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Facebook Is Cracking Down On Fake Followers/Likes Selling Companies

As social media platforms have crossed the level where users are dying of getting a large number of likes and followers on their profile. This users’ behavior has developed the unauthentic companies in the market which are selling fake likes, followers, as well a strong fan base at the lowest price. Those shady tactics, fake engagements has confused the users between determining false and authentic engagement. This big flaw is making brands and advertisers to think twice before investing money into these large social media channels. 

On Thursday, Facebook took a formal and robust stand against fake engagement by suing a New Zealand- based company. According to a journalist’s report, Facebook has filed a lawsuit in the U.S Federal Court against a company (New Zealand- based company), and related individuals for selling “fake engagement services to Instagram users.” 

The lawsuit said, “Through their business, Defendants [Social Media Series Limited and its directors] interfered and continue to interfere with Instagram’s service, create an inauthentic experience for Instagram users, and attempt to fraudulently influence Instagram users for their own enrichment.”

According to the complaint, the defendants gathered around $9,430,000 from the allegedly fraudulent services and companies. Some of the specific websites mentioned in the complaint include SocialEnvy.co, IGFamous.net, Social10x.com, and LikeSocial.co.

Facebook has suspended the Instagram accounts of these individuals and formally notified them in writing that they were infringing their Terms of Use.  

Despite, this act of Facebook is clearly showing that the company is increasing its influence on Instagram. The recent resignation of Instagram’s co-founder due to the differences in the company’s direction is a big example that Facebook is taking strong command over Instagram. 

With advanced technology and more resources, these social media platforms working to lay down the hammer on fake engagement. Jessica Romero, Director of Platform Enforcement and Litigation, said: “by filing a lawsuit we are delivering a message that we are not going to entertain these type of fraud activity on our platform, and we will act to ensure the integrity of our platform.”

This step of Facebook is an effort that will definitely bring a new change in the market. This effort would protect innocent users from fake services and anticipate inauthentic behavior on Facebook and Instagram. 

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