How to Identify Fake Followers On Instagram?

find fake followers on instagram

In the current era of social media marketing, with a massive amount of similar brands on the social media platform, it is becoming a challenge to grow your business on Instagram. Most of the companies are buying fake followers to make their account look credible and to draw new audience attention while the rest is choosing the organic way to gain followers.

At times, fake or bot accounts work differently, sometimes they cause harm to one account, but sometimes they harm more than that. For example, one of your Instagram followers has purchased fake followers for their Instagram account, there are more chances that those counterfeit accounts can be directed your way as well. 

Fake accounts or bots can harm your Instagram profile; your profile can get disabled for a few days as a penalty or permanently banned because Instagram has been continuously working on removing fake profiles from their platform. So it is vital to prevent your account from fraudulent followers. 

Most of the fake accounts are simple to identify; however, more advanced software have made counterfeit accounts more likely to fool you. But,  you don’t have to be fooled by such fake accounts, we will be discussing some tricks through which you can spot fake Instagram followers easily. 


Check Their Numbers:

Check Their Numbers

The most obvious sign of a fake account is its uneven number of followers, following, and posts. In fact, this might be the first thing to look at, as they are likely to have no job at all or all the posts made by the profile will be on a single day. The people who create such fake accounts are very strategic about their work, they create a phony account, upload a few pictures to their profile to make their account’s appearance authentic and pushes it out in the world to make money out of those fake accounts. Therefore, to spot a fake Instagram account go through the date on which the posts were made.

Also, you can also compare their number of posts, followers and following. If the account has no posts, and a vast difference between the number of followers and likes, you can safely bet about the account is fake.


Eccentric posts:

You will find the strange and peculiar posts on fake accounts. Yes, this is something which is common in counterfeit accounts.  You will never be seen eccentric content on organic profiles, therefore if you want to identify a fake follower of the profile, check their content. Another thing you can consider to spot fake account is the images. Fake account’s profile images can be different every time you check the profile or some of the pictures might be shot in very high definition, and some of the photos are of terrible quality. Fake accounts often have a mix-bag of engaging and awful content, they never focus on content consistency and credibility.


Sudden Change In The Number Of Followers:

If you come across an account that has dramatically increased followers count within a short period, chances are the account is fake. The account gets all the follows from the company’s other bot accounts to make it look more authentic.

Another sign of a fake account is its sudden downfall in the number of followers. As we all know, Instagram has been continuously making changes in its algorithms to keep the platform secure from fake users. So, if you see a sudden downfall in the follower’s counts of someone’s account, the profile is likely to be false.

Audience location:

Audience location

An account with some followers from different parts of the world instead of its local people is likely to be a fake account because it is not possible for a person to maintain such a fan following unless he or she is a well-known entity.


Use Tools For Fake Followers Check:

Suppose you are having a huge number of followers on Instagram, but you cannot go through each of their profile to check if it is real or fake,  there are several tools you can choose to identify and remove fake followers from your list.

Spammy Comments:

Spammy Comments

Fake or bot accounts on Instagram not only post spammy, weird, and inappropriate content, but they also leave spammy comments everywhere to get noticed and prove the authenticity of their accounts. Fake followers leave similar comments on every post, interact inappropriately, and lack substance in the comments. For example, accounts leaving similar comments like an excellent, good job, beautiful, etc. are signs of fake accounts.

However, Instagram is working to remove fake accounts as well as making modifications to its terms of use to prevent the platform from fraud services. In the past few months, Instagram has removed a large number of fake accounts due to which regular users encountered a rapid fluctuation in their follower counts. If you are also struggling with counterfeit accounts, use the aforementioned tips and report the profile.

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