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Here’s How Instagram Likes Influence Millennials

Instagram has brought up a revolution of social media which fueled millennials. According to the data we received, about 40 % of users under the age of 33 prioritize “Instagrammability” while choosing their holiday spot.

They don’t choose their holiday location based on factors such as cost, local cuisine, food, etc., but they select the place on the basis of its picture taken by others or uploaded on Instagram. The picture- worthiness of a particular place is enough to beat all other factors in order to choose a holiday location and interestingly though, visiting places of interests scored as the lowest on the priority list of millennials.

What Is The Driving Factor Behind Instagrammable Travel Trend?

Driving Factor Behind Instagrammable Travel Trend

You might think that this is the example of millennials’ foolishness, but it is not particularly like that. It could be the desire of people to impress others. Another factor which could be considered here is “Likes” – users on Instagram have an obsession of getting more likes, they feel pressurized if they don’t get a good number of likes on their posts; therefore this is another reason behind choosing the places on the basis of their pictures on social media platforms.

For example, if someone who is not a travel writer or professional photographer visits a location, clicks Insta-shots there and receives the highest likes on it will indicate that the place is incredible.

While others still see Instagram more genuine than any other commercial travel packets or guide. Well, this shouldn’t be surprising as millennials value the thoughts or opinions of a picture or reviews than any brand or celebrity endorsements.

Whenever, a local tourism board claim that they are the most amazing destination, it creates doubts among them. For them, what their fellow members think about any particular destination is always the driving factor.


Instagram’s Impact On Tourist Destinations:

Whatever the motivation is for millennials behind choosing a holiday spot, Instagram arguably having a huge impact on travel destinations. Nowadays, we can see people visiting places which are very difficult to reach, and only hardcore travelers use to go there, but now people are visiting such places to capture good pictures for their Instagram profile.  Through the medium of Instagram, people want to shows others how they are enjoying their life.

At some locations, the increased number of travelers has had some negative impact as well. Few locations have got crowded enough because of which government took action. For example, in Santorini, a daily limit was placed on the number of cruise ship tourists allowed to enter the island on a given day. Obviously crowding, the impact on local resources and environmental concerns are very real.

On the other hand, there have been some positive outcomes also. Wanaka, a small town in New Zealand, began to actively pursue social media influencers. They saw a 14 percent increment in tourism and thanked Instagram for its role.

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How Travel Brands Can Use Instagram To Attract Millennials?

How Travel Brands Can Use Instagram To Attract Millennials

The city of Wakana saw great results in tourism, not because they resisted Instagram but embraced it. For any brand on Instagram, it is necessary to understand the benefits they can get out of social media. The next step is to publish quality content and build relationships with other Instagrammers.

Unfortunately, like Facebook, Instagram does not share every picture or video posted to all followers. One way around it, at least a bit, is to use Instagram storiesusing hashtags, or geotagging pictures so that the posts reach the desired audiences.

It is also important to know that publishing good content certainly helps in seeking the attention of the millennials, that only goes so far. Being authentic is always the key. Consumers are smarter these days, and before taking services from any brand or business, they read the reviews and search about the product and its offerings. Being a travel brand, you can never mislead people about where they could and couldn’t visit. For example, All U.S. citizens, for example, need to have a VISA to visit Brazil.

Most importantly, you need to create a sincere presence on Instagram, to do that it is important to think like a traveler. Think about the things what motivates people to like and share your content? What encourages them to use branded hashtags.

Finally, the production values matter the most, successful Instagrammers earn a lot by just posting content on their profile. They share carefully produced and edited content to get the best end results. For brands, as is always the case on social media, the standards are set even higher.

Instagram’s factor clearly plays a major role when it comes to millennials for choosing travel destinations. Some like seeing likes and comments on their Instagram posts, while others use Instagram as their travel guide. People these days first look out for beautiful destinations that got the highest attention on Instagram and then experience it themselves. As for travel-related brands, the best idea is to remain sincere on the platform and engage their audiences with high-quality content.

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