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How The Process Of Tagging Can Increase Instagram Likes?

Tagging is the process on which you can always call upon if you wish to show your post to the maximum number of people. Tagging accounts lets your content explored to a bigger level- business, and individuals always get benefits from this process. 

However, the procedure of tagging is simple, but one should tag accounts carefully as tagging someone more often or on a meaningless post can bother them. To tag someone on your posts, all you have to do is- type @ and then type the name of the particular account or the accounts that you wish to tag. 

Instagram also gives you another essential feature that you can use is tagging as many as people on a single post, but do not use this liberty unnecessarily. Avoid tagging unnecessary accounts to maintain your reputation as a genuine user. 

Note: “If you tag too many accounts in a single post, it makes the post look too heavily filled with only tags. Many accounts then consider that you are giving importance to all the accounts that you have tagged, rather than specifically targeting the selected ones.”

For tagging the accounts on Instagram, you have multiple options, and one of these options is to tag the accounts on the picture that you have posted. For this, you have to tap on the option of “Tag people,” after which your image will be opened, where you can tap on various places to tag the accounts. 

  • You can type “@” and then the name of the accounts, further select the appropriate accounts by seeing their display pictures. This process is naturally impossible to be done while posting a video.
  • The second option of tagging someone’s account is attaching them in the captions. This will obviously make use of your character limit of the captions, which is 2200. You can tag as many accounts as you wish, by again typing the “@” and then the name of the particular accounts.
  • The third option is to mention the accounts in the comments. This is an ultimate source of help if you wish your older posts to be viewed by people. Here, you can tag the accounts in the comments, and then the accounts will see your posts. Anyone for that matter can mention any account in your posts, and help you gain likes. This is one of the best ways to show the posts to the maximum audience possible.

Note: “On Instagram, you always have the option of editing a tag, in case you have made a mistake or if you want to remove a tag, you can complete the procedure by visiting the “editing” option.”

It is essential to know the procedure of tagging accounts, and at the same time, it is also necessary to know which accounts should be tagged like you cannot just tag anyone on your post. 


Being a regular Instagram user, and not having any business account or a personal blog, you can tag some of your friends in your posts, but it is advised to not tag any account in your own post like if you have changed your profile or cover image. 

“If you tag others on your personal posts, then it could give a glimpse to others that you are desperate to get Instagram likes, therefore try to avoid tagging people in your personal posts.”

Business Accounts:

On the other hand, if you have a business account or a blogging account, look for the similar accounts which provide collaborations in the same city, deals with similar types of brands which you are interested in, and the ones that promote you on their pages. This way, you can gain more likes, more viewers, and engagement on your business deals. This is one of the most convenient ways to collaborate with people for business purposes.

“Business accounts can make the best use of tagging people as it is a pretty easy way to get more likes on Instagram without implementing additional techniques. Also, through tagging, similar business accounts can bring more audience to your brand and product.”

Food Blogger: 

Food Blogger

A food blogging account of a particular city should tag all the well-known food-blogging accounts located in the same town and some of the lifestyle accounts too. In this way, people going through these accounts could keep an to the tagged accounts in their profile and can come across to the post also. 

A food blogging account user should also tag the particular place in the post where the food is famous, and the dish is originated, even the similar places where people can get such type of food.



An account that mostly deals with photography should tag all the traveling bloggers, the lifestyle bloggers, and all the famous traveling related pages which promote unique places. This account should also tag the city’s bloggers and the famous people in that particular region. 

Makeup Products:

Makeup Products

An account which deals with the makeup products should tag the accounts of the lifestyle bloggers who love to collaborate with them, or the people who can promote them. They can also tag their models which are present in that particular post.

To know which account should be the best for you, you have to go through a complete analysis and determine who is your target public and to whom you want to show your content or product more- this would simply give a better idea which accounts you should tag to get more engagement and likes on Instagram. 

If any tagged user reposts the post to their profiles, or share them to their stories, then more Instagram users will come across to the original post which will provide comparatively more Instagram likes. 

Tagging is one of the important features of almost all social media platforms. This feature always helps in gaining people more views, likes, comments, shares, and followers. Be it Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat; tagging always gives an exploration to more options. One must never forget what they are posting and what accounts would like to view those particular posts. If you tag a businessman in a beauty product post, then it is completely redundant. This is why you should first decide smartly which accounts are relevant to be tagged in the post, and then locate those accounts properly to be a successful Instagrammer.

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