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5 Tricks to Generate Revenue From Facebook – Organically & Without using Paid Ads


Facebook has more than 1 billion daily users scrolling through their favorite Facebook pages and news feeds. Of that 83 % are women and 75% are men. Age wise, 18-29 are the most active people followed by those of 30 to 49 years. Facebook has many other stats to boast about their platform being used by people from all walks of life.

facebook revenue

Net income of Facebook  was $5.14bn for the third quarter of 2018.

The sheer number of people using this platform makes it an attractive option for businesses to target their potential customer. Although, Facebook ads are widely used by businesses they are not cost effective (the cost per click may be lower than other platforms like Google or LinkedIn, but the cost per sales is higher).

Hence, due to the cost limitations of small businesses, they sometimes ignore this platform. However, there are certain ways through which you can generate sales and revenue for your business without spending any money on it. Although, they are time-consuming and requires a little effort they go a long way for promoting your brand.

“68% of US adults use Facebook. 51% of them use it several times a day.”


1. Join Groups Visited by your Prospect

Join Groups


Look out for groups which have a relatively large number of followers whom you want to convert as your customer. For example, if you have a restaurant, then, join local cuisine groups and other groups related to food blogs. Share your opinion and expertise with the group users, encourage your competitors, ask for reviews, share special recipes.

The more you engage on a personal level with your prospect, the higher chances you have of converting them into your loyal customer.

How to convert a prospect into a customer?

1. Seek out members of the group who are looking out for your services or have actively participated in similar groups

2. Answer their queries on the group and try to have a conversation with them

3. Send them a friend request or like their posts. When you take the first step towards getting acquainted, there are higher chances of your prospects engaging with you.

4. Once they engage with you over chat or through the message, simply pass on your brand communication to them. Give them a promotional offer, a personalized welcome to your restaurant or any other service.

5. Once they visit your shop or hire your services, make sure the same level of personalization is there which was at the beginning. Once you have converted someone, make sure the after sales service is there.


2. Leverage your Personal Profile

You cannot promote your business directly through your profile, but you can share news or like, comment on the posts of your business profile. This way your business will be seen by individuals who are in your network. You can personally recommend the people in your network to opt for your business. Although it does not generate high volumes, it does help you in getting a few leads which you can nurture.

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How to leverage your profile for getting sales?

1. Engage with your ‘Friends’ and ‘Friends of Friends’.

2. Share them personalized messages and keep sharing your business posts

3. Start a social conversation with the person who engages with you post

4. Solve their query and send them a personalized offer to hire your services


3. Use ‘Facebook Search

Facebook Search


This method works only if your business is more into B2C and your user base uses Facebook. You can connect with people who are ‘looking for your services’ and have posted ‘Public’. You can simply go to the Facebook Search bar and type the service you are serving.

For example, if you are a website designer and want to reach out to people who are looking for similar services on Facebook, then, go the search bar and type “looking for website designer” or “website designer in New York”.

How to use Facebook Search for getting sales?

1. Go to the Facebook search bar. Type the name of the service followed by looking or recommended

2. Go to filter section and filter it with date, post type, and location

3. In the search results, check out for public posts.

4. Engage with the post by liking it, commenting on his query or directly send a chat

5. While using chat, ensure you understand the prospect’s problem and answer their query.

6. Ask for their number or email and check if they respond in a positive manner.

7. Once you have more details, give them a trial offer for a positive response. Also, give them more details about your service/product.


4. Create a Group

Create a local group which promotes the industry your brand is in. Create a group and post interesting content on it on a daily basis without fail. Set a social media calendar and post religiously on a daily basis at least three times a day.

To promote your group to your users, you will also have to join other similar groups and promote them.

How to get sales from your Facebook group?

1. Create a group

2. Posts videos, infographics, important updates on your group to gain more members

3. Once you have gained members, you can send out free updates, promotional activities. Also, engage with them in a personalized manner to understand their problems

4. Your members are your biggest customers, engage with them to have a loyal customer base

How to create a Facebook Group?

There are two simple steps while creating your Facebook group –

1. Go to your Facebook page and then on your timeline. On the top right side you will see a button with ‘Create a Group

create a facebook group


2. Name your group, add people, select your privacy – like anyone can join or people will join only after the admin’s approval.

create new group

5. Promote Events On Facebook

Facebook events are a good way to promote your new business or any new product you have just launched. Create your Facebook event; send out the dates and a brief description of your event to the members of your group and other followers. Create a social media calendar so that you know when to start promoting about your product. Usually, start promoting about your event a week earlier and make sure it lasts till the day of the event (or even one day after the event).

For example, if you are about to sell a new book in your bookstore, then start promoting 15 days before the launch date. Join groups followed by bookworms, post about your launch date on Goodreads or any other similar group and create a quiz so that people can engage with the brand.

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How to get sales from Facebook Event page?

1. Create an event page

2. If you are selling a book, then give promotional offers. Anybody who uses your promotional offer is your sale directly acquired from Facebook

3. Reach out to your audience who have reacted on your event like I am interested. Give them some additional benefits like a discount offer on one purchase or another. If they visit your store, then they are also your customer acquired directly from Facebook.

How to create an event page?

1. Go to your Facebook page and click on the create event option

2. There are three automatic steps that you have to follow – Step – 1 create an event, step – 2 where you add details about the event, step – 3 where you invite friends.

create an event

These are the 5 simple tricks which you can employ to generate leads and then nurture them towards your final goal of conversion for getting sales and ultimately revenue for your business!

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