The Secret To Increase Facebook Audience Organically

facebook audience

There are more than 65 million active users on Facebook among which 40% of people are struggling to widen their reach organically. Though engaging people on Facebook is not an easy task, but there are some secretive tips through which one can reach their goal in a fun way. 

So, here let’s discuss the secretive tips to reach the audience organically, but before this, we should understand what organic reach exactly is- 

Organic reach is the number of people who see your posts through unpaid distribution. It includes people displaying your posts and your Facebook page. On the other side, the paid reach includes people who view your content through paid promotions. But organic reach has encountered downfall as compared to its previous years because of two major reasons-

1. More content is being published than there is news feed space for it to be shown. There are more than a billion pieces of content published every month on Facebook.

2. Facebook provides only the most relevant content to each user.  To amplify audience engagement and enhance the user experience, the content shown is tailored to each user’s individual interests.

Secret Tricks to Increase Audience on Facebook organically-


1. Build A Relationship With Influencers:-


Marketing with influence is one of the best strategies for social media sites. Because more than 92% of people are more likely to trust on social media influencer over a celebrity endorsement or ads. So if your content will be promoted via an influencer who has established creditability between the audiences, then it will work as a booster to grab the organic reach or audience. 

Influencer marketing isn’t costly as most of the micro-influencer charge less than 200$ for a branded post and to connect with your targeted audience.


2. Share a Facebook Post On Other Social Media Platforms:-

share a facebook post


This strategy is simple to boost your Facebook account and business page. Whatever your post related to the business you share on Facebook, share it on your other social media platform as well like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc. where a large number of the audience is present. 


3. Best time for posting on Facebook:-

best time for posting on facebook


If you are posting in the mid-afternoon when most of the users are involved in their office work, it will not bring the best result. So, it is important to get involved with your audience at the right time so that your posts get shown more to your audience. 


Perfect timing to post on Facebook:-

• Thursday is the most recommended day to post.

• On Wednesday at 2 p.m is the most active time to post. 

• 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. is the safest time to post at weekends.

• Late evenings or early morning considered to be the right time to post on weekends. 


4. Publish Video:-

publish video


From a couple of years, video content becomes very popularly on Facebook. More than 8 billion videos get views every day which is a beneficial aspect for any business. Moreover, native videos proved to be the most powerful performer in the Facebook News Feed. These videos are played silently until the user clicks on it.

While creating videos for your business purpose, be creative with the content. Also, try to keep your videos short and summarized.


5. Use Hashtags:-

A Hashtag is a keyword or sentence preceded by the hash symbol (#), written in a post or comment to highlight and make searches easier.

use hashtags on facebook

But some user does not know the right way to use the hashtags and they use more than 10 tags in their posts which results in the failure of the posts’ response. 

Note:- ” Maximum 2 hashtags are sufficient to grab the audience attention toward your post or content.”


6. Publish Evergreen Content:-


Facebook posts’ lifespan depends on many factors, and one of them is its utility. Even the old posts can appear if your friends like, comment or share them in your news feed. When you post on Facebook, it is important to create evergreen content relevant to your business and industry. The longer the lifespan of those posts the more people interact with your content.


7. Interact With Your Audience:-

Interact With Your Audience


Facebook should be used to establish a connection between the brand and customers. As with the growth of time, people feel comfortable to share their views and problems. And if you are getting viewers comments and reviews on your posts, ensure to interact with them over the post. If you reply to your fans, then they will have a positive impact on yours. 


8. Go Live:-


Live video has a maximum engagement rate on Facebook. When you go live on Facebook, your followers get the notification about your live video. Once they start watching your live video, they might react to your content which helps to give a boost to your video on Facebook. You can connect with your audience through live video by saying “Hey people” or “Whatsup guys” or sharing your traveling moments. 

Facebook is the biggest platform of social media marketing, where local business to highly established organization advertises to promote or sell their services. If you are looking for the tricks to bring organic reach on your Facebook, you should go with the aforementioned tips. 

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