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10 Ways To Get More SoundCloud Followers

You are an ardent lover of anything that is musical and dreams to create and publish your own records one day. With the help of Soundcloud, it is easy for aspiring musicians to try their luck in popularizing their recorded music and albums. Soundcloud is typically an online distribution platform that is meant for uploading and sharing music.

Some of its key features are:- upload audio files via URLs; creating embedded audio files at different social media sites like Twitter and Facebook; has a mobile-enabled App for running it from a handheld smartphone; share button; listeners can listen to unlimited audio at no cost; users can upload up to 3 hours of soundtracks to their profiles free of charge and boost  their plays; the platform tracks sound as waveforms and enables listeners to post their comment on segregated tracks; registered users can not only listen to audio tracks, they can like, post, repost, follow musicians; and it helps users to download audio files.

Now that you have recorded your album or a single piece of the soundtrack and you have also successfully uploaded it to your profile, will that suffice in getting enough followers and likes? Will it be sufficient to have users listen to your music? The truth is that just creating a great piece and uploading it cannot get you following on Soundcloud. You need to indulge in dynamic marketing and promotional activities to inform the world of your presence. In fact, industry experts are of the opinion that if you spend one-third of your time creating a masterpiece, spend another two-thirds of the time in promoting it.

Ways to get more Soundcloud followers

Here are some tried and tested methods of getting more followers on your Soundcloud profile.

1. SoundCloud Profile

Soundcloud Profile

The first logical way to get more following on Soundcloud is to create the right kind of profile on the platform. There are a couple of things here that need your attention:-

  • Using an email id that is used by you for your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In fact, experts suggest that creating your Soundcloud account by using your Facebook profile or Google profile helps in automatically telling the system about your existing connections on social media sites. This will increase the chances of your existing friends and especially those who are already present on Soundcloud to search for you and become your followers on this music streaming site.
  • Use professionally shot high-quality images as your profile picture.
  • Fill in your exact and correct location and cover art.
  • Remember to fill in your description that could act as a magnet in attracting new followers
  • Connect all social media sites that you are present on to add genuine weight to your profile.


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2. Follow Your Competitor


Follow Your Competitor

Listen to other’s music on Soundcloud and interact with them more often. When you become a regular listener to another musician’s records and keep sharing or reposting their music or even offer honest feedback, you catch the attention of the creator of the record which will not only encourage him to go and listen to your records, he will also check your profile and follow you; if he is impressed he might share your records and urge his followers to listen to your audios and start following you.

3. Buy Followers

One of the easiest ways to multiply your followers is to buy Soundcloud followers from reliable sources and providers of such services. The service providers, of course, charge a fee for providing authentic and high-quality followers but remember this step will increase your followers’ manifold which will then cause a ripple effect – attracting more Soundcloud users to listen to your records and follow you. This is a good way to get started when you have just opened your account or have not received much following.

4. SoundCloud Pro Account

Get yourself the Soundcloud Pro account. The Pro account comes with lots of benefits – unlimited storage and upload time; city-level statistics that will enable you to understand the regions from where your majority plays are coming from. If you are planning to go big, you can accordingly schedule your tours to those cities for concerts and going live. With the Pro package, you are also able to view the sites and Apps that are generating more plays. All in all, this account helps you keep a track on the source of traffic for your music so that you can work on specific plans and strategize to target these sources better.


5. Feature On Popular Music Blog

Feature On Popular Music Blog


Get yourself featured on a popular music blog. The best thing to go about this is to search for blogs that are targeting your type of listeners and find if these blogs are successful and are they helping artists featured on their blogs become successful or not. Remember, when you are on a music blog, you are working with the blog as a team to get firstly, more followers for yourself and secondly, helping the blog get new readers and listeners through your music.

6. Social Media Sites

Use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube actively to get more traction to your Soundcloud profile and music albums. Most of these sites can be easily integrated with Soundcloud except for YouTube. Posting embedded tracks on your Facebook page; providing real-time updates about the release of an album on your Twitter account or promoting your Soundcloud audios on your YouTube videos are some sure-shot ways to get more listeners to visit your audios on Soundcloud and become your followers.

7. SoundCloud Download Pages

Soundcloud Download Pages

Another effective method is for you to create Soundcloud download pages and entice your listeners to download your music in return of following you. These download gates can then be popularized on social media sites to garner more attention.

8. Keep Responding

At all times, it is essential to keep responding to comments and reviews that you receive from your listeners. In this manner, you would be able to impress them with your professional attitude. Even a short word of gratitude can do wonders here. More is your interaction with your audience; more will be your followers.

9. Collaborate With Other Stars

Another practical method of getting more following on Soundcloud is by collaborating and teaming up with Soundcloud co-artists and musicians. Choosing the right kind of partners and the genre of music for collaboration is highly crucial. Both the partners here will be able to mutually benefit from this collaborative effort.

10. Use Tags

Use Tags

Simple yet very effective in seeking out new followers is by properly uploading your music. This platform has inbuilt features like tags, metadata descriptions, and permissions that when used properly and correctly will help attract interested listeners and keep them engaged to your music. Give as much information about the music as possible on the description. Use of proper SEO strategies and precise tags will increase the visibility and audibility of the music. Also, remember to have downloads enabled as well as have the embedded codes displayed to get more plays and hence more followers on your profile.

Choosing the right marketing and promotion mix is important to transform your neatly created piece of music into a craze. People who have done it in the past are good examples and their stories need to be read like case studies to throw proper light and show the direction to get onto the top of the charts. And who knows, by playing your cards well, you might able to catch the attention of music production companies and get an impressive label contract very soon.

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