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Facebook Is Building Your Virtual Copy

Facebook gets one step closer to introducing a virtual copy which will represent yourself as a VR avatar. This step is fascinating to analyze how an organization like Facebook approaches avatar design for services like their VR avatar system. Facebook, Oculus Avatar has gone through various amendments, and now it is ready to bring an update to create strong facial expression – these expressions would be more like a human than the rigid representations.  

As per Facebook’s report –  “culmination of user feedback and years of research and innovations in machine learning, engineering, and design.”

Releasing the virtual copy of human was challenging, but Facebook unveiled the update on 3 April. There are multiple facial expressions a user could use including anxious, and ambitious. 

As per the company’s spokesperson, years of research, machine learning, engineering, and their efforts have given fruitful results as expected. In the beginning, Oculus was working on building an avatar system but the updated policy uses the expressive Avatars, and now the concept is moving in a different direction.  According to Oculus, it is appealing to go with realism as people love to interact with an avatar when they look and act more like humans. 

In 2016, the company made a conscious choice not to show what they know to represent what they knew undoubtedly. But now things have changed – it was extremely challenging to cross the step, but the company has managed to get the new avatars in place with more realistic mouth and eye movements. The little upgrade has been challenging to get the best result. 

Now, Facebook accomplished the well-designed avatar systems, but it will be quite a challenge to see them in action on the platform. As today users have systems with low power and the platform would not be capable to provide that much in terms of interaction and movement aside from what’s captured exactly by sensors.

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