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How to Upload A Music File from iPhone on SoundCloud?

SoundCloud enables you to upload audio files from Google Drive in your mobile browser, there is no other option to upload local files from your iPhone. 

Check out step by step guide to uploading audio files from iPhone on SoundCloud. 

Launch the Safari app on your iPhone or iPad.

safari app



Type soundcloud.com/upload in your browser’s address bar.  


press go btn



Now press the blue “Go” button on your keyboard. 

press go btn



Go to the SoundCloud upload page.




Click on the icon ( ) located on a toolbar at the bottom of your screen. 

upload music to soundcloud- click on upload icon

Swipe left on the bottom row and click on “request desktop site” option.

Request Desktop site



Now click on “upload your first track” button located in the upper-left corner of the web page.

upload your first track



Next, login with your account information after which SoundCloud will open up to the upload page.

sign soundcloud



 Click on “choose a file upload” button located on your upload page. (This will open a Google Drive on a new page)

Browse from derive



Select a “Drive” from the options.



Look for the audio file you want to upload and select it. 

files to upload



After this you will see a permission form, enter a title in the text field audio upload.



Now click on the “Save” button located in the lower right corner of the page.



Go to the SoundCloud’s upload page on your iPhone and click on the button located on a toolbar. It will give you a pop-up menu. Then, you will have the option to swipe left where you have to click on “request desktop site”. Further sign into your account where you will have the SoundCloud’s upload page. Select a file you want to upload and then add a title to your audio upload and at last save the changes you have made. 

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