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How To Track Instagram Growth To Get More Likes On Its Every Post?

Gearing up Instagram likes with exclusive sources is important for a business as likes on your business account establish your reputation in the industry. Making certain changes in your previous strategies and implementing advanced techniques to boost your account’s visibility is an amazing idea if it is done in the right way. 

Most importantly, a business account user should always keep a follow up on monthly and weekly followers growth as well as the number of likes he gains on his post – the number of likes he got should justify the number of followers. This is because the money that has to be earned through the posts completely depends on the number of likes or the views. 

The platform should be designed and operated by you, and you should check every factor of overall marketing strategy to take your Instagram growth in the right direction. You have to take the measures to grow your business powerfully to make your account as well as page popular. 

You can keep track of the Instagram followers and likers by firstly observing the right audience who is interested in your business and visiting your profile quite often. You should also remember to maintain a frequency of content on your account- post frequently and consistently and ensure to post on the right time. 

Diving into your Instagram regularly to check that you are getting the appropriate amount of attention you have always dream for is a necessary activity of owning a business account.

Certain things that you should keep in mind while checking your Instagram are-

  • The Impressions, i.e., the number of times you are seen in a day
  • The number of Interactions on your account
  • The number of Reaches that you have touch recently
  • The number of times people have clicked on your Website
  • The number of calls or emails that you have received
  • The number of times your account has been mentioned by the other accounts.

You must be having a good number of followers into your account, but their interaction with your account is what counts the most. You have to keep a check on these followers that they are viewing your posts and stories, sharing you, commenting and liking on your posts.

Note: “The “Instagram Insights” is the tool that helps you to observe these things.”

Instagram insights help you in-

  • Check the profile visits that you have received in the last seven days
  • It tells you the “Reaches, Impressions and the Interactions” that you have had since the last few days.
  • It tells you about the visits on the content that you have posted. This includes all the Stories, Highlights, Photos, and Videos.
  • You get informed about the Reaches from those accounts which are not following you.
  • It tells about the audience that you have in your account. This tells you in what categories are your followers divided. You get to know about the percentage of men and women, their respective age range, the time when they are most active and from which country you are getting the most attention as well as engagement on your post. 
  • Once you know from where you are getting the most followers and what kind of people visiting your profile, it becomes easy for you to take your profile to the right destination.

Some points that you can keep in mind while posting content on Instagram are-


Keep a check on the visits on your profile, the calls or emails, the visits on the links. These actions are important to be noticed in order to check whether you are receiving interactions or not.


Always aim for searching for a new and different type of content. This should directly be dependent upon the kind of followers that you have. You do not have only to satisfy a certain set of audience. 

Post the content for every viewer or customize the post as per the audience demographics – this will help you to reach the right people at the right time. 


Check how many new followers you have received from your recent post/s.


Keep track of the different accounts that keep on reaching you.


You should keep on checking for the certain post which was viewed. You will also be able to see what category helped you in gaining appreciation. It might be from the hashtags, or certain tags or because of the location.


You should also see the unique accounts which have saved your pictures and videos. Know what unique aspects are there in those posts which pushed the user to save them.  

Likes & Comments:

Always keep a check on the number of Likes and Comments that you receive. Check which have fewer likes or comments as compared to the others. Try to find the root cause of the same.

However, do you wonder how some people improve their social media presence rankings, especially on Instagram without spending much money?

Many business account holders make use of the SEO firms, which is obviously expensive. If the holders cannot arrange for the funds to complete their task of marketing, then they have to market their account on their own, which could be time-consuming.

The most important and basic step which needs to be followed by the users while doing SEO is keeping track of the results you have reached. This helps them to see what is working out positively for your benefit and what is not.

You should be able to see how much organic searches you gather on a monthly basis, the keywords that you rank for, the backlinks that you have saved.

 You can also check the reports on a weekly basis and see where and what might be wrong with your optimization tools.

You get notified when you need to improve in a particular aspect. In addition to all of this, you also get to track the rankings on the keywords that you want.

Rank The Tracking:

From the dashboard that appears, you can keep a track on ranks for any particular term, both for mobile and for the desktop devices, in any country or city. If you have certain keywords which you want to track, then you will have to add them manually. If you do not have the keywords which you have to track, then you will come across the suggestions as well.

You can easily check your rankings with time. These improvements that you keep track of will not be just from an overall perspective, but also from keyword level.

Aligning your efforts with the brand’s messages is where your SEO’s main impetus should be laid upon. Create some short keyphrases or keywords which are relevant to your business page. You may also include hashtags, certain terms related to your company. Despite the fact that Instagram is more about pictures or videos, what you write is also important, so it should not be ignored.

Make use of those words which represent your brand, your page, and your business directly; or of those words which represent the pictures or videos that you post. These measures help in categorizing your content, and your search is thereby optimized.

The SEO is useful in the following ways-

You Can Host Contests:

Instagram is an interesting source where you perform fun activities to attract the targeted audience on your account. Arrange contests and let the audience enjoy your profile with different surprises. You have to invest some money into the giveaway prizes and contests, and your followers will definitely make you balance your investments and your rewards.

Your SEO which you use here should have relevant keywords, representing the contest, the prize, and your brand products.

Research The Keywords And Hashtags:

When it comes to Instagram, there are certain keywords that are used on this platform, which make it different from the other social media platforms. You can make use of Google to find out the basic keywords that are employed on Instagram.

Creating their own keywords and hashtags will not work in this aspect. You have to research and then select the right one.

Influence Market:

The text content is important for all types of content marketing. A way to push the content marketing business forward is to engage the celebrities and influencers with your account who have a good fan following – this will help you to spread its awareness. Search for the influencers on Instagram who deal with the aspects that you deal with.

Reaching out to the influencers who will post or repost your content, or will share you in any possible way helps you to boost up your SEO.

Use The Instagram Business Of Ads:

You can also make use of the Instagram business to advertise your brand’s key focal points. Once you decide what your keywords or key phrases will be, your marketing gets leveled up. This is also helpful for those people who promote you and advertise you.

You can search for business metrics and assign the target channels that will help you in promoting and advertising you. This resultantly increases your SEO without much effort.

Make Use Of The Data To Decide The Strategies:

There is a lot of data that surrounds Google based on social media profiles. Even though Google searches rank your social media popularity, the optimum use of SEO is still important. This is because you still need to focus on SEO for social marketing as the search engines are constantly evolving.

With these strategies mentioned, you will be easily able to tune up your Instagram to track what is appropriate for you and what is not. All you have to keep in mind is how to reach up followers, and keep a track on their engagement with your account. In case you discover that you are not getting enough engagement, then reach out to your audience and find out wherever you lack behind. Be consistent and be active. Show your perseverance into your business and your interest in your audience.

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