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9 Reasons Your Facebook Posts Are Not Getting Likes

Among the top social media platforms, Facebook is leading the pack with 1.74 billion mobile active users. This is a place where marketers and creators cannot resist promoting their products and creativity. The platform is for everyone like from at home-moms to teenagers chilling in the party, and from photographer to an industrialist. This is the reason Facebook is considered to be one of the most preferred places where one can engage with their target group. 

But nowadays conquering the targeted group is quite complicated and keeping them engaged with your brand needs much efforts and skill. Since Facebook’s new algorithm was introduced, it has become difficult for businesses to get sufficient engagement on their posts or pages.   

Few reasons for the reduction in the reach/engagement:-

• The first reason is that users have posted so much similar content that it has decreased posts visibility. 

• Facebook’s algorithm has grown increasingly strict in what it shows to whom.

That’s not necessarily the case – there are multiple reasons due to which you might have faced the downfall in your posts’ likes.  Read on the tutorial and check out some of the silly mistakes you are making in your posts.  

1. Missing Inspiring Content:

People scroll down their News Feed to have informative and insightful content. But you might be sharing the similar posts regularly, or creating a replica of others’ posts, which is actually pointless. Without insight/information/data/statistics your posts will never reach your target, even you have paid dollars for marketing, you will face a drastic reduction in your followers. 

What you should do?

Do not jumble with topics, select one subject and go creative with it. As an entrepreneur, or a creator, ensure to deliver unique and compelling posts. 

The average user usually spends a few seconds on each post, so you don’t have a lot of time to capture their attention. If your post isn’t compelling, they aren’t going to do more than skim it.

2. Consistency In Your Posts:

One of the important factors for Facebook’s algorithm is time, your posts have their identification but only if they are posted at the right time. Posts are completely based on their engagement, and targeted engagement depends on the time you post content. 

If you are leaving a considerable distance between your posts, then you will automatically have less engagement. A bit of engagement can boost your content, but it will not last long. 

This means if you are not sharing your content often enough, you are letting your followers unfollow you.  Your few posts will have less engagement and will not excite your audience to follow your page or profile. 

3. Posting Too Often:

Posting to less as well as posting too often, both have their disadvantages. Posting too often can lead users to see your posts frequently, they might decide to report you for spamming. This particularly happens if you are posting over and over. 

The second main reason not to post more often is its ranking. If you post six times in a day, only two or three posts will be visible to users. The average follower is going to see maybe two of those. They only see your other content only if they will visit your profile page. Means there is no point to post more frequently. 

4. Lack of Discount/Offers:

Why people get engaged with your profile or business? How will you benefit them? What offers do you have for them? Yes, you need to find something that can attract and mesmerize your target group. Add value in your content – offer discount/ gift vouchers/exclusive sales/coupon codes/ cheapest deals and other forms of value that they can get when they buy your product.  

This idea is a great way to prove yourself, means you will let your users know how much you care for them. 

5. Lacking in Creativity:

Another main reason for less engagement is your boring posts. Walls of the word, statistics without analysis, plain text posts; these all are content users are not interested in. You need to make sure your posts work for your business promotion. 

What you should avoid?

• Avoid acronyms unless your certain users know what they mean.

• Avoid using hashtags that are not relevant to your brand or product.

• Avoid simple posts.

6. Less Interactive: 

Posting great content with best efforts is one thing, but if you are not connecting with your audience then why would they show interest in your posts. 

If your audience is leaving comments on your posts, sharing their queries but you aren’t replying to them, your followers will lose faith in you. 

You will get a few types of comments, but responding to them in the right manner is your job- 

Spam – If you are getting comments from spammers, simply block or report them. 

Insightful comments – Here, you can initiate conversations to build up a strong relationship with your customer. 

Angry comments – These sort of comments are irritating and insulting. If they have a valid reason to show their anger, reply to them politely and try to resolve their problem. But if they are just angry without any reason, feel free to remove the posts. 

Thanksgiving comments– When users are showing gratitude towards you, let them know what their presence means to you. 

 7. Engaging With Wrong Followers:

If the people following you are not the kind of people who are interested in your brand then what’s the point of their engagement.  Means, you haven’t targeted the right audience which can be one of the reasons for less number of likes on your posts. 


8. Not Investing Enough:

Not Investing Enough

Another mistake you might have done which dropped your page’s growth is your financial investment. You have put a ton of efforts into boosting up your profile and business but did not share content among your different networks then how the audience will get to know about your product.

Invest a few dollars in creating engaging ads, invest your cash in concerts/events/ and contests to create a buzz. You will get a lot more mileage out of Facebook through paid advertising. 


9. Competitors Strategy Analysis

Competitors Strategy Analysis

Sometimes, your failure is not your fault, you may have a competitor in the market that is using the same strategies that you do, but in a better way. With their best posts, they have grabbed your audience’s attention towards them. With their cheap offers, they have turned their followers into their customers. Means you are left with nothing, so how would you sustain in the industry, no idea? Read on!

• Do complete research about your competitors.

• Offer something beyond their level.

• Invest in advertising your brand.

• Try to hold your competitors’ audience on your profile.

• Be the pioneer.

There is no real best way to take care of the competition, but you can exactly focus on the above points to beat them. Means, understand their strategy and use against them.

These are just a few reasons behind the failure of your strategies. If you really want to conquer the first position in the industry then be the expert in your niche. Do research, set up your goals, create a plan, and target the right audience. Remember, the Facebook algorithm has become strict, so just posting and sharing will not work, you have to put extra efforts to be the best from the rest.

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