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Guidelines To Add A Video To Playlist On YouTube

YouTube is the best video streaming service which delivers a high-quality experience to its users. It offers a free tool to its users so that they can get the best from the rest video streaming services. A year ago, Instagram also released its video-sharing app IGTV where you can post an hour long video. But the app wasn’t able to replace YouTube’s top position in the industry.

YouTube is a pool of videos where you can have from entertainment videos to monologues, and web series to study tutorials. YouTube is not only the world of videos but also a hub of advanced settings,  and tools, and the playlist option is one of them. A playlist is an amazing tool that is not only for video creators but also offers a big advantage for viewers. Now you must be wondering, how? We have gathered a guide to tell you everything about YouTube’ playlist option – from what is YouTube playlist, benefits of creating a playlist to how to create a YouTube playlist.


What Is A YouTube Playlist?

Before getting into the broad discussion of how to create a YouTube playlist and add video into it, it is necessary for you to know what a playlist is. A playlist on YouTube is a collection of videos that play one after another. When one video finishes playing, another video in the queue starts automatically, so you do not have to look for the video or click on the next link to play it, it will routinely start on your device. Playlist on YouTube can be public or private. Adding video to playlist save you from the task of hunting down videos one by one.

Playlist systematizes the videos on a specific subject or theme – however, you can create a collection of random or unrelated videos in a playlist but arranging them in an organized way on the basis of theme, topic, creators and more make your work easy. YouTube allows you to create as many as playlists and segregate into different categories like the favorite, funny, and more.

Playlist makes your videos more discoverable – creating a playlist of your own videos is an excellent option as it makes your content discoverable and gives viewers a great experience. YouTube arrange playlist in an alphabetical list of names and subjects, and this allows viewers to discover your videos one after another.


Why Should You Create Playlists?

There are multiple reasons to create playlists, some of them are important for video creators, and few are best for the viewers, read on to know why you should create playlists-

Playlist for Viewers:

If you love to watch YouTube videos and spend a lot of time on the platform, then this tutorial will help you a lot. YouTube playlist is a fantastic tool to organize and keep track of your favorite videos. You can arrange a themed playlist of all the favorite content. You can also make a playlist of videos for your daily routine or favorite music,  and share with your friends.  Next time when you want to share your favorite collection with friends, you don’t have to search the video, just tap on the playlist and select collection to share.

Playlist for Creators:

As a video content creator, you must want potential viewers on your content, and creating a playlist of your own videos is a good option that can make it easier to find content that you have shared on the platform. There are multiple strategies to bring potential engagement on your videos but adding videos does not need any plan or investment.

For example; if you give tutorials on mathematics and added all your videos on a playlist with the attractive title, then viewers can watch your videos one by one. They will not be required to search your another tutorial in a new search tab. You can organize playlists on the basis of chapters, formulas and more. Therefore, viewers who are looking for a particular chapter, they can click on the playlist and enjoy the tutorial.


How To Create A Playlist And Add Videos Into It?

Now you know what a YouTube playlist is, how does it work and what are its benefits, it is the time to create a  playlist and add videos into it. So, here we go with the two different methods-


Method 1- Creating A Playlist:


Login YouTube via YouTube.com.

add video to youtube playlist- login to youtube



Click on your profile icon. 




Further, click on “My channel.”

add video to youtube playlist- click on my channel



Here, you will have an option  “Customize Channel,” click on it.

add video to youtube playlist- click on customise channel



You will see a page with multiple options, select “Playlist” located beside “home” and “videos” options.

add video to youtube playlist- click on playlists



Now click on “New Playlist” option to add the video. (if you haven’t created a list before, add a title like “Favorites” before adding videos to the list.

add video to youtube playlist- click on playlists



Click on “Create” option. (it will create a new playlist.)

add video to youtube playlist- click on create button



You will see the list of the playlists, click on one of the playlists in which you want to add the video.  

add video to youtube playlist- see the list of playlists



Now click on “Edit” option located below the playlist.

add video to youtube playlist- click on edit icon



Further click on “Add Videos” option located in the right corner of the page.

add video to youtube playlist- click on add videos button



Here, you can choose options “Video Search”, or “URL” to look for the video you want to add.

add video to youtube playlist- click on video search



(Once you type the name of the video you are looking for, list of relevant video will appear, select the video you want to add).


Method 2- Squarely From the “Save” Option:



Click on “Save” option located below the video.

add video to youtube playlist- click on save icon



Mark the box to add playlist “Favorites” that you have created.

add video to youtube playlist- add video to favorites



(You can also create a new playlist by squarely clicking on the “Save” option located below the video.)

Check out the video tutorial to “Create A Playlist”

Adding YouTube videos to your favorite playlist is not as difficult as it sounds. All you need to go through the videos given below and see the easy workarounds- 

If you do not have any playlist on your YouTube then it is important to create a playlist for which you need to go to your YouTube account. Click on your profile’s icon, which will navigate you to “My channel” option. Click on it and further click on “Customize Channel“. 

Check out the video to learn the quick steps to create YoutTube playlist,  this video will help you out through step by step instructions. 

Now you will have the option of “Playlist” beside home and videos option. (In the next step, create a playlist if you haven’t created any before.) Look for the list of playlist you have created, select the playlist on which you want to add video.  Now click on “Edit” option and then click on “Add Videos” located in the right corner of the page. Here, you can choose options “Video Search“, or “URL” to look for the video you want to add. This is the one method that you can apply.


Check out the video tutorial to “Add videos to playlist”

YouTube playlist feature is really a big time saver when it comes to managing different videos at one place. Adding videos in relevant playlist help us to know what important videos we have saved and where. Watch the complete video and check out the easy workarounds of adding videos to a playlist in action.  

Tips to Remember:

1. In case you have multiple channels, make sure you are using the right one.

2. If you have never added a video to your playlist then the playlist will be blank.

3. YouTube entitled you to add videos on a playlist which help to find your favorite videos easily. 

4. You can easily store your favorite videos in a playlist and can watch them later. 

Moreover, you can also create a customized playlist to easily systematize and watch videos. Playlist created by you displays your favorite YouTube videos saved to your YouTube account. Once you create your playlist, you can manage it easily from the playlist page. 

 Do playlists have any additional benefits?

YouTube gives you a brilliant opportunity to add videos on a playlist which not only help to organize the videos but ago get sufficient views on your creative videos. Wondering how?  Watch the video below and understand how to use the YouTube playlist to get more views. 

The aforementioned methods are easy and simple to follow but if you have any doubt or query related to adding video on a playlist, write us in the comment, it would be our pleasure to guide you. 

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