it as a video, he can also use the slideshow option available in the Facebook ads manager. Facebook has really stepped up its game with slideshow ads, and now offer branded formats, music, text overlays, and other fun additions.

Ad Objectives that Allow Slideshow Ads


  • Brand Awareness
  • Local Awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • App Installs
  • Engagement
  • Video Views
  • Lead Generation
  • Conversion

 Tip: It’s advisable to use the highest-quality images, and use the most captivating images first. Pay especially close attention to your thumbnail (the image displayed before the play button is clicked); it’s the most important image of the bunch because it has to capture the user’s attention from the getgo.

2. Facebook ads objectives

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

3. Types Of Ad Campaigns

There are two basic ad campaigns that an advertiser would want to use for its e-commerce store.

3.1 Cold Traffic Campaign:

This campaign is for those who have never heard of the advertiser’s brand and the basic idea behind this campaign is to increase the traffic on the website as its name suggests. Some objectives of this campaign are:

  1. To build your audience
  2. Generate interest in your products
  3. Make more people aware of your brand and what you sell

TIP: If the landing page is getting the traffic due to the campaign, then the page holder will get the emails- there don’t forget to build your email list to follow up on the prospective customers.

3.2 Re-Marketing Campaign:

This campaign is to be done after the cold traffic campaign or once you have created traffic on your website, had sufficient clicks on your websites, and had visitors on your website.

Through remarketing campaigning, advertisers could market their product in front of their audience which they built through prospective campaigns or the cold traffic campaign through varied offers.

4. Facebook Ads: An Effective Method To Advertise:

Facebook Ads-An Effective Method To Advertise

Facebook isn’t just a social networking site but has become a fad that keeps on growing by adapting changes of the market and bringing new and effective ways to build its strong image in the market. No one has ever imagined the growth of Facebook which it is achieving now, especially in the commercial sector. Facebook has earned a lot of revenue especially through Ads Placements and all this happened because of its amazing feature users are using on a daily basis. Facebook has around 2.2 billion monthly users or 1.5 billion are daily users and around 71% of people from the USA have said that they get most of their preferred products on the network easily.

There is one more underlying reason for this is that it’s been proved in June 2018 when around 55.1% of the world’s population got access to the internet- this is the most common reason why Facebook’s reach is growing enormously and people are reaching out to the ads more often.

Setting up Facebook ads is actually a simple and cost-effective method that can yield a massive result at the end of the day. Here, you just need to create a Business Manager Account, set up a payment method and start with your ad campaigns. Moreover, you can also manage your cost through ad creation tools by finding the lowest possible cost per lead.

Data of 2017 shows the variations in CPC (cost per click) throughout the year in different placements. The Instagram placement has a CPC of $1.15 in Q4 2017, while the desktop newsfeed has the CPC in the same quarter of $.50.  So, it’s not wrong to say that now advertisers don’t need huge budgets for marketing and that’s the sole reason, users can find both the small and large corporations on Facebook.

Facebook ads placement has one more advantage as it shows your ads to some selected people who will ultimately be your target audience based on their search pattern, their likes and comments on various pages and their other demographics data like age, gender, location. The network gives suggestions to the users regarding your page which helps in promoting your product.

According to the 2017 study, 57% of consumers say that social media affects customers’ shopping ideas and 44% say that it’s Facebook which has played an integral part in making their shopping choices.

Facebook ad campaigns are the most customizable ones as they use various options to set up different ad formats just like other digital ad platforms. It provides the various options to customize the ads as per the advertiser’s needs.

 You can customize your ad design, copy, landing pages and virtually every element of the campaign including technical aspects such as:

  • Target audience
  • Bidding
  • Delivery optimization

Facebook is evolving with time and adding new features to enhance the experience of the advertisers as well as of the Facebook users. It has included several new features for product advertisement from which it is earning revenue.

Facebook has made important changes in its settings in the last 2018 or took important decisions to increase the reach of its users. Moreover, placing the ads in the ‘Search results’ is one of these amazing options.

Facebook has even been warning its investors for the slowdown of its ad revenue because of its limited ad space in the feeds. Facebook even said that it had already anticipated its delay in ad revenue growth – this is the reason why the channel started looking for other options to increase the ad opportunities on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. Instagram proved successful through its stories and feeds options, but here, Facebook does not get that success, therefore, the channel is also working on its stories section to boost its engagements and revenue.

Facebook also gave the option to place the ads in the group’s’ tab feed, but the question here arises is that will these ads be able to give the desired impact? The answer is unclear because the users on Facebook are already accustomed to these ads. And this is the reason it becomes quite difficult to grab the attention of the desired audience and also there’s not much data to support all such arguments. Facebook has said in a statement that:

“Internal Facebook research showed that opting-in to Facebook News Feed and Marketplace generally results in a lower cost per incremental lift for mid-funnel brand metrics than News Feed alone.”

So, there is potential here, if you use the ‘Automatic Placement’ option to place the ads in the search results, then the scope of the marketing can increase widely and people can get one or the other option to advertise.

Facebook in July 2018 took the decision to test the search result option where it only selects businesses or the eligible ones and then it proved successful. Therefore, Facebook’s product manager Zpheb Hajiyani said in its December statement that this option is open for all the businesses along with adding this option in the ‘Automatic Placement’ option. The option gives the opportunity to every small and medium-sized business to advertise their products easily. This also leads to higher ad revenue to Facebook. Also there is no doubt over the potential of Facebook’s ads placement option.

When it was asked from Facebook whether this option includes all the advertisers or not then it was answered by the Facebook product manager Jason Rudin “We continue to test placing ads in Facebook search results and are evaluating whether these ads are beneficial for people and businesses before deciding whether to roll them out more broadly.”

So now it means that placing ads in the search results for some people was just a small test and through this test, the company was evaluating that whether this option would be beneficial or not before expanding it to the customers.

The foremost question now comes up here is that who will be eligible and when do these ads will show up. It’s to be noted that this option was available to the limited group of retail, auto and e-commerce advertisers. Advertisers couldn’t choose the keywords or phrases for ad campaigns on their own. The ads will automatically appear in the search results when the search will be of similar commercial intent.

5. Format Of Ads In Search Results:

The format of the ads in search results is similar to the ads in news feeds, they use the same headlines, images, and copy texts. Though a lot of creative options are being testified like single image, carousel and video ads, these ads include ‘sponsored’ tag, product catalog sales, conversions and traffic objectives.

6. Ads Are Yielding Higher Revenue To Facebook:

According to the report published in January 2019, Facebook’s income has jumped 61% to $6.88 billion last quarter and revenue boosted up to 30% to $16.9 billion amid the increasing demand for ads in Facebook stories and feeds.

 Mobile ad revenue grew to 93% of total ad sales in Q4 2018 from 89% as per the Facebook announcements in different articles and blogs.

For the complete year, Facebook’s ad revenue increased 38% to $55 billion from 2017.

Facebook in Q4 of 2018 expanded its “automatic placements” technology to convert Newsfeed ads into a format that works for Stories and delivers ads for best results, Sandberg said.

It seems that all the negative remarks of media have done a bit on the digital dominance of Facebook- users are still active on this digital platform and even increasing. And now the advertisers and marketers are expecting more with the search result advertisement option to grow their revenue and sales.

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