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How To Monetize On SoundCloud?

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Streaming service SoundCloud has always been the most liked and loved app in the online music industry. What has made the SoundCloud different from other music services is its easy access to everyone? The app enables every user to upload and stream music without any monthly subscription and frustrating advertisements. From the day SoundCloud was launched, it has continued its best services to the users in the market of strong competitors. Its free services and exclusive features always capture the user’s attention.

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65% of SoundCloud users are from outside US.

SoundCloud also offers their creator partner program – On SoundCloud, for the music creators to make easy money. It works as a booster for musicians who upload their music on the app. SoundCloud’s creator partner program allows artists to monetize the content they upload to SoundCloud via paid advertisements. With this plan, the music creator will be rewarded for each upload and the advertisement appears on any track they have uploaded. Moreover, SoundCloud also offers a tiered service structure so that each account holder can easily subscribe for the service whichever they desire.

“76% of users use SoundCloud regularly on a monthly basis.”

Everything you need to know about each service structure they offer-

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This tier is for the users who are new to SoundCloud. It is completely free and easy to join the community, sharing the track, and for receiving the feedback. But with this tier, a user can upload three hours of content and not more than that.



Users who are ready to step into the next level ON SoundCloud then this tier is for them. This is the paid tier to offer advanced tools, upload time up to six hours, and allow the user to access Quiet Mode that helps to manage comments and stats music tracks.


Pro Unlimited:

Here the artists get unlimited uploads- hence its name defines it better. Along with this, users also get benefits offered in both Pro and Partner tiers. With Pro Unlimited, users can also keep a record of the visits, downloads and social networking sites which are providing more engagement on their tracks.


Premier Level:

At the Premier partner, music creators have the chance to monetize their tracks through advertising. They can make money from each track they have uploaded. Every time, a person see or hear an advertisement, an artist will get revenue. But the audio ads will be played on the tracks of those participants who have Premier Partner tier. If a person only has a Free, Pro or Pro Unlimited tier, then he/she would not have any audio advertisement on their tracks.

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SoundCloud Premier pays artists and music creators a share of 55 percent for their uploads which is more than the other competing music services. An artist can get publishing royalties from SoundCloud if he owns the right, means the user who writes and records the music he uploads, he will be paid for those too. To meet the criteria of SoundCloud Premier an artist must be an independent creator and a subscriber of Pro or Pro Unlimited tier. His music must be original and must have all the copyrights for the music. An artist needs to be 18 plus or whatever age makes him a legal adult in his country and should not have any copyright violation or any legal case against his music before enrolling for the SoundCloud Premier tier.

An artist will get right to begin with the Premier tier only if he has at least 5,000 uploads in the past month where the SoundCloud subscriptions and advertising are already available. An analysis of data shows that an artist can make between $4,000 and $5,000 on SoundCloud Premier,  this is not nearly to the amount an artist make from albums. But being the music pirated, SoundCloud does not pay any revenue.

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SoundCloud Premier offers a great opportunity, through this program music curators can give their music more exposure and can get revenue. SoundCloud Premier is supporting artists’ brands and their music which is the best options to reach more people.

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