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How To Build A Strong Following To Gain Instagram Likes?

Building a strong following on Instagram does not just mean having a high number of followers; it requires the efforts to maintain them. Strong followers are built with time and the strength which lies in your hands. These strong followers which you build up with time help you in getting likes on your posts.

Gaining Likes on Instagram posts is not a difficult task to achieve. You have to make sure that whatever you post on your profile should be good enough to gather you the appreciations. There is, however, no magical techniques to make your posts seem likable enough. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to create the content which is different from the others and gives details about your business or your products in an appropriate manner. Your content should have the information that your audience requires in a precise manner.

If your current audience does not appreciate your content, then they will not recommend you to others. This will put a pause on your followers. Your goal should be to attract maximum people on your page. This is why you should keep on posting, keeping in mind, that with every post, your followers should multiply.

While creating your content and the posts for your Instagram handle, the following points can be put into consideration in order to gain those ‘Hearts’ on them-


Find Popular Posts:

Find Popular Posts

If you learn something by observing someone, then the task does not seem difficult. Having experienced what others do and then employing such strategies into your own business profile helps you a lot. This does not mean you have to copy them or imitate their ideas entirely.

Finding popular posts gives you an idea about what the audience likes to see more often. You get to know what is appreciated more than the others. This means you have to find the people who deal with the same kind of content that you deal with and observe how they go with such similar interests. Such observations may include finding what special effects these people use, their hashtags, their locations, their tagged accounts, and even their written content.

If you know what is trending among the people, then it is easier for you to design your content accordingly. This in-turn fetches you, followers.

For example: If you go through Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account, and other makeup brands like Huda Beauty, they both share similar collections as per the season. Their summer collection is the most common tutorial and makeup products that you can find on Instagram. 

This simply shows that sharing what is trending as well as delivering the most preferred content to your followers to give you hype in your Instagram’s double taps. 

Take Maximum Shots & Well-Defined Pictures:

Take Maximum Shots

There is no shot that is attained in the very first go. You need several attempts to set your hand onto the camera and the object, and then take the best shot. This is a long process, but this is how things work in real life. You cannot just take one or two shots and settle there.

You need several angles, several shots, several themes, and focused attempts on the clicks. You should click as many pictures of the object of your focus as you can. This gives you the liberty to reject the ‘not so good’ pictures and select the final pictures which you have to upload.

If your pictures are as usual and common as what others also post, then there is no reason as to why the people should follow you and Like your posts. This is why you should make efforts and utilize your phone/camera’s memory properly.

When you have decided to promote your brand or account through Instagram, then you should make sure to provide the best pictures of yours and your products to impress the viewers. Your image should be perfect and well-defined. They should clearly explain the purpose behind your motive of the post. Instagram is all about colorful images and videos, and if you would not deliver the right criteria to the viewers, then your account could face the consequences.


Pro Tips For Better Pictures:

  • Hire a professional photographer, or take help from the people who can click better pictures which can define you and your brand perfectly in the market.
  • Do not jump to share images on the platform, take snaps, check to ensure that are they perfect to post on the channel, take reviews of your closed ones about the pictures and then take the final action.
  • Believe in yourself, and share your thoughts in the images you want to upload. Do not make the pictures look fake and unacceptable.
  • Make sure that the images describe your brand and account purely without showing any two side faces of the product.
  • Make use of relevant pictures as it is all about to attain double taps on the account or the brand you are promoting.

Say No To Filters:

The filters might appear to be cool and catchy, but using too much of them brings no good. Genuinely it is believed that filters could enhance pictures or videos and make them look much better, but they are not as attractive as they are when natural.

This is why you can choose to add interesting colors to your pictures or videos. These colors can be relatable to your business themes or any of the specialties of your brand. Remember that in order to make your content look unique, you do not overdo it.

People should follow you because your content is especially attractive, not because you just do too much to your pictures and kill their naturalness.

For example: If you see the Instagram account of famous people like Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, and others, you will find that they have chosen the professional photographer instead of adding filters to their pictures. 

This is because they are well-aware with the marketing and PR strategies, which makes them visible in everyone’s newsfeed. Therefore, then ensure to make pictures more natural than adding filters.



Shoutouts are important because they make you known among the people. These always work in the two-way road- give shoutouts to someone by sharing them with your followers, and they return the favor back to you. In this way, you are acknowledged among many people who did not know you in the first place. This is a great source of gaining followers

The people who give you shoutouts should share your profile based on any of the content that you have posted recently. This post should be one of your famous posts which showcases your talent and special areas in a better way. In this way, the viewers not only view you but will hit the “Like button” and share you further.

Tips to give shoutouts to others:

Shoutouts can be a good way to help others build their Instagram following — and they may just return the favor.

  • Take a screenshot which you want to shoutout.
  • Add the screenshot to your profile.
  • Identifying the account.


Giveaways are helpful in such a way that when you ask people to follow you, Like your post and mention their friends into your post, not only do new people visit you, but you fetch Likes as well. You just have to make sure that the giveaway gifts you give to your followers are interesting enough and worth people’s efforts.

Keep updating people about the results of the giveaways and use them as frequently as possible. This is a great strategy to earn followers and likes.

How To Host A successful Instagram Giveaway?

  • Decide on a goal for the giveaway.
  • Pick a relevant prize.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Don’t make it last too long.
  • Promote, promote, promote!
  • Choose a winner fair & square.
  • Be careful with the hashtags you choose.
  • Stay away from loop giveaways.


marie forleo instagram bio

Bio section on Instagram is the most important place where you can make things happen which you want to. Either you want to increase the followers count on your account, or you are looking the best ways to get the maximum audience on your page, your bio will work as a tool to your account’s popularity.

Use your bio to leverage your fan following and to impress people. Your Instagram bio should always be inviting. You can post certain links which takes the viewers to your website, or you can add any description about your business or your brand which gives the people a reason to follow you, check your posts and Like them.

Keep your bio to the point, brief, precise, and clear. This is the first impression that the viewers get of you. It should be special.

Some other important factors that you have to keep in mind while posting your content in order to gather both Likes and Followers is to firstly make your Account Public, so that it is easily reachable, use Hashtags, mention Locations and tag the Accounts with which you have partnered.

You have to turn your Likers into Followers, and then your Followers into Fans. Post your content in such a way that people find it fruitful to visit your account and page. Post attractive, catchy, unique, and entertaining content which makes people share you and visit your account time and again.

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