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The Influencer Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2018

influencer marketing trends

The trends of influence marketing are beyond the posts of Kardashian selfie with recent products of diet. The influencers come from different industry, backgrounds and have an endless number of followers. The main they that they all have same is, they all are called as the social media influencers that have gathered communities around them with interest in their great passion and eager to hear them.

Why is it effective incredibly?

The best influencers offer human voice the brands which benefit from the authentic relationship between audience and influencer. Due to the declination in channels of traditional marketing like radio and TV, the brands are overrunning quickly on social media and web for getting connected with the audience around the world.

Well, these conversations bit turn noisy. The sponsored ads and content were also effective earlier but not much now in trend. This is the reason; the brand required an authentic and new way of reaching their potential customers. The influencer marketing allows business for getting engaged with their audience in non-invasive, less direct and in the most authentic way.

They help brands in telling stories which they create with human and warmer connections. This even helped them in gaining the trust of the audience on behalf of these brands and made it appear natural for recommended services and products. As more and number of businesses is planning for experimenting it, the business strategies are evolving continuously as per demands and present market.

You can have a look at the top Influencer Marketing Trends for 2018

1. Marketing through video is important

As per the reports the video marketing is something which can generate great internet traffic. The engaging video content is effective a lot and helps in driving sales in a good manner as compared to the content which is text-based. The videos offer a more authentic feel.

They are amazing to watch and this is the reason the influencers continue experimenting with the trends of video marketing, no matter whether it is an Instagram story, Facebook lives, augmented reality or snapchat. If you are a brand or a company who is going to collaborate with any influencer, then make sure you ask them to create a number of video-based content.

Such videos can be in form of the product reviews, unveiling, and tutorials or even behind the scenes.

2. The trend of Instagram stories

Video marketing is really a boon for influencer marketing and along with that, Instagram stories are also in trend. These stories owe a lot number of success for all the influencers. The gurus of social media have paved the way to use the app in a creative way and engaging as well as gaining the followers.

They allow businesses around for thinking out of the box. The brands are also able in doing great on apps which includes the creation of ads, tagging, CTAs, adding links or more. This offers all the influencers huge freedom for creating the branded content which can drive endless results.

You must also remember that Instagram stories are ephemeral so you must ask the influencers for using it only when they need to create urgent content or promotions for you. It is not only about spending time on designing the perfect videos but even to enhance brand in optimal time as they last only for just 24 hours.

Instagram stories

3. Cost of services, value, and budget

As this marketing trend is in great demand, more and number of brands are going to jump on it. This means that influencers demand will turn high and which will increase the cost and value of their services for getting increased. Now the time has come where this marketing is proved as effective and major brands are shifting to it.

As influencers will be going to get a number of offers for collaborating, the brands will also be in need for offering something to them like a night stay at hotels for sealing deals, free products, and others. The influencers will also start turning selective with brands and they will only collaborate with those whom they will find meaningful.

Cost of services

4. Tracking of KPIs will turn as a priority

As brands and companies will aim for increasing their budget exponentially in the year 2018, the effectiveness measurement & campaigns of ROI will also be important. This means that there will be a set of concrete metrics for tracking the launch of website traffic, follower’s growth, engagement, conversions, hashtag usage and more.

Before signing up with any of the influencers, you will need to be sure about business goals that you are willing to get from the set campaign. You will have to decide on the KPIs that you will make use of for evaluation and asking for some KPIs as well which they have previously delivered. Brands & influencers act as different incentives, thus both of them must have good communication.

tracking of kpis


5. Influencer authenticity will become important

This influence marketing success will have a lot number of things with the brands for connecting with the audience like credible and authentic figures of social media. Due to high-end demand of the influencers, posing as an influencer to get fake followers of social media has also turned easier.

Influencer authenticity

Collaborating with the fake ones will be disastrous for your company and brand if you will spend on them and then end up in losing your investment. Due to such reasons, the brands need to be bit aware while making the selection of influencers for their brand, with whom they want work with.So if you are the one who is ready to be a part of this marketing trend of influencers in 2018, then you must keep the above-mentioned things in mind. Make sure you get in touch with the most authentic influencer that can attract more number of followers for your brand and can end up on generating a higher number of sales leads for you in less time and budget.

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