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How to Hide Subscribers’ Count on YouTube?


YouTube has a feature through which one can hide the subscribers’ count on his/her channel. It is not necessary to hide the subscriber, but if you are not having sufficient engagement on your page or channel, then it is better to hide the count. The subscriber’s count encourages other talented users to create videos and to visit your channel, but if you have not enough subscribers, then it can mislead new visitors. Therefore, sometimes it’s better to hide the subscribers on your YouTube’s channel. 

Read on the tutorial, and learn how to hide subscribers’ count on YouTube –

Image-Based Tutorial to Hide YouTube Subscriber’s Count-


 Sign in to your “YouTube” account. 

(Use the correct credentials while logging into your YouTube account. If you are already signed in YouTube, skip the step.) 

Hide YouTube Subscribers- Sign in to account


 Tap on the “Profile” badge.

(Tap on the profile icon located at the top right corner of the page.) 

Hide YouTube Subscribers- tap on profile


③ Further click on “YouTube (Beta)” option. 

(Scroll down the options and look for the YouTube beta option. The option would be established between the paid membership and switch account options.) 

Hide YouTube Subscribers- click on youtube studio(beta)


④ Click on “Creator Studio Classic” at the bottom left corner.

Hide YouTube Subscribers- click on creator studio classic

Note: {click skip on the form}


⑤ You will land into “Creator Studio” page.      

Hide YouTube Subscribers- land into creator studio page


⑥ Go to the channel section and click “Advanced” 

(Now you need to go to the “Advanced” section placed under the “Channel” section.) 

Hide YouTube Subscribers- go to the channel section


⑦ Now, go to the “Subscriber Count” section.

You will be navigated towards the “Subscriber counts” section, where you will have the two different options-

 “Display the number of people subscribed to my channel.”

“Do not display the number of people subscribed to my channel.”

Hide YouTube Subscribers- go to subscriber counts


 Select “Do not display the number of people subscribed to my channel”.

(Now, simple mark the option “Do not display the number of people subscribed to my channel.”)

Hide YouTube Subscribers- select do not display subscribers


⑨ Tap on “Save” to save the new settings.  

(You just have to tap on the save button.)


⑩ Now, open your channel to see the changes you have made.

Hide YouTube Subscribers- Hide subscibers

YouTube is the biggest video service provider in the world which is used by millions of people.  It has become an excellent platform for everyone to show up their knowledge, talent, and passion to the world. There are over billions of videos on thousands of topics and every single day, almost 5 billion videos are watched by its users. 

Through this platform, videos have become the attraction point for all the users on the internet. Over the past few years, videos have gained a lot of popularity in the world of social media. YouTube is one of the first preferences of people when it comes to education, entertainment, and many other things. YouTube’s videos are driving the interest of every Internet user, and on this platform, videos are made and uploaded by different channels to share their content worldwide.

This platform has helped many people in pursuing their dreams and changing their passion into a profession. Any person can make videos and share them on YouTube worldwide. Many people have earned a living from YouTube only by uploading videos from their channel, which is a primary reason why people are trying to do the same to earn easily. The subscribers of the channel are the number of users who regularly follow that channel to watch their content. The sufficient amount of subscribers shows the popularity of the channel, and if a channel has a large number of subscribers, it means the channel has enormous popularity or vice versa. 


What Is The Subscribers’ Count on YouTube?

The subscribers’ count showed under the videos of the channel and on the channel page. The user who connects with the channel by pushing that subscribes button, they become the part of that particular channel and get a notification every time when the new video gets uploaded. Subscribers are an important component for every channel’s growth and popularity.

Subscribers’ count defines the number of people who are interested in that particular channel or content.  When the number of subscribers on YouTube’s channel is large, then it is effortless to reach to a considerable audience and gain more subscribers. But if the channel is at its beginning, then it is hard to gain popularity and subscribers.


Why You Should Hide Your Subscribers’ Count?

The subscribers’ count has a lot to do with increasing your viewer’s engagement. If you have started your channel and your channel are usually influenced by the number of your subscribers. Most users check subscribers before pressing the bell icon on YouTube, and if they found fewer subscribers like 10-90, then they may be unwilling to subscribe. If your content is admired by a vast community, so the probability increases that they would subscribe to your channel. When your channel got more subscribers like 1000 or close to it, then you may show your subscribers.


Video Tutorial to Hide YouTube Subscriber’s Count-

If you are up to hide the number of subscribers from your channel, watch the complete video tutorial and learn the easy workarounds into action.

To prevent the streaming platform from showing the count of subscribers to the public, you can easily hide the streaming platform from the public by turning off the “Subscribers Counts” in your ‘Channel Settings”. In case you encounter any problem while attempting these steps, please let us know in the comment section.                                           

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