How to Hide Subscribers’ Count on YouTube?

How to Hide Subscribers'


Check out the steps to hide subscribers’ count on YouTube


 Sign in to your “YouTube” account. 


 Tap on the “Profile” badge.

profile badge


Further click on “YouTube (Beta)”option. 

youtube studio beta


Click on “Creator Studio Classic” at the bottom left corner.

creator studio classic

Note: {click skip on the form}


You will land into “Creator Studio” page.     


Go to the channel section and click “Advanced” 

channel and advance


Now, go to the “Subscriber Count” section.


 Select ” Do not display the number of people subscribed to              my  channel”.


Tap on “Save” to save the new settings.  


Now, open your channel to see the changes you have made.

Hide subscribers

To prevent the streaming platform from showing the count of subscribers to the public, you can easily hide the streaming platform from the public by turning off the “Subscribers Counts” in your ‘Channel Settings”. In case you encounter any problem while attempting these steps, please let us know in the comment section.                                           

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