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Facebook ‘Server Configuration Change’ – A Longest Temporary Suspension Ever

Facebook Server down


Facebook and its services including Messenger, WhatsApp app, and Instagram went down on 13 March 2019 almost for a full day, which was the longest temporary suspension ever in history. But the company is not saying exactly what happened. Many users have the outlet of their frustration as they encounter a lot of problems due to its interrupted service. 

Facebook service interruption really harm the advertisers and marketers who run their business through the platform. But the company has not revealed the exact reason behind the problem and said that there was a “server configuration change” that took its services down. 

The outage started around 0900 Pacific Time (1600 UTC) on Wednesday and wasn’t fully resolved until 2300 (0600 UTC). It was an extraordinary delay for a service used by millions of users. 


The company said, “as a result of a server configuration change, many people had trouble accessing our apps and services. We’ve now resolved the issues, and our systems are recovering.” Later they apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone’s patience.

But this uncleared explanation left users and observers disappointed. The hypothetical answer as generally not expected from such a big social media platform which is leading the queue. The company’s statement was too useless and vague to explain: what sort of change? What configuration change was intended? Was it for an update? Why did it take 14 hours to fix and what changes were made after the server configuration?

Despite, there were speculations that the issue was the result of  Facebook’s attempt to combine systems and so get ahead of regulators. Honestly saying,  this is the open topic for debate where users can have their number of presumptions, but the actual story behind the outage is still not revealed. This is not the first time, Facebook services including Instagram has disappointed users a number of times – a couple of months back, users complained about the drastic reduction in the number of their followers, and likes on Instagram account due to which many advertisers lose their projects. 

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