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How to Kickstart Your Soundcloud Career?

You must have heard of musicians who have made their name famous on SoundCloud. Hearing such names like Kygo you may have also made up your mind to be such famous on SoundCloud. It is better to know that every minute twelve hours of music are uploaded and very few musicians become famous like Kygo. Celebrities also like to buy SoundCloud plays to get their tracks on top lists so that more followers come and enjoy their music.

This information is not to dishearten you but to make the deck such that it is in your favor. It is not that as you post some tracks of yours you become famous. You can also buy comments, followers and likes but that would also not help if you have not done the best of the job beforehand. So, what needs to be done?

As you read you will know the ways that will help you to kickstart your career in SoundCloud. So, without wasting a single minute let us see how to make your passion for music to be your career.

SoundCloud user
Soundcloud is most popular on websites that cater to arts and entertainment. It has over 175 million active users every month.

6 Ways to Follow To Make Yourself Famous On SoundCloud

There are 6 steps that need to be followed if you wish to have a bright career on SoundCloud. Let us see what needs to be done.


Create your profile:

Many start their journey thinking that ideal fans will eventually find them. But by the time when fans locate such a musician, it may be too late to make a career. So, you need to identify your fans at the first go and design your music according to the style that your fans desire. Try to create a profile of your fan and also of yourself. Having a look at the profile created fans will know whether they would like your music or not.

As you identify your fans you must try to find out about their habits like the medium they use to listen to music and purchase the same, find out the events that they frequently visit the amount of money they spend on music, what they do in their spare time and the like. This knowledge will give you an understanding of the nature of fan that you have and also about your unique selling point.

Create your profile

Know your target audience:

Now you know whom you are targeting. So, it is time to optimize your site and SoundCloud. Have promotional music ready which can be easily downloaded for free and shared. This will help you to have tracks ready which your fans can share and spread the news about you. This will also help you to make a great first-hand impression. Your fans will be taking you seriously.

You need to optimize the profile that you have created. The best way to optimize that is to make the homepage with the cover picture of the latest music album that you have released. Fans will know what new they can listen from you. Your contact information and social links must be clearly displayed on your site.

Make an email signing form on your site to construct a mailing list. Free downloads make a magnificent motivating force for recruits. When you have fans on your rundown, you can utilize that rundown to run advancements.

Know your target audience

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Tag in music:

If you do not have expertise in tagging your track then it would be great to have professional help as bad tagging can damage your entire endeavor. The useless tags that are commonly used would lead them to be seen as spam and deleted. The tags must be such that it draws the right person to your track. You can have a look at popular artist’s site and see how they have tagged their track to be successful.

The tag must contain your name and those of other musicians involved in developing the track. You can also tag the names of DJs, the radio stations, the instruments used, the technique followed and the structure of the song.

Tag in music

Buy SoundCloud Followers and Comments:

As now that you have a perfectly tagged music track uploaded you can buy followers and comments. You may be thinking it is cheating. But think in the other direction, unless you have a solid off-line fan base it is impossible to have that social proof which will make your fans and other DJs to think that your track is worth listening to. You must be very cautious while you buy such followers and comments. They must not be focused on some common aspect of your track.

buy soundcloud followers

Find or start a conversation:

It is not that as you set everything right your job is done. You must be involved with it and have meaningful conversions. You must have effective interactions with other artists, fans, bands and groups. Having such meaningful interaction you will be having access to influencers who can give you the necessary uplift needed to make a SoundCloud career.

In the dialog box that you open do not just have type thank you or love your music. Your conversation must be constructive and open new insights into the music standard of other artists. The last thing that you should avoid is to urge anyone to listen to your music. Your conversation must be such that they are drawn towards your track. Having a meaningful conversation will make the other side feel how seriously you take them and they, on the other hand, will take you seriously.

Find or start a conversation

Create a niche for yourself:

All the things that have been discussed so far are done by all so what would make you the one whom all will appreciate. The above need to be done and not neglected but it must be followed up with certain unique presentations which will help you to create a niche for you. The presentations will make one remember about you when they wish to listen or purchase music types that you deal with.

You can also implement marketing tactics like as one pre-orders a song they can have the opportunity listen to a bit more of the song. This will urge one to pre-order and also tell other to order such from you.

So, these steps would definitely help you to have a promising SoundCloud career.

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