Quick Tricks to Add/Remove Someone on Facebook’s Restricted List

Steps to Add Someone to Restricted list:

Open your Facebook profile via Facebook.com or through its app.

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Go to the Facebook profile of the friend you want to add to the restricted list.




On your Friend’s profile page, click on the” Friends” button.




A small menu will show up on your screen. Click on “Edit Friend list” or “Add to another list.”




Scroll down the menu and click on the “Restricted” option.  





How to Remove Friends from Facebook’s Restricted list:

Open friend’s page on Facebook.




Click on the “Friends” option on their profile page.




Click on “Edit Friend lists” or “Add to another list” from the menu that pops up.




Click on “Restricted” option to remove the check mark.

  • Adding friends to the restricted list is an easy job, you just have to continue with the following steps- first of all, sign in to your  Facebook account from the Facebook app or through Facebook.com. Go to the friend’s profile whom you want to add to the list. On your friend’s profile page look for the option “Friends” and click on it. Click on “Edit Friend list” or “Add to another list” option from the menu showing up. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Restricted.”
  • Removing friends from the restricted list is a lot similar to the process of adding. Sign in to your Facebook account. Go to your friend’s profile, you wish to remove from the list. Click on the “Friends” option and then click on  “Edit Friend list” or “Add to another list” option from the menu that pops up. Scroll down the menu to the bottom until you see the “Restricted” option. A check mark will appear next to the option, click on it to remove the check mark which will remove the friend from the list.  

All of us use Facebook and are well aware of the fact that we have friends and associates whom we do not prefer in our life, but we can’t unfriend them from our Facebook account just for the sake of society. Some of our friends or relatives present on our Facebook’s Friend list stalks our account to know about our whereabouts, photos or live videos.

Facebook initiated a way to resolve the problem by providing the Restricted list feature and entitled you to add as many users as you want without letting them know.

We hope that the tutorial helped you in adding or removing your friends from the Restricted list. 

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