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Facebook Stories Hits 500 Million Daily Users

Facebook Stories has reached 500 million daily users which is quite a pleasant count. Facebook says its Stories feature which was ripped from Snapchat. Facebook-owned apps WhatsApp and Instagram were also integrated with the Stories feature which has created a successful blast in the industry. These two apps with the Stories feature are arguably defeating other platforms and fitting to the user’s requirements with its overall design. 

The new metric for the Facebook Stories is tremendous which was unexpected considering the Facebook issues had previously including users’ data breach and privacy violation for advertisements. The last metric for the Stories product was 300 million users back in September. 

The company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg disclosed the statistics of the company’s first-quarter earnings report on 24, April 2019 over a call with the shareholder. Over the discussion, the company said it had aside 0.3 billion to pay the penalty to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for violating the users’ privacy. Despite the massive fine, Facebook is earning a substantial amount of money every minute. And Facebook’s Stories product has become a vital product which is continuously increasing its financial success and its addiction among users all over the globe. 

According to the news report, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said over the call that “3 million advertisers had made use of the Stories format across Facebook’s overall app ecosystem. So while we don’t have a financial breakdown of how lucrative those ads are, or whether a majority of them are placed on Instagram, it does seem to make perfect sense that Facebook took the concept and applied it across its entire mobile portfolio, including the main Facebook app, and on Messenger.”

The new metric of 500 million daily users shows that Facebook is going over the right path. It also shows the success of Facebook’s base-covering strategy, in which it seems eager to launch features that include users daily activities and responsibilities. Instagram targets younger whereas WhatsApp targets internationally. But the primary Facebook app and Messenger are inclined to have older users. 

So, not everyone likes Stories showered on their face when opening the Facebook, but it seems like a few of the users – 500 million of them has become addicted to the feature to share and view it every day. 

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