Facebook Rolled Out Dark Mode Feature

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Facebook rolling out the “Dark Mode” feature for its Messenger app. The messenger’s dark mode has been teased in a few countries, with only a limited number of users able to access the feature till now. On May of 2018, Facebook announced to launch the “Dark Mode” feature in Messenger app. In October 2018 Facebook share a screenshot.

Before activating the dark mode feature on your Facebook messenger, ensure that your app is updated with the latest version, in case it is not updated then download the updated version from the App Store or Google Play Store. To use dark mode, you will have to send the curved moon emoticon to anyone from your contact list.

“Use the emoticon of the moon without  a face.”

Once you send the moon emoji, a pop-up will appear at the top of the screen to let the users know that the dark mode is now available through the app’s settings menu. Users who do not get the moon emoji may have to double-tap their message, restart Messenger, or update the app to its new version.

There are mixed reviews from the users about the availability of the dark mode, some says it is available to everyone, few people claimed that is activated on their messenger while other say they do not have dark mode feature on their messenger. A Facebook spokesperson stated the feature had just started rolling out in the market and it will be available for all the users soon.

Another recently launched feature for messenger is the ability to unsend messages within 10 minutes after sending them, in both individual and group chats.

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