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How To Fix Facebook “Signing In” Error On iOS?

Method 1- Check your Username and Password

Go to “Safari” or any other browser.





Sign into Facebook (make sure username and password are correct)





In case you don’t have any problem while signing in Facebook, close the app and restart it again.





For this, you need to double press the home button of your device and swipe upwards on the Facebook Thumbnail.





Method 2- Check for Connection Problem 

Go to your iOS “Settings”





“Toggle off” Wi-Fi and then back on “Wi-Fi”





“Reboot” your phone and “Restart” your router.

side to power off

Further, you need to restart your network settings. (This will remove all the network settings such as Wi-fi password,  from your device.)


Quick Points to Remember-


 Keep the Facebook updated with the latest version.

 Ensure your device is updated.

 Do not access malicious files on your device.

 Make sure your phone has enough space to run Facebook perfectly.


There are a number of reasons due which you can face problem while logging into your Facebook account. It might be possible that you have entered the incorrect username and password or there is an internet connection problem.  Fixing all these problems is not difficult but yes needs your few minutes. Let’s check out some tips that are essential to fix Facebook signing error on iOS. 


Check your Username and Password by signing into your Facebook account. For this, go to “Safari” or any other browser, and sign in to your Facebook. If you have no problem logging to your Facebook account then simply close the Facebook and restart your device. 

Check for Connection Problem; this can be the biggest problem that restricts you to access your Facebook account. Here you need to click “Settings“. “Toggle off” Wi-Fi and then back on “Wi-Fi“. Further, restart your phone and reboot your router. More of you need to restart your network settings. 

There are a number of reasons due which you can encounter the Facebook signing issue on your iOS; viz, not enough space to run the updated version of the application, device is not updated with the latest version, your phone does not support the application or there might be some malicious files installed on your phone which are restricting you to signing in to your Facebook account.  Therefore, if you ever encounter the same problem, try to force restart your device, check for the internet connection, see if your phone supports the application etc. 

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We have covered all the major aspects that are necessary to deal with the problem, in case you have any query, write us in the comment section.  


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