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How To Get Followers on Twitter – Effective Tips To Grow Your Following Fast

Twitter is a capable tool for organizations when utilized accurately. It can enable you to create leads, harden your branding, and construct associations with your prospects. The inconvenience is, when you have no followers, you can’t encounter every one of these advantages.

It is not that having followers on Twitter is a matter of prestige and the followers are not just mere numbers. Followers on Twitter are of immense value to the business and it is seen that 36% of business persons believe that they have gained respected customers using Twitter. So, it would be better to increase the number of followers and have enhanced business opportunities.

Let us see how we can effectively increase the number of followers on the Twitter account that we have.

Follow followers:

It is seen that as we follow other people we have increased the chance of having followers for our own Twitter account. So, when we intend to have more followers we must ourselves be followers of others.

Follow followers

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Increase engagement on Twitter:

You must agree that if you regularly post contents on your Twitter then you can have better engagement and visibility. There are many tools which can be used by you to have such effect. As your Twitter account will be having regular posts you will be having increased number of followers.

Find followers on Twitter:

It is observed that new people join Twitter daily. You need to target those newcomers and make them interested in the products and services that you deal with. There is software which helps to identify such newcomer and you can easily target them. As you register yourself on the platform you make your Twitter account visible to users who have similar interest and you can have increased followers.

It is not the end there are many other ways by which you can increase the number of followers on your Twitter account. It entirely depends on you which way you undertake. It is better to know many ways so that you have many options to rely on if an option that is selected fails to enhance the number of followers.


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Create bio:

It is for sure whoever wants to be a follower of yours will be first having a look at the bio that you have on your Twitter account. It must reflect your true self and must be professionally written so that it represents the true interest that you have and the business that you represent.

Links in tweets:

Your Twitter must be having links which your followers can go to. It is seen that Tweets having more links are more followed and reposted. So, make sure that your tweets have links to it.

Links in tweets

Think about Twitter ranks:

You must be using relevant keywords in your bio so that your Twitter account ranks higher in Twitter search. Unless and until your Twitter account can be located you cannot expect to have more followers. It is also obvious that you must include the name of the place that you belong to so that local users become attracted towards your Tweets.

Use Twitter hashtags:

It is seen that tweets that have hashtags get 2 times more engagement than those without. So, definitely, you would like to use hashtags but they must be relevant. Such efficient use of hashtags would allow users to locate you when they are searching for posts on the keywords that you have used.

Twitter hashtags

Upload e-mail contacts:

There are certainly many people who know you personally. It can easily be said that those known people would love to be your followers. You may be thinking how to contact them. It is quite easy the only thing that you need to do is to upload the e-mail contacts that you have and those known people will know about your account and follow you.

So, have you found out a way to increase the number of followers that you have? If you have then it is well and good but if you haven’t then there is nothing to worry as we still have many options to share which will definitely give you a way to enhance the number of followers.

Use of images in tweets:

It is seen that tweets that have images inserted are able to get 18% more engagement than those without. So, make a point that your tweets are not just words but also have relevant pictures inserted to reflect your thoughts.

Use of images

Promote your Twitter account:

Let people know that you have a Twitter account. You may be thinking how to promote a Twitter account. Yes, it is pretty simple; mention your account details in all marketing means that you adopt. Include the account details on your business cards, brochures and of course your website.

Use other social media sites to increase the promotion of your Twitter account. Let those in your other social media accounts to know about the interesting posts that you have published in your Twitter account and you can see how the numbers of followers increase.

Improve your profile photo:

Would you like to follow anyone whom you have never seen. Yes, that what happens when your profile picture for your Twitter account is the logo of your business or an abstract object. In place of such use your own photo. You will be amazed to see the increase in the number of followers after you have done so.

profile photo

Use @ effectively:

When you are posting a reply or mentioning other persons in your post properly use @ and mention their names. It is seen that when people are mentioned using their name they love to follow such post. So, do not leave this opportunity and mention names of persons when referring to them.

use @ effectively

Respond publicly:

When you think that the response that you are going to make will be beneficial to others then instead of using direct messages respond publicly but do not forget to mention the name of the person who wanted for the reply.

By now you definitely have found out a way to enhance the number of followers on your Twitter account. Use those effectively, may be more than one at a time and increase the number of followers and have enhanced business opportunity.

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