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Try until your hard work trigger success” Mark Zuckerberg has had a difficult time in 2018 as Facebook has been criticized for so many reasons. From its beginning, it has fought with lots of controversies and allegations, but Facebook has reached its highest peak among all the social networking sites that are in vogue. With more than 2 billion active users, Facebook has always rolled out the market with new experiments and intents. There is no doubt about its credibility and power that it delivers to every user.

Facebook is more than an integral part of online platforms, but how did the social media empire work so cleverly that it gets accrued over 1 million users that have since grown exponentially to hit over 2 billion in 2018. It’s official updates has been always worked as a boom for local businesses to highly established brands and organizations.

One of the behemoth examples of its experiments is “Facebook Recommendations.” Yes, Facebook brought recommendations feature in the place of five-star rating and reviews. In October 2016, Facebook recommendations feature was introduced by Mark Zuckerburg which is a great source to collect recommendations from closest and dearest one.

“About half of Facebook users say they are happy when they see how the platform personalized things for them through recommendations feature. They say that the feature helps them to specify things about hiring any business or services, and maintain the clarifications for recommending any business that can accurately represent the intent of the business.”

Facebook makes it relatively easy for users; instead of giving a rating, users are now faced with a single question: “Do you recommend the business or not?” After answering yes or no, users are now asked to leave a comment on what they recommend about the business, or how the business can boost. With the recommendation feature, users are entitled to write about their experience for a certain business or service. 

Recommendations streamline the overall procedure of leaving reviews and helping customers to be specific and constructive whether their experience with the business was good or bad. This move is beneficial for all kind of brands, businesses as well as services.

Facebook Recommendations feature is the most impactful element and essential for local businesses, which is a combination of existing and new techniques. What exactly are Recommendations? How does it work and what are the main objective Recommendations offer to local/multi-location business?

Here’s what everyone should know about Facebook Recommendations:


1. Benefits of Facebook’s New Recommendation Feature:

If you are having a business page, you may have noticed the review option replaced by the recommendation feature. Visitors of your page will no longer have the option to rate your page out of 5, in spite of that they will be asked a question  “Do you recommend “the name of your page”?” and will be provided with an option of “Yes” or “No” to answer. The change in the latest review system is providing more options for customers to give their opinions about certain business.

“Consumers are likely to spend 31% more on products/services from businesses that have excellent reviews backing them up.”{Source url:https://www.brightlocal.com/2017/03/15/the-impact-of-online-reviews/ }

1.1. Increase Your Brand’s Reach-

Your Facebook business page with recommendation feature scores high which reflect across Facebook where customers make relevant decisions such as Maps. Recommendations are discoverable across Facebook when people are searching for, or talking about your business. And the best part, Facebook recommendations provided by experienced customers or users empower the purchasing or neglecting decision of viewers. Also, it built trust and confidence towards your brands and business. 


2. Options Recommendation Feature Offers:

2.1. Post Photos/GIFs About Businesses-

The feature wasn’t available in the reviews section but now you can add gifs and photos in the comment section.  When your friends ask for recommendations about certain things, you can add images, or GIFs relevant to the business or the service they are looking for. Moreover, the best part of this functionality is that all the post will get displayed in the Recommendations section of the business’s Facebook Page.

Despite, the mobile form for recommending businesses or brands have the options to attach photos directly from the camera roll and publish it along with texts.


Note: “The character limit for a desktop recommendation is 25 and for mobile is 50.”

2.3. Tag Facebook Recommendations-

At the time of leaving a recommendation regarding any business or brand, you will be provided with tags such as “Best coffee,” “Best cookies,” “Fresh donuts,” “Custom cakes” etc. to describe your recommendation type. These tags work like hashtags for brands and businesses.  The Facebook system generates these hashtags based on the words used in the previous reviews.


3.  How Facebook Recommendations Are Different From Reviews?

In August 2018, Facebook introduced major changes to its mobile phone app to personalize the user experiences including the changes of the review system to the Recommendation feature. The latest update in the review system will only be applicable for local businesses and the historical star ratings will still be available on business pages.

Here are some of the differences between the reviews and the recommendation feature:


3.1. Location: 

The review feature was present on the left side of your screen where you were able to click and read a separate page. However, the Recommendations appear on the upper right side of the screen.

3.2. Reach:

Reviews are visible to everyone on your business page but you can choose your recommendations to be public or visible to certain users only.

3.3. Format:

Reviews have the options of star ratings as well as comments but  recommendations only allow users to leave comments and choose between “Yes” and “No.”

3.4. Commenting and Liking: 

Anyone can like or comment on a review but only the users under the person’s network can perform such activities on recommendations.


4. Why Did Facebook Introduce The Recommendations Feature?

Facebook mentioned three reasons to make this change.

4.1. Rich Endorsement:

The idea behind introducing the yes/no structure was to make rating simpler and the opinions users give about certain businesses to be more informative and precise. As in the past people used to give their reviews through star ratings, most of the users gave 3 out 5 and made their reviews full of uncertainty. You can also add tags, texts, and photos to your feedbacks, by selecting a tag you can make themes appear in the background from recommendations and make it simple for other potential customers to describe the brand’s services.

4.2. Genuine Recommendations:

Facebook also said that they understand the importance of genuine recommendations because these are the basic things that convince customers to choose you and go with your services. So, the Facebook community allowed it’s users to report content in the recommendations that they find spammy, fraudulent, or paid.

4.3. Reach People As They Are Making Decisions:

Facebook’s platform doesn’t want the recommendations to be limited to a specific business page. The idea was to make the businesses discoverable across Facebook when people talk or search about your business. In simple words, Recommendations make credible brands more discoverable both on and off the platform.


5. How To Embed Facebook Recommendations On Your Website?

With the changes in Facebook’s review section, you can now use the EmbedReviews feature to embed the new recommendations that you got on your Facebook page to your website. The EmbedReviews feature automatically generates the “Yes” recommendations and as well as the “No” recommendations which you got on your Facebook page to be displayed on your website.


6. The Negative Impact Of The Recommendations Feature:

The new Recommendation feature could be good news for small businesses who believe to trade on their reputation and prioritize on-time delivery of their services. However, the new feature could backfire on businesses who suffer from dishonest and abusive feedback on their pages. The major question that arises is will businesses be safe of spammy or adverse feedbacks and how can they tackle the problem of their competitors leaving negative reviews on their pages?. Facebook said that the spams and fraudulent comments will be easier to report but how fast will the Facebook community act on such reports is a matter of concern.

• Negative Facebook reviews can damage the credibility, profitability, and prestige of a business or brand.

• A single negative Facebook review drives 22 percent of the audiences away from your platform whereas 4 negative reviews can drive almost 60 percent of the customers away from your business.

• Normal audiences hesitate to purchase from brands with negative or no Facebook review.


7. How To Turn Off The Recommendation Feature On A Business Page?

Turning off recommendations feature will restrict your audience to provide recommendations of your Facebook page. It will also disable the start rating from your page. Also, you can report a recommendation if it does not follow the Facebook Community Standard. 

Below are the steps to turn off the recommendations feature – 

1. Click on the “Settings” option located on the top of your Facebook page.

2. Click on the “Templates & Tabs” button in the left column.

3. Click on “Settings” next to the Recommendations option.

4. Turn off the “Show Recommendations” button.

5. Click on “Save.”


Note: {If your Facebook page previously had the reviews option turned on, Recommendations are automatically turned on for your page and if you want to disable the feature you have to follow the steps listed above.}

The Recommendations feature has had an immense effect on the users and the examples can be seen when a member of the US government wrote a letter to the CEO of Facebook to remove certain categories from its Recommendation feature.

Facebook May Remove Anti-Vaccination Information From Its Recommendation Feature-

The Facebook community admitted that it will be removing articles that provide anti-vaccination information from its Recommendations category. The announcement was made after the rise of anti-vaccination material on social media connected with the cases of measles in the U.S., including the Philippines and Washington. A letter by the US government to Facebook resulted in the removal of the Anti-Vaccination information. In response to the letter, Facebook clarified that the company exploring additional measures to resolve the problem. 

In this article, we have discussed everything you know about Facebook’s new Recommendation feature as Recommendations plays an important role in making customers’ decision.  It is definitely worth your time and efforts to develop your reach. Facebook Recommendations feature provides a great platform to spread information about your business, communicate with customers, and share products and services at a large extent. We would hope that the article proved to be informative for you. 


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