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Facebook’s Amendments into ToS for Users’ Privacy, Transparency, & Security

From the most recent security issues to Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has faced lots of allegations regarding users’ privacy, security, and transparency. Facebook has had a difficult time due to which the platform had to convince the users and the regulator across the globe that the company is going to change its way in the upcoming years.

Now,  it seems that the company is finally going to take care of its users. However, it is not really a company’s choice, but it has been forced to agree to the new business policies in the European Union.

The European Commission on Tuesday 9 April 2019 announced that Facebook has changed its terms and clarify its use of data for the consumers.

Facebook has been forced by the European Union to listen to its concern about consumer protection and make changes in their terms of services. Facebook will tell European users how they use their data for profiling activities and targeted advertisement. The company will also provide information about how they can close their accounts and explain why some account can be disabled. 

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As a result, Facebook will introduce a new text explaining that it does not charge users to access its services and does not expose users’ information to commercial advertisements. The terms and condition of Facebook now clearly explain that their business model depends on selling targeted advertisement services to traders by using the data from the users’ profile.

Here are a few things that Facebook has changed in its Terms of Services, set to completed by the end of June-

• Its policy on the limitation of liability and now Facebook takes its responsibility in case of carelessness, 

For Example, if users’ information and data have been misused by third parties.

• Its power to individually change terms and conditions by constraining it to situations where the changes are reasonable.

• The guidelines concerning the temporary retention of content which has been erased by consumers. Such content can only be retained in particular cases, (1) to comply with an enforcement request by an authority; (2)  for a limit of 90 days in case of technical reasons.

• The language clearing up the right to appeal of users when their content has been detached.

Facebook is going to implement these changes by the end of June 2019, but it is not clear until now whether Facebook’s updated ToS will also be used in other market or not.

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