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What! Facebook Is Spying On You

facebook spying on you


For years, there are speculations that Facebook is listening to users conversations to easily target the ads. Many people have claimed that they have proof that Facebook is secretly obtaining information through their chats and verbal conversations.   User claimed that when they talk about any product with their family members or friends, Facebook quickly shows related ads which are scary and unsafe. 

Last week when Facebook announced its plan of introducing a combination of smart speaker and video chat device, users were instantly worried about their privacy and security. Facebook has encountered many privacy outrages since its start, but the scandal with Cambridge Analytica blow vanish out 8% of the stock value in the industry. As per the R & D, 29 million users’  information was leaked. Facebook has been involved in the controversy form its harassment policies to open-ended questions. 

Now, Facebook has been accused of spying users through their mobile microphones to target the advertisement. But at the press briefing, Facebook exec hit all the speculations.

 “Facebook is pretty aware that the public speculations of its spying have turned against the company.”

To all the claims and controversies, Facebook exec replied and said, “I think the existence of that sort of rumor or meme is exactly a good indication of why this type of new sets of tools and work is so important.” 

“We don’t listen to people on their microphones. But people do a lot of different things on Facebook. They indicate what things they’re interested in etc. that I think actually means we often have a pretty good understanding of their interests.” he added to his statement. 

There is a good reason to believe Facebook, as the company has numerous techniques for monitoring users’ behavior, online activity, and interests. 

The company also discovered that the new portals and tools let users see the reasons behind the certain advertisements appear in their News Feed. Means, the users are entitled to click on “Why am I seeing this?” button to know the exact reason behind every advertisement post. 

Facebook said, “The idea is to offer more transparency – and dispel any snooping myths.”

However, rumors are getting bigger and bigger, as more people claiming that Facebook is spying on their calls and chats, but the company is calling it a conspiracy theory. There is no endpoint of this conversation as users love Facebook, among which 80% of users are ready to stand with the companies’ standard community. 

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