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How To Turn Off Security Check On Facebook?

Facebook has applied various forms of security features for its users. As the personal Facebook accounts consist a lot of sensitive personal data to it, Facebook offers a variety of security features such as security checks (pop-up Captcha image with random words or letters) to ensure that someone else does not get access to your account.

The security check features get annoying at times especially, when you attempt to add new friends or communicate with people who are not on your friend list. 

Getting rid of Facebook security checks is an easy task, you just have to follow some steps.

Sign in to your Facebook account.

Facebook Security Check- login your account



Complete a task that causes the captcha image to pop-up by performing a function like sending a friend request to an unknown person.


Facebook security popup



Click on the “Verify your account” link in the captcha box.

Facebook Security Check- verify your account



Another window will pop-up on your screen asking you to verify your phone number.


⑤ Select your country code and then enter the phone number in the phone number field.

Facebook Security check- Select country code



⑥ A code will be received instantly on the phone number you have given, and the “Confirm” window will automatically show up on your screen.


Facebook Security Check- confirm your phone



Enter the code received by you in the “Code” field and then click on the “Confirm” button to save your changes, the security check feature will now be turned off.


Security checks are captcha tests that contain a random collection of letter and numbers and appear at times when a user tries to reach new people. The security check feature gets irritating especially when you are using a business account as it keeps on showing constantly.

You can turn the security check feature off by performing some easy steps. At first, you need to open your Facebook account and send a friend request to an unknown user’s account after that captcha image displayed on your screen. In the captcha box, click on the “verify your account” option. After that, click on “verify your account” link in the captcha box and a window will be displayed on your screen asking you to verify your phone number. In the phone number field, enter your phone number. Further, click on confirm to submit your phone number. You will receive a code on your given phone number from the Facebook community. Lastly, enter the code received by you in the “Code” field and then click on the “Confirm” button to save your changes. Here, the security check feature will be successfully turned off.


Facing troubles with the unnecessary security checks is a common issue for Facebook users, and the problem gets even more significant when you don’t know how to disable the security check feature from showing up at regular times. In the above tutorial, we have explained some best steps through which you will be able to turn off the security check feature on Facebook.

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