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How To Delete And Report YouTube Comments?


Tired of getting worse comments on your YouTube videos? No idea how to hide all the annoying comments for videos you have uploaded on your YouTube channel? Can I selectively delete comments from my YouTube video? So many questions and doubts, but the answer for all is one; Yes! You can delete YouTube comments.

youtube comments
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YouTube gives you the control over the comments that appear on your videos. Either you want to delete comments because you have misspelled it, or there are substandard comments left by other users, you can remove any of the YouTube comments with the one click. However you are not allowed to delete the comments that are not on your YouTube channel, but you have the opportunity to report them spam if you find those comments inappropriate or abusive.

“1/3rd of internet population uses YouTube.”

Let’s begin with this tutorial and check out the steps to delete and report the comments on your YouTube videos-


Delete Comments on Your YouTube Channel

1. YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms and it is obvious that billions of people have its app on their mobile device, but in case you do not have the same, open it in a browser.

2. If you are not logged in, “Sign in” for the desktop and fill up the credentials like email address and password to continue with the procedure.

3. Now open the video in which comment is located. For the convenience, you can look for the video by infiltrating its name in the YouTube search bar.

4. Off chance, the comment is on one of your videos then select a video by clicking “My Channel” in the upper-left corner of the page.

5. Once you select the video, scroll down the tab to view the comment you want to remove.

6. Select the icon “⋮”  located in the bottom-right corner of the comment. It will cite a pop-up menu.

7. Next, you need to select the option of “Delete” or “Remove” on your desktop. If you are removing your own comment from a video, you need to click on “Delete” option and if you want to delete the comment of some other user from your video, you will have “Remove” option.

8. On mobile, you will be required to click on “Delete” or “Remove” when prompted.

delete youtube comments


Report Inappropriate and Abusive Comments

If you want to report any comments that you find abusive or inappropriate then do not worry at all, the following steps will guide you to report such comments-

First two steps will remain the same, you will have to open the app on your mobile phone or on the desktop, you need to log in with the credentials – email address and password.  Go to the comment you want to report and hide from your view.

1. Select the icon “⋮” located in the lower-right corner of the comments. Once you select the icon, a pop-up menu will appear.

2. Now, select an option “Report” on mobile or “Report spam or abuse” on the desktop, it will invoke a pop-up window with the following menu:

  • Unwanted commercial content or spam
  • Pornography or sexually explicit material
  • Hate speech or graphic speech
  • Harassment or bullying (By selecting this option, you will be required to select the type of harassment before proceeding to the next step.

Before selecting the above options, be sure that the option you selected represents the comment wisely. This six-step procedure will hide the comments from your view.

report comments

YouTube offers you a better opportunity to deal with trolls comments and inappropriate statements on your videos. You can easily select them, report them and delete such comments without any difficulty. Hopefully, the tutorial guides you the best of information on deleting and reporting comments on your YouTube videos.

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