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How To Create Cohesive Instagram Feed To Gain More Instagram Likes?

`Having a cohesive Instagram feed means having an impactful feed through which people would love to go time and again. The strong Instagram feed also means to have that kind of content which pertains to showing your posts as if they are linked with each other-in simple words, your feed should look consistent enough and also have a visually pleasing view. For making it that way through which it can attract as many as likes possible,  you need to plan up your feed by keeping in mind its themes and designs, and you have to adhere to that particular theme or design.

A strongly packed Instagram feed not only makes your feed looks all the more fascinating, which in turn tends to give you more visitors and hence fetches you more likes. This is because people always prefer watching eye-catchy stuff on the IG because this is what this app is for after all! In order to attract people to your profile, you should really decide on how to stand out among the others.

All of this is important because your feed determines your personality. Your choices in terms of what do you prefer for the ideal places to visit, your choice of food, how you dress up, what kind of people you like to be with, your thoughts, your likes, and dislikes; in short people get acquainted with what you are in a better way. To show the world how you are, you need to express yourself adequately. Your well-organized feed helps your followers get to know you in this way. This does not only restrict you to a particular post, but to the whole of your feed. This is why you should always decide smartly what kind of posts you want to show on your feed because they determine yourself as a whole.

We will guide you through the medium of this article some best tips which you can use to make your Instagram more appealing so that it can fetch you several likes.

Decide For A Good Layout:

You can decide upon a particular layout, which will help you to decide how to plan up all your pictures. You have to think about it in a way that as to how to choose your upcoming posts as well.  

For Example, some people post in a format where a certain picture is followed by a quote, or 2 pictures surround a quote post, or 2 quote posts surrounding a picture, etc. It is up to you how you want your profile to be laid out, make sure you follow this pattern, and post 3 photos at the same time, otherwise, the grid might look.

Pick A Theme:

You can choose to pick a theme which definitely decides your personality. Your theme can be based upon the colors that you employ into your pictures. This also decides your mood in general. 

For Example, constantly posting white-colored pictures describes your peaceful personality or colorful pictures define your vibrant personality, or posting black themes pictures describe your daring personality.

If you have a travel blog, then the pictures you post should be relatable to the same, which explains about the places you visit and your experiences there. On the other hand, if you post pictures of stuff related to bamboo, hemp, or cotton, will describe your boho-type personality and your interest in that kind of stuff.

Decide All You Want To Post About:

Any theme is not dependent upon the colors that you employ in your posts, but about what actually you want to post and what you want to talk about in them. Basically, what are you concerned with the most. Being a blogger, influencer, or a business person, you have to find your area of specialization and choose what you are concerned for the most. This way you decide for what all you have to be known for. The better you deal with specialized stuff, the better people get to know about you, which definitely increase your viewers and likers.

People will know your passion and will prefer to follow and see you according to that.

For Example, if you are an accessories blogger, or you deal with make-up products, you have to adhere to the posts that have such things in them.

Pick A Filter And Keep It Constant:

A theme is redundant without its filter. Using the same filter on all your photos is never a monotonous thing, and this strategy works every time. It is one of the easiest ways to give a theme to your profile and at the same time makes it look fascinating.

Pick A Filter And Keep It Constant

Decide your suitable theme, in terms of being colorful, all dark, pastel shades, light colors, etc. This way, you will be recognized for your special features and therefore considered unique.

Decide Upon The Arrangement In Your Posts:

Having decided upon everything else regarding the theme, your final step is to decide how to arrange your posts. Decide what is to be uploaded after what, so that it suits your timeline, your theme, your area of specialization.

Take your time to decide which photos will be suitable depending upon the type of layout you want to show in your pictures. This means if you want grid looking layout or a tiles layout. Decide beforehand and then work upon it accordingly.

Pro tip- Avoid putting similar looking pictures, or videos next to each other. This might make your IG feed look a little imbalanced.

Color Coordinate:

You can also color coordinate your posts. If you do not want to follow similar color patterns on your posts, then decide your themes by coordinating the colors of your posts. Pick up some colors, and post your pictures in those particular colors only.

For Example, if you choose blue related colors for your feed, then you can choose the shades of indigo, violet, purple, mauve, light and dark blue, pink, etc.

Never Forget The Background:

Always pay heed to the background that you have in your photos or videos. Don’t let the background steal the thunder of the main focus of your themes which you are supposed to pertain. Your pictures should be stuck to your particular theme. Do not give any chance to your audience to take out flaws from your photographs.

Border Is Important:

Remember to employ the same edge into all your posts. Borders always add extravagant charm to your pictures. It also helps in maintaining the consistency of your posts. They give space to your posts and thereby lets your timeline breath.

Border Is Important

You don’t have to make your IG feed to look messy at all. Providing borders hence makes it look more balanced and good-looking. This definitely attracts more people. Borders help to polish your photos and give them an excellent finishing touch.

Call Upon Nature:

If you are ever confused about what should be the perfect suitable light that would support your pictures, always remember nature’s light. This helps you clicking pictures of better quality and gives them more details. Hence, making them look more eye-warming. This is why nature’s filter is the best filter.

The best time to take pictures is either in the morning or at the end of the afternoon. You can also face the window or an opened door and then get your pictures clicked, this idea also adds beauty.

Call Upon Nature

Keep Your Photos Of High-Quality:

This tip is always useful. Blurry or low-quality photos do not attract people. High definition, well-clicked pictures from a good camera always make your pictures look all the more inviting to people.

You can edit the contrast, brightness, sharpness, and lighting of your pictures in order to improve their quality.

Basically, your primary motive is to provide a certain type of uniformity to your pictures so that your feed looks special. You have to keep in mind what would people like to see in their Home Page or the Explore Page, or even in someone’s Direct Messages, that will make them double-tap, heart, or like your posts. 

Your posts should be in such a way that people not only take a look but also open your profile and view all your other posts as well, to keep on giving you more likes. Also keep in mind that your pictures should be worth sharing in direct messages, or stories or as a Repost.

Remember that the Instagram is meant for entertainment purposes. You have to showcase yourself by doing what you love. Take your time in deciding what would you like to do, and would you like to proceed.

Creativity takes time and patience. Do not rush up into things. Settle and sort out your mindset over how to make people like you. Plan your IG feed in the best way you can, for yourself and for the others.

Take opinions, take suggestions, and improve yourself in the areas where improvement is needed because there is always an area for improvement. The more you take suggestions from others, the better you would understand their viewpoints, because, in the end, others will like and share your posts. Do more of what people would like to see and be creative in this way.

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