Facebook Ads Vs Twitter Ads: Which Is Best For Your Business

Facebook Ads vs Twitter Ads

Since advertisers, strategists and digital marketing professionals are looking for meaningful results, it is important to understand the Twitter and Facebook advertising effectiveness. Apparently, these two social media sites are the major growth drivers. And there must be a comparative study to find out the efficacy of each platform so that the strategic planners can deploy right marketing plan.

So, where do we start? Of course, it begins with the way they function and the opportunities they offer to the advertisers.

How they function:

The Twitter and Facebook advertising process is more or less same with subtle difference but those differences can be the game changers if you know how to use them to your advantage. On a Facebook advertising campaign, you run your campaign through Facebook’s detailed Targeting.

The Facebook can pose challenges to the new users because targeting process looks and behaves in a complicated manner, wherein the setting up an ad campaign on Twitter is relatively easier than the Facebook.

If you are running a B2B campaign, then Twitter seems to be the best option because you can simply create an audience base by choosing the Twitter handle like @Genralmotors. But in case of Facebook, most of the times, the business pages do not just show up.

Twitter and Facebook Ads Function

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The number of active users:

While Twitter has an impressive 300 million active monthly users, the Facebook surpasses that number by a huge margin. In fact, the Facebook has more than 1.8 billion monthly active users which make it a preferred platform for the advertisers as far as the reach is concerned. But the companies that are looking to a serious result and better ROI should choose wisely.

Active Users on Facebook and Twitter

The comparison:

1. The Keyword targeting:

If you have ever run a campaign on the Facebook, then you must have been aware of the fact that the keyword targeting in nonexistent but with Twitter this is one of its most admired aspects. You can simply target using Hashtags and keywords that have been used on the posts.

That is not all; you can also target users who interacted with those posts that encompassed particular #hashtags.

2. The less costly CPC:

Since a fewer number of business houses are advertising on Twitter, it is a relatively cheaper option than the Facebook. The advertising campaigns can be targeted towards attracting followers, filling out the forms and imitating a conversation. The less competition here on this platform offers better opportunities to garner more profit and better ROI.

Facebook and Twitter CPC

3. The Reporting:

You might think that the Facebook has a pretty intelligent reporting system, but the reality is; the Twitter’s reporting system is far better than Facebook’s analytics. Actually, Twitter gives you the flexibility of getting reports based on Hashtags, keywords, gender, locations, and handles. Well, that simplifies the data analysis process, undoubtedly, right?

Facebook and Twitter Ads Report

4. The Average click-through rates:

The study suggests that the Twitter average click-through is higher rate is higher than the Facebook ads. Although Facebook has a wider reach, the Twitter manages to garner better CTR because the site tends to connect to more offbeat and popular topics seamlessly. Since Twitter throws fewer ads, the users are more likely to click on the ads out of curiosity.

The above-mentioned factors were advantages of using Twitter. Let’s have a look at the Facebook’s offering;

1. The Reach:

The Facebook ads have better reach because of the better bidding system that the Facebook follows.

Facebook and Twitter Engagement Rates

2. The Average engagement:

The Facebook witness 328,000 likes per minute while the Twitter experiences 350,000 interactions each minute. Of course, the retweet can give you better engagement but the amount is still foggy. The Facebook, on the other hand, can definitely put your content in front of more audience.

Facebook vs Twitter usage and engagement

3. The traffic referral:

The Facebook manages to direct more traffic that includes social referrals, paid and organic search and direct traffic. The Facebook, in fact, drives more than 20% traffic that of the Twitter ads. It is a landslide victory out here on this front.

Facebook and Twitter traffic chart

4. Mobile optimization:

The Facebook has recently made the site mobile responsive. The twitter does not lag behind; in fact, the Twitter ads fit into every eco-system seamlessly. But the Facebook advertisements are the primary source of the paid app download. Therefore, the Facebook scores on this point too.

Mobile optimization

The critical analysis:

The metrics suggest that each platform has their own potentiality. And the organizations must be critical while choosing the platform for their advertisement. And here, you should remember one thing that both the platforms cater to different segments.

While the Facebook caters to people who are fun oriented, the Twitter attracts audiences who are a little serious. Now, your choice depends on your target audience, if your target audiences are more likely to be found on Twitter and then you should choose Twitter.

So, you need to look at the data module and find out your target audiences’ behavior. In case, your target audiences are evenly scattered on both the platforms, then you must craft an ad campaign that uses both the platforms’ advantages intelligently.
And that demands your team to be extremely strategic in their approach. In addition, you must carry out test campaigns on both the platforms for a week before you decide to deploy a full-fledged campaign.

Facebook and Twitter analysis

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The test campaign should be able to give you a fair idea about the performance of your ad on each platform. Ultimately, the digital media is well known for its front-end measurement tools. Hence, make sure that you measure the success of your ads accurately.

Nobody can recommend which platform you need to select apart from the metrics and analytics. So, always trust the data and analyze them properly so that you can come up with a better strategy.

Finally, you must keep yourself up-to-date with the major technological evolution because Facebook tends to apply the change management dynamically. When you keep track of the recent happenings in the technological and digital field, you will be in a better position to choose the right platform.

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