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How To Get Real YouTube Views, Likes And Subscribers?

The digital technology has changed the perceptions, brought radical revolutions and shaped the minds of people. Yeah, you are living at a time of communication, cultural interaction which is essentially a battle of ideologies. Look at the web space and you are going to overwhelm by the sheer number of varied ideas trying to compete with each other.

The long story short; you are in the middle of a competition frenzied world and here the competition is fierce and everyone is trying to capitalize on the content-hungry consumers who are devouring content effortlessly.

The video marketing is going to be the next big marketing idea in coming times. The study suggests that the video search will account for the 80% of the total search by the end of the year 2020. Are you ready for it? The YouTube videos are becoming viral and in this age where YouTube stars are more celebrated than the Hollywood big shots, it is imperative to improve YouTube likes, views, and subscriptions.

Although the Facebook and other social media channels have started to promote the video streaming and marketing strategy, the YouTube still remains the hub spot for the video marketing; here is a quick glance at the ways of optimizing your YouTube viewership and gain better control over the brand communication.

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YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. With 40 million subscribers, PewDiePie’s has the most subscribers of any channel on YouTube .

Craft Videos Intelligently:

First thing first, you can go on deploying superb SEO strategy or try to outsmart the search engines by using keywords mindlessly, however you try, you cannot win the customers’ mind if you do not have substances or the quality content to showcase.

Yes, the content is the key factor that will define your success; do not let anyone tell you otherwise. A video with a proper beginning, middle and end should be your target. Yeah, you have to follow the technical narrative structure; otherwise, your audiences will reject you subconsciously.

craft videos


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Upload High Quality Content:

Your audiences will visit your channel only when they find it interesting and certainly, you do not want your audiences coming back to your channel just to discover that the same old content is sitting there ideally to bore them.

high quality content


Create content regularly and give your audiences the luxury of variety. When people see different content, the expectation goes up and expectation drives them back to your channel time and again. If you have mastered that craft of creating content then you have successfully mastered the art of bringing your audience back to your channel frequently. Yeah, people become obsessive quite easily.

Basic Info

Do Engaging Content Creation:

Now, this is a clichéd statement; every digital marketer talks about this idea of engaging content but rarely anyone defines what is engaging content and how should you create engaging content. First, understand the minds of your audiences. It is not difficult to understand the minds because minds are simply habits resulted out of environmental, social and cultural experiences.

What do you need to do then? Understand that the emotions are volatile and human does not linger on one particular emotion for a long time, the emotions fluctuate’ so, ideally, you should be creating content that is informative, entertaining, sometimes funny, at times, you might want to try romanticism or you can also shift your focus towards creating contents that talks about social issues. There should be a balance.

Hence, ensure that you hone the skill of compelling storytelling and the best way to do is to learn it by experimenting. But hey, hang on! Make sure that you do not experiment at the beginning for your YouTube marketing endeavor. At first, keep the video short; ideally, the videos should not be more than 5 minutes in length.

As the viewers grow, you can try making lengthier videos but in the beginning, keep things crisp and simple.

content creation



Title optimization:

This is the most important aspect of your YouTube marketing strategy and it demands us to look at the SEO aspect closely.

Just like the eyes are the windows to your soul, the titles are the windows to the essence of your content. Craft an unusual and attractive title; do not go off the tangent trying to be creative. The title should give a sneak peek into the heart of your content.

Use the keywords on the title and let the Google bots know what is your content all about; while adding title remember that the YouTube truncates title into 66 characters; now, would you like to create a title that has more than 50 characters? Of course not! Keep it simple and impactful.

Never use the word video in the title; it will never make any impact instead consume the space that you can use to create a better title otherwise.

After the title, you must describe the video and let people know what the content is aiming to propagate but keep it short and simple because people can only see a few lines of the description. So, talk to the point and do not beat around the bush.

Title optimization



Create A Channel Trailer:

The channel trailer is the coolest feature that can bring more views and subscriptions if you can use it intelligently. This particular attribute plays the video automatically as soon as the viewers land on your channel.

The trailers are like movie trailers that show the essence of the movie in 30 seconds; create a trailer to inform the audience about your objectives, why should they subscribe and what can they expect from you?

This will be impactful in engaging your audiences and make them like your videos. Most importantly, you need to keep yourself informed about the latest trends and keep reading us.

Well, are we forgetting something? Yeah, right! You have to add a call to action and that could be asking audiences to like your videos, subscribe or sharing. And this is the end part of your strategy. Did you see what we just did out there? We simply asked you to read our blogs and articles.

Use these few tips and tricks to improve your YouTube likes, views, and subscriptions, this is not the end of the story, there are other ways too, but this article does not have the scope, it needs another discussion. And till then use the above-mentioned techniques.

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