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Facebook Plans To Integrate Messenger, WhatsApp, And Instagram

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Facebook is planning to merge all of its messaging apps- WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger into a single messaging platform. The technical infrastructure will be the same, but the apps themselves will remain separate. This means you’ll still have WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger apps on your device. 

Facebook’s co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “It’s still early days, but you can consider it as a direction we should be going with more things in the future.” The single platform for  Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram messaging won’t happen for some time, but we can expect it in the future.

Facebook’s spokesperson mentioned that they want to build one of the best messaging experiences for the users. He also said that the project is already underway, and it might come into execution by 2020.

End-To-End encryption feature will be added to all of the service platforms (already available on WhatsApp) – ensuring that only the participants of a conversation view the messages sent by them. By merging the three apps into the same infrastructure, Facebook is hoping to make it as the primary messaging service.

However, as far as users are concerned, they need to be more selective about what they share. Update the privacy settings for each of the apps to make sure they share their private information with intended audiences. Additionally, users need to be cautious about what messages they send through the messaging apps especially when it is any private information.

Reports also say that some employees at WhatsApp and Instagram are not pleased by the CEO’s decision to integrate the messaging platforms. We already saw some of the Instagram cofounders depart last year because Facebook exerting more control over the Instagram products.

On December 7, the CEO of Facebook called a meeting with the WhatsApp employees. Employees gathered in the conference at WhatsApp’s office to ask Mr. Zuckerberg why he is so concerned about merging the services. Some employees said that his answers were vague and twisted. There several WhatsApp employees left the company because of Mark’s plan to integrate messaging apps.

WhatsApp employees seem to be annoyed by the plans because strong privacy and encryption is a core part of the WhatsApp, but introducing the same feature to the other messaging apps will drive people away from their platform.

Another potential benefit of integrating the apps more tightly is to stave off a potential future breakup as some antitrust campaigners think that Facebook should be forced to do so.

Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg discussed how the Cambridge Analytica acquired data of over 87 million Facebook users without their knowledge.  One of the few pointed questions asked to the CEO from a Republican senator from South Carolina was”who is Facebook’s biggest competitor?”, Zuckerberg replied to the question mentioning the names – Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft.

The project of combining all the apps will land by the end of this year or early 2020 — requires thousands of Facebook employees to reconfigure the function of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger at their most basic levels. 

By combining the apps’ together, Mr. Zuckerberg hopes to boost the company’s value and keep users highly engaged with its ecosystem. That could also reduce the rival messaging services like offered by Apple and Google. The company would also be able to increase its advertising business if the users frequently interact with Facebook’s apps.

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