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Best Social Media Tools to Promote SoundCloud Tracks

If music is something you are mad for, then SoundCloud is the ideal place for your music love. SoundCloud – the world’s largest music streaming platform where users can listen and upload music tracks.  With around 175 million users and a massive library of 125 million songs, it is leading the top position in the queue of best music platforms.  

SoundCloud offers music categories like jazz, hip hop, rock, classical, podcast and much more. More than a  pool of tracks, it is also the place where users can monetize from their uploads. Here, once the tracks cross the sufficient criteria of plays, fans, and likes, you can earn through advertisements. But to cross the criteria, it is important to reach an adequate number of people across the globe.  To achieve your goal, you should promote your SoundCloud tracks on different media tools. It will not just bring the popularity on your table but also provide you confidence.  

Media tools are the best way to promote your tracks quickly at a global state, the media platforms can take you to the next level if you utilized them in a right way. Here, we have gathered some of the best media tools which you should think while promoting your SoundCloud music. 


1. Facebook Page:- 

use facebook as page

Facebook is an excellent platform which can engage your target group. Creating a musician page on Facebook can brief you as an artist. To give a thorough picture of you as an artist, you have options including About section, photos, tour dates, and events.

SoundCloud integrates with Facebook easily, what you have to do is just paste the URL of the particular track you want to promote. On your Facebook page, you can also post sample tracks for your listeners and can communicate with them directly. SoundCloud also provides you the option to share your track on other social media. Share button allows you to share your track quickly and easily on Facebook.

Facebook ads-

Unluckily, Facebook sometimes limits to reach an abundance of fans directly through organic marketing. But here, Facebook ads can enlarge your page’s visibility and get you in front of more potential fans.

“While promoting tracks through Facebook ads, you can target the right audience by demographics. If you are going on tour, you can even target fans by location.”

2. Twitter:-

twitter music promotion blast

Twitter is another great place to build and hype music tracks. A few years back, Twitter invested $70 million in SoundCloud, which embed SoundCloud plays right into the API. Twitter also allows you to build a story by a thread of Tweets. You can share live updates, behind the scenes, and random tweets from your day to day life. Apart from sharing music tracks, Twitter will connect your fans with you on a different level.

“You can tweet some of your special moment,  update about your new music, or discuss new ideas to create anxiety among followers about your upcoming music. On Twitter there is a pool of musicians, artists, bloggers, and you can connect with them by re-tweet on their songs.”

3. Instagram:- 

instagram for music promotion

Instagram – the largest photo sharing app and SoundCloud partnered a few years ago to enlarge their area easily. Quality images are equally important as good music and by connecting people to your music with attractive images promote your tracks effectively.

“By connecting your Instagram feed to SoundCloud account, you can select the best photos to add to your tracks, playlists, groups, or profile.”

Instagram is completely based on images and videos, but many musicians make mistakes of posting only music-related content. You should maintain a balance between your music and your personal life.


4. Pinterest:- 

pinterest music

Pinterest is fantastic media tool to share your SoundCloud tracks. It also an image-based platform but it allows you to directly pin your SoundCloud tracks on it. If you share your tracks, make sure you also upload a quality image with it. The pinmarklet bookmarking tool is convenient as it allows you to directly share your tracks without visiting the site.


5. YouTube:- 

soundcloud to youtube

YouTube is an online video streaming platform where you can upload and share your videos easily. To promote tracks on YouTube, you can create and share music teasers. You can also add SoundCloud Page URL in the YouTube to redirect your fans on SoundCloud page.

Aside, YouTube and SoundCloud do not integrate with each other, but there are third party services that combine both platforms effortlessly.

The goal with YouTube is to redirect listeners to your SoundCloud page through links.

SoundCloud vs. Spotify:

Apart from SoundCloud, you might have heard of Spotify. Spotify is also one of the best music streaming sites, but what is the difference between them and why users prefer SoundCloud over Spotify? Spotify is a music streaming website with social sharing.  But if you are not a known personality or a brand, you will have to deal with artist aggregator who will license and collect a cut of your fees.

For the established users, Spotify is the best place to stream music, but for the new artists, SoundCloud is the best platform to start with. 

Success never happens overnight, one has to build a strong base on social media to make his/her appearance fascinating. Promoting SoundCloud plays over social media tools is an excellent start for musicians. Therefore, if you want to make your music tracks famous and visible, you need to plan a strong social media strategy.  

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