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How Will Fashion Find Validation Without Instagram Likes?

The credibility and popularity of content over social media channels are usually judged by the number of likes and followers the content grabbed. Yes, this is a true statement as Facebook’s thumbs up button, the favorite button on Twitter, double taps on Instagram explains it all. Every social media network has a button through which other users could provide their reactions to a post.

All social networks have made likes somehow important for popularity and brand awareness. As many as your post have got likes, as much as engagement you will receive on your profile. Social channels have turned on all the unique and advanced setups to make the usage of their feature convenient for the customers. 

However, getting a great number of likes and followers is amazing but the procedure of getting those likes is not as easy as it looks. There is a whole lot about the users’ efforts only to get thumbs up from people around and in the race of getting good engagement, users have crossed their limits of hard work. 

And the same system on Instagram could be turned off its head. Yes, Instagram is experimenting with hiding likes as we have mentioned in our previous blogs. Including Canada, there are ten more countries where Instagram is trying to implement this new rule where likes will not be a part of the channel. 

Japan, Italy, Ireland, Brazil, New Zealand, and Australia, would be those countries where users would no longer be able to see the number of likes on others posts and only the owner of the account would get options to see the total number of likes on his/her posts. 

Moving forward, Instagram stated that removing the like feature will reduce the pressure of getting famous from the user’s mind and it will also help to boost the creativity over the competition. Here, Instagram simply wants users to focus on the photos and videos they share, and not how many likes they get on their content. 

And, if we focus on Instagram’s motive, then it is the perfect thing any social media channel can do- we regularly see how the competition of getting popularity over social media has changed the meaning of creativity and authenticity, but Instagram’s bold action could change the users’ mindset and can lead them into the right path of creativity and quality. 

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But, this bold move took by the channel has raised anxiety among the influencers and the fashion brands that promote their business through the network. In our previous posts, we have discussed the influencers reaction regarding the bold action and everything about new strategies influencers will focus on to replace the likes’ importance for their content. 

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Now, it is time to know how fashion brands will find validation without likes on Instagram. Many experts and influencers believe that the move could nudge brands to spend more time on ads and posts to feature their brand. 

On the other hand, experts also think that getting rid of likes is an easy task but handling its impact is not so easy as it sounds. Removing likes from the giant could hurt the entire system and can impact social networks for the long term. 

Many marketing agencies and fashion brands look at several metrics, including likes, followers, and comments to simply measure the popularity of an influencer and how their audience could reach their business. But now with one fewer metrics, it would be difficult for influencers and fashion brands to be explored by the audience- as likes have been an integral part of every social channel and presence.  

Though Instagram has not implemented its new idea in every part of the world, it just selected few countries to experiment the new feature so that the channel could get to know about its impact on the users and its popularity. 

So, now everyone is waiting- how would the new change in Instagram impact its users’ engagement and fashion brands will establish their validation in the market. What do you think about the new modifications and step taken by Instagram and what would be your call upon for the marketing strategies if Instagram implemented the new changes in your country too? 

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