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Reports Found Millions Of Facebook Users’ Data On Amazon Clouds Services

Reports Found Millions Of Facebook Users’ Data On Amazon Clouds Services


Report from cyber risk team of UpGuard firm has stated that two more third-party app developers of Facebook have exposed millions of records of Facebook users. This is a serious problem with the privacy concern of Facebook users. In recent times, Facebook has suffered severely because of their users’ privacy related issues. 

UpGuard is a cyber-security company which provides security based products and services to keep the data of companies secured. It has reported that Facebook app dataset has been unveiled on the public accessed place. The data is divided into two sets. The first dataset came from Cultura Colectiva, a Mexican-based media company. This company has 146 GB data which encomprises 540 million records of Facebook users regarding -: username, FB IDs and account activities such as likes, comments, etc. have exposed

The other one is drawn from the app named “At the pool” which is a Facebook consolidated app. The database contains the backup about Facebook users’ Ids, friends, locations, likes, music, movies, pictures, events, groups, interests and even passwords. Perhaps, the passwords of 22,000 users are assuming to be used for “At the Pool” app but not sure about the Facebook account. This is also very risky for users to get exposed in front of the common public.

Facebook’s dilemma after data exposure

Facebook is suffering from the irrecoverable loss, as the data cannot be recovered from the people who have accessed the sensitive data of its users. Facebook has faced so many difficulties from the data which have been stored by the third-party app developers. The data of users has reached so many places that even Facebook cannot retrieve it.

In January, both Cultura Colectiva and Amazon were alerted about data breach by UpGuard but none of the companies paid any heed into its warning.

UpGuard informed Amazon web services about the exposure of data and Amazon web services answered that they would do something about that exposure, but it did not seem as they took some action about it. When Facebook was contacted by Bloomberg for a comment about that breach, they promptly replied that in response to the situation they had already secured one database.

The other part of that dataset which originated from the app “At the Pool” went offline when UpGuard started digging deep into the source of the breach.

It is not confirmed that for how much time that data was open publicly. 

A spokesperson from Facebook has said in an interview; “Facebook’s policies prohibit storing Facebook information in a public database. Once alerted to the issue, we worked with Amazon to take down the databases.” 

Facebook has to do something to protect its user’s data. One of the most famous cases about stealing of Facebook user’s data is Cambridge Analytica case. About 87 million user’s data had been taken over at that time.

So, due to these privacy concerns Facebook has to face many difficulties. It has reduced the access of third-party from its user’s data. It is having privacy problems over the past few years, which it needs to take care of. It is the biggest social media platform in the world with the largest user base and many hackers always try to take over the user’s data. But it is Facebook’s responsibility to keep them safe. 

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