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How To Gather Likes On Instagram Through Stories And Direct Messages?

The scope of Instagram is never ending and always revolving. There is no single way to perform any task- there are several different ways of sharing your content and promoting it which need to be performed correctly. The various diversified options that the platform brings to you and helps you in promoting your media on multiple different levels.

Instagram is an excellent source to share videos and images to a large mass of audience, apart from this one amazing feature, there are a whole lot bunch of facilities the channel offers. The channel gives the liberty of multiple sources through which we can get Instagram likes quickly

All you have to do is make the best use of the features given to you in order to attain maximum popularity. For doing this, you have to know how to utilize such features in an optimum way. 

This article will guide you on how to make the best use of these two features in particular in order to gain likes on your posted pictures and videos.

Direct Message:

The feature of Direct Messages is given to us so that we can converse with our closed ones and the people we do business with, in private. The conversations that take place through comments are shown to the public, which is why one must talk to their followers in private.

In order to use this feature to make followers like your post, you can direct message your followers that particular post. For doing this, you have to, find the “Paper Airplane icon” option beneath the post, tap on it, and then select the people to whom you wish to send your post. 

You can select as many people as you want to send to.  Here, you also have the option of writing a text along with sending a particular post. In that given space to write the text, make sure to encourage the people into liking by claiming what is special about that post and make them share your posts further so that others can also like it. You can also create a group to send your post to a large community at a time. This makes you send your content to many people in one go, without having clicked on the names separately one after the other.

The feature of direct messages helps the influencers, and business accounts to converse in order to collaborate. This collaboration is a medium of promoting yourself by making your content be shared with the people who want to do business with you.

direct messages

Along with sharing your content, you can share other’s contents as well. This helps you in maintaining healthy relations with the people who promote you, and the ones whom you promote. If you help someone by sharing their posts and making others like those posts, you always get noticed. Consider this as a good deed, and remember that it will never go unnoticed.

In order to get likes on your Instagram posts through the Stories feature, make sure that whenever you post a new picture or a video, make sure you post it as your story too. You can directly make your audience view your post by tapping on the “Paper Airplane icon” beneath the post and then choosing the option “Add to Story” and then posting it. In your story, you can also use various GIF features, which say “New Post” or “Like” or even write in the text to ask your viewers to like, comment and share your posts.

If you do not want your story to appear to certain people, you have the option of “Hide Story from” option where you can select people to whom you do not want to show your story. You can also share the story with the close friend’s list, in case you have made one.

If there is a situation where you realize that there are not enough likes on any of your previously uploaded posts, then also you can share those posts to your Instagram stories or in the Direct Messages (DMs). This brings people’s attention to those posts which they might not have come across previously.

sharing the stories

You can also use the option of sharing the stories in your Direct Messages. For doing this, you have to tap on the “Paper Airplane icon option” and then select the people to whom you wish to send your story. This means both the options of sharing a post to the Story and sharing that particular Story to Direct Messages will be connected. However, if you want to share the post in the DMs, the better way is to directly share the post with the people.

It does not take much effort in sharing your posts to Direct Messages or Stories. You should keep on finding and using all the ways through which your posts can get you maximum likes. Just the way you believe in promoting your business, your posts are also the part of your business which needs promotion. Never leave any chance in making your content be shown to a larger audience. Do whatever you can to be known among the people. These efforts never go wasted. The people, in fact, notice the number of efforts you put in, in order to expand your business. Always aim for promoting yourself in the best possible ways.

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